Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 29

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Chapter 029 — Simply Didn’t Like Gu Zichen

Su Niannian’s father passed away long ago and Chu Suxin’s personality was rather gentle, but this didn’t mean that Su Niannian was a softie or a victim! Back at Chen Jiang High, she interacted positively with all her classmates and friends, never had she ever been bullied like this.

But this didn’t mean that Su Niannian was afraid of all this.

Let alone the malicious intentions of these arguments and fights between girls.

Su Niannian raised her eyelids, “You’re such a weird person, what does them being childhood sweethearts have anything to do with me? Could it be that they’re already married or in the middle of a romantic relationship? Since there’s nothing between them, then where did this so-called “mistress” come from?” Noticing that Liu Yuner’s complexion became pale, Su Niannian continued digging into her wounds, “Maybe you’re the one with secret motives, trying to ruin relationships between us classmates. That’s right, I’m a transfer student, but I also want to interact positively with you. You’re targeting me over and over again, and each time it’s related to Gu Idol, I’m afraid that there’s someone else who really wants to be the mistress.”

“You….. Su Niannian you’re….. You’re the one who wants to be the mistress, stop talking nonsense here!” Liu Yuner shouted out, flustered and exasperated. Su Niannian scoffed in her mind. She had bothered fighting her with these skills? Su Niannian had barely even said anything and she couldn’t take it anymore.

The classmates watching rejoiced from the disaster, there was even a boy who began mocking Liu Yuner, “Liu Yuner, didn’t you tell me that you liked Gu Zichen the most? You said that guy was the cutest!” The person speaking was the class’ infamous troublemaker, He Xiao.

A layer of pink blush immediately emerged on Liu Yuner’s face. It didn’t feel great having her intentions exposed to the public, especially since her best friend, Yin Chuxia, liked Gu Zichen as well.

As expected, when Yin Chuxia heard these words, she glared at Liu Yuner fiercely, grinding her teeth.

“Plus, even if Gu Idol wanted to date me, then he still needs to ask me whether I agree or not. You guys continue treating him like a treasure, don’t drag me into all your business.” Su Niannian rolled her eyes and grabbed her backpack as she took a seat at her desk.

The boys in the class immediately whistled all together. In the past whenever the girls talked about Gu Zichen, they were all cheerful and starry-eyed. But once Su Niannian came, and didn’t like Gu Zichen at all, everything was exceptionally shocking!

Song Yuxi’s tiny mouth was open, her face completely stunned, “Niannian……”


Su Niannian was organizing her things when she heard Song Yuxi’s feeble gossip, “Are you really dating Gu Idol?”

As she thought about the annoying guy, Su Niannian pouted, “How is that possible, don’t listen to their nonsense.”

Song Yuxi nodded and declared her side, “I believe you!”

Zhu Cheng expressed his friendliness as well, “Yeah, I’ve been skeptical of that Gu Zichen for a while now. Isn’t he just more pale and handsome? Humph!”

“I didn’t think that you were so knowledgeable. Brother Pig, you’re the most handsome!” Su Niannian patted Zhu Cheng’s shoulder and smiled at him without restraint. Zhu Cheng scratched the back of his head awkwardly and kept quiet.

As she flipped through her textbook, Su Niannian was thinking in her mind. She already had two conclusions in her heart.

One: The girls in this school all had something wrong with their brains. Chen Jiang High had school princes and school beauties, but a few break time discussions were all. It was nothing compared to the craziness at Sheng Yin High. They had literally treated the three school princes as celebrities, exceeding the limits thinking it wasn’t enough.

Two: Gu Zichen was a pig, Gu Zichen was a pig, Gu Zichen was a pig.

Su Niannian read over the second line in her mind three times before she felt satisfied and let out a long breath.

Grade 12, Class A.

Gu Zichen pulled out the textbooks needed for the morning. His long, slender fingers rested on the book as he flipped through it randomly. His skilled, noble aura was like a fine painting, convincing people to sneak a few extra glances.


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