Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 28

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Chapter 028 — Apathetic School Princes Falls In Love With Cinderella

Ask Gu Zichen to tutor her? That imagery seemed too beautiful to be true!

Su Niannian shivered, “Forget it, I’m going to do my homework.”

He knew about her worries, but Chen Yuan didn’t force her. The two of them turned off the TV and headed back to their own rooms.


The next day, Su Niannian went to school as usual. From the front gate of the school to the corridors, people kept on pointing at her. Even for the sluggish Su Niannian, she could sense that something was up.

When she returned to the classroom, all the girls were gathered together, gossiping. When they noticed Su Niannian walking in, they stopped all together with perfectly-timed coordination.

Su Niannian looked around and noticed Li Enmei, whose joyous chatter was the loudest just now. She took a few steps towards Li Enmei and knocked on her table, “Li…… what was it, class president, what were you guys talking about?”

She really couldn’t recall Li Enmei’s name, but she knew that she was the vice president of the class.

Li Enmei blinked, not expecting that Su Niannian would come directly to ask her. She had been startled by Su Niannian’s imperious manner, and pulled out her phone cautiously, “Here, look at this post……”

Su Niannian grabbed her phone and began reading. Li Enmei’s eyes couldn’t help glancing at her, “Su Niannian, are you really dating Gu Idol? There are even pictures on the post…….”

Su Niannian didn’t bother acknowledging her. She scrolled through the post, which was published by an ID named “Cute Shanshan.” The headline was extremely eye-catching: Apathetic School Prince Falls in Love With Cinderella: Gu Idol’s Secret Girlfriend Reveals Herself! Photos and the Truth Included. The content was a huge heap of text, expressing admiration for Gu Idol and envy for Su Niannian. The ending even included numerous blessings, things like “We’ll give our blessings even in tears,” “Forever supporting Gu Idol,” which made Su Niannian feel sick at heart.

The photos attached were from yesterday afternoon, when Gu Zichen dragged Su Niannian into his car. As Su Niannian read through the article, she couldn’t help feeling gloomy. It was clearly Gu Zichen forcefully dragging into the car, but how did it develop into phrases like “intimate and inseparable, look how warm Gu Idol’s embrace is” in the article!

Su Niannian threw the phone back to Li Enmei, “You actually believe this.” Her tone was full of disdain.

People immediately became upset——

“Su Niannian, what are you trying to say? Even if you guys are really dating, you’re still the one who seduced Gu Idol in the first place!” Yin Chuxia had hatred written all over her face.

“Oh?” Su Niannian laughed, “The person in this room who has the least right to scold me, is you. That said, you’re the one who deliberately tried to seduce him but was rejected, am I right?”

“You…..” Anger was present in Yin Chuxia’s eyes, but she had no idea how to refute her.

“You what? Right, why are you calling him Gu Idol now? Isn’t he your Zichen Gege?” Su Niannian mimicked Yin Chuxia’s coy tone purposely, making herself so disgusted that she could nearly feel her goosebumps spring up.

Liu Yuner rushed to speak for Yin Chuxia, “Su Niannian, why are you acting so rampant! Who doesn’t know that Yin Chuxia and Gu Idol are childhood sweethearts. What are you trying to do, breaking up their relationship and acting like a mistress! You’ve made everything sickening, and you aren’t even ashamed!”

As these words came out, all the girls in the class began whispering to one another. The boys weren’t in a position to interrupt. Each and everyone one of them stood by, waiting for the drama.

Zhu Cheng and Song Yuxi looked at Su Niannian anxiously, unsure of how to help her.

Su Niannian sneered, “And who are you? Since when was it your turn to speak?”

Liu Yuner looked at Su Niannian, dumbstruck. She was about to curse at Su Niannian, but when she locked eyes with her dictatorial, smirking look, she pulled back in fear.

SINIKI: So much gossip….

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