Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 31

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Chapter 031 — Why Are You Everywhere

“Mr. Jiang, what if someone can’t afford to pay the tuition?” A mocking voice echoed, her tone sounding rather joyful in the misfortune.

Song Yuxi’s complexion turned deathly white as she tightened her grip on the book in her hands.

Up at the front, Jiang Mu furrowed his brows, “If there are any difficulties, you can come talk to me privately. We’ll stop here for today, class is dismissed. Stay safe on your way home.”

“Oh yeah!” The class immediately burst into cheers as everyone began packing up their things.

Nobody was paying attention to her. Liu Yuner pouted, “But Mr. Jiang, someone in our class can’t afford to pay the tuition. As classmates, shouldn’t we be helping them?”

“Actually? Who is it? Do we actually have someone that poor in our class?” Li Enmei questioned Liu Yuner curiously. Her loud, sharp voice ripped through the chaotic noise, clearly reaching everybody’s eardrums.

Su Niannian glared at Liu Yuner suspiciously. What was she trying to do again?

Jiang Mu’s eyebrows furrowed deeper. He had already looked through all of the student profiles when he took over grade 11 class F, and he knew that there were indeed students in impoverished households, but he never worried much about it.

Unexpectedly, the issue had been publicly addressed.

“Mr. Jiang, didn’t you teach us to help others? If this is the case, then we should be creating a collective donation to provide compassionate funds for the impoverished student.” Yin Chuxia finished speaking slowly, a fierce look flashed across her eyes.

Was she really that nice before? Su Niannian’s eyes widened, suddenly thinking that perhaps Yin Chuxia wasn’t that bad.

But the next second, she heard a dripping sound. She looked to her side, a huge teardrop landed on Song Yuxi’s desk.

“Fellow classmate Yin is right, but I don’t think it has gone to this degree. Whether there are issues regarding school or life, everyone can come find me. As for this donation, there’s no need to mention this anymore. Teachers are financially supported by homeroom teachers as well.” Jiang Mu smiled kindly, like the warm spring breeze of May, and resolved the awkwardness skillfully.

“Yeah, let’s go, school’s over!”

“Let’s go, you’re buying fried chicken today!”

The students in the class gathered in groups and exited together. Jiang Mu glanced at the very last row and finally left.

Yin Chuxia hurled her book away and headed towards Song Yuxi.

Liu Yuner and Zhang Xiaojie followed behind.

“Bam——” Zhang Xiaojie threw Song Yuxi’s textbooks on the ground tyrannically, “Oh Song Yuxi, you haven’t even paid for your textbook fees yet, what right do you have to use the new books?”

Song Yuxi pursed her lips, her large eyes full of fear and completely red, making her seem pitiful.

Yin Chuxia didn’t say anything, only sneering as she stepped on Song Yuxi’s books.

Song Yuxi drooped her head, simply afraid to fight back as she allowed Liu Yuner and Zhang Xiaojie to talk to her like that.

The class had nearly been empty. The ones left over slipped away even faster after noticing the turn of events.

Su Niannian and Zhu Cheng were originally in the middle of a conversation and never left. When they saw this scene, Su Niannian raised her brows while Zhu Cheng, beside her, erupted, unable to restrain himself, “What are you guys doing? We’re all classmates, there’s no need to bully each other.”

“Damn fatty, get lost! Did you really think that you were Prince Charming who’s saving the princess? Ha, why don’t you take a good look at yourself in the mirror.” Liu Yuner’s sharp tongue immediately left Zhu Cheng speechless.

Su Niannian laughed, “And who do you think you are?”

Her voice wasn’t loud. Light as a feather, it landed in the heart, feeling uncomfortable. But Liu Yuner’s entire body trembled.

She hadn’t forgotten about how Su Niannian scolded her this morning.

“Why are you everywhere? You’re so annoying!” Zhang Xiaojie stepped in front of Su Niannian, holding up the palm of her hand, ready to slap.

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