Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 27

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Chapter 027 — Were You Waiting For Me?

Chen Yuan extended his hand to flick Su Niannian’s forehead as he let out a sigh, “Geez you…..”

“Ah…… it hurts.” Su Niannian wrinkled her nose.

Chen Yuan immediately pulled back, his face full of concern, “Are you okay?”

Su Niannian shook her head, “Were you waiting for me?”

“Yeah, Xingyu said that you took Zichen’s car. I was afraid that he would bully you.” A warm smile hung at the corners of Chen Yuan’s mouth, “Let’s go. Go back home and take a shower, it’s almost dinner.”

When food came into the conversation, Su Niannian cheered as she returned back home with Chen Yuan.

Gu Zichen was walking slowly and the discussion between the two traveled to his ears. Disappointment flashed across his eyes. He looked back, the chauffeur who drove him had already left. He tightened his fists and then returned back to his expressionless look. As he pushed open the door, the huge and empty mansion came into view. At the very moment, it appeared especially cold and lonely.

Gu Zichen curled up the corners of his mouth, mocking himself. He headed towards the bathroom for a shower, washing away all the traces Su Niannian left behind.

He was slightly germaphobic, but regarding Su Niannian’s prank today, he couldn’t get himself to despise it no matter what.

Tsk, Lucky Pig.

He didn’t even detect it himself, that the corners of his mouth had perked up.


The Chen Household.

Today, Chu Suxin had prepared dinner personally, making an entire table worth of dishes meticulously. Su Niannian showered hastily and then seated herself at the dining table as she began wolfing down her food.

“Slow down, this girl……..” Chu Suxin sighed helplessly. She was just about to ladle some soup for Su Niannian, but Chen Yuan had already set down a full bowl in front of her, “Let it sit before drinking. Be careful, it’s hot.”

“Thank you.” Su Niannian used all her effort to swallow the food in her mouth as she thanked him with muffled words.

Chu Suxin smiled gratefully at Chen Yuan. When Chen Yunhua noticed that the two got along very well, his heart finally relaxed.

After dinner, Su Niannian rubbed her stomach while sitting on the couch and watching TV. Once Chu Suxin finished her chores in the kitchen, she put her hands on her hips and began scolding her, “Did you finish your homework before watching TV? My gosh, why are you watching cartoons?” From her expression, it was clear that Chu Suxin couldn’t understand her.

Su Niannian spoke with a headache, “I’ll go do my homework after this episode……”

Chu Suxin originally wanted to say something else, but Chen Yuan had already taken a seat beside Su Niannian, “How is it?” He had a natural look on his face, as if he enjoyed cartoons himself as well.

Su Niannian obviously knew that he was here to help her. She spoke with a grin, “It’s great, let’s watch together!”

Although Chen Yuan was clever and sensible, Chu Suxin was his stepmother and it wasn’t her place to say much. She sighed and without a choice, she headed to the kitchen to cut up some fruit for the two of them

After watching an episode, Su Niannian stretched her body. There wasn’t a lot of homework assigned today, but she suddenly remembered her struggles with English class and turned around to face Chen Yuan, “Brother, did you take any prep courses before? Or any tutors…..”

Chen Yuan had outstanding grades since he was little and he had never taken any cram classes. He shook his head honestly, “You want to take classes outside of school?”

Su Niannian’s face turned slightly red, however she still told Chen Yuan in detail about her struggling pace at school. Classes at Sheng Yin High were much harder than most of the other schools, as everybody knew.

Chen Yuan muttered to himself for a bit, “I’m not quite sure about prep classes, but you can ask me anything you don’t know.”

Su Niannian knew that Chen Yuan had exceptional grades, but he was in grade 12 and she didn’t want to trouble him.

“Or you can get Gu Zichen to tutor you. His grades are better than mine, and he’s got a lot of patience when it comes to teaching others.” Chen Yuan spoke with a serious expression. He remembered back in middle school when his math was falling behind, that it was Gu Zichen who taught him new study methods.


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