Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 30

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Chapter 030 — Don’t Know Her, Not Interested

A girl sat in front of Gu Zichen. She had a brilliant smile, black, waist-long hair, a typical beauty.

“Gu Zichen, I heard some gossip from the grade 11 girls when I came up.” Nan Zhi spoke eagerly. But who knew that Gu Zichen wasn’t even paying attention to her, not bothering to even lift his eyelids.

“Since when were so you bored.” Gu Zichen responded faintly, but his tone wasn’t as cold. It was obvious that he had friendly relations with Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi snatched his book. Those rough movements from her somehow looked indescribably beautiful as she spoke, beaming, “But this gossip is about you. Let me recall the name of that girl, Su…. oh, Su Niannian!” As Su Niannian’s name sprung into her mind, spirit flashed across her face. She raised her eyebrows at Gu Zichen with pride, as if she had obtained his deepest secret.

When Chen Yuan, beside them, heard Su Niannian’s name, he looked up.

Gu Zichen spoke up apathetically, “Don’t know her, not interested.”

“Hey, you’re so boring, putting on this useless act. You were just holding the girl’s hand yesterday, like husband like wife, but now you’re not admitting the truth today?” As she spoke, Nan Zhi pulled out her phone, “Look, your fan club posted an article on the school forum.”

Gu Zichen cast a few glances and responded with a faint “oh,” clearly not taking it to heart.

The more tranquil and calm he was, the more Nan Zhi wanted to provoke him. She had no choice but to unleash the hottest topic, “I heard that she had been bullied pretty roughly by the other girls, one of them including Yin Chuxia, the one that follows you everyday. But this girl is real fierce. Instead, she ended up teaching Yin Chuxia and her friends a lesson.”

Chen Yuan couldn’t help furrowing his brows when he heard the news. People were bullying his sister?

Gu Zichen followed up with a scoff, he had already predicted the outcome. Although that girl looked pure and harmless, that was the little devil who threw a rock at his car, refused to admit her faults, and smeared ink on his face!

“So?” Gu Zichen crossed his arms with loneliness written all over his forehead.

Nan Zhi shuddered from looking at him, “……You’re really hopeless….. Do you want to know what happened after?” Nan Zhi built up the suspense deliberately, “Cough cough, fellow student Su said that even if Gu Idol wanted to date her, he would still have to get her permission. Tsk tsk tsk, I really want to know what type of schoolgirl wouldn’t even like our school prince, Gu Idol~”

A smile grew at the corners of Nan Zhi’s mouth. She noticed Gu Zichen wrinkle his brows for a brief moment, and then relax.

“Boring.” Gu Zichen spread out his textbook and continued flipping through, only his train of thought began to wander off.

Turned out that the pig disliked him!

Chen Yuan noticed his bad mood and sighed, followed by a chuckle. He shifted his gaze, noticing that Nan Zhi had been looking at himself. His ears immediately turned pink and Nan Zhi turned around hurriedly.

After an entire day of classes, Su Niannian yawned and stole some of Brother Pig’s snacks to eat, before her mood turned for the better.

The last period was Jiang Mu’s class, but what shocked Su Niannian, was that he actually taught math.

It was necessary to know that Su Niannian’s worst subject was math. With a migraine, she rubbed her head and began taking notes hastily.

Song Yuxi sat absent-minded as usual, only Su Niannian was too busy taking notes that she never noticed her abnormal behaviour.

After teaching the lesson, Jiang Mu reserved some time at the end to talk about some class issues, and he mentioned tuition again.

Su Niannian’s tuition had already been settled by Su Chuxin, therefore she wasn’t worried at all. However an abrupt voice broke through the peace.


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