Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 26

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Chapter 026 — If You Bully My Sister Again, I’ll Make You Pay

Su Niannian wailed as she snatched the ink over from Gu Zichen’s hand. She dipped her hand in and began smearing it over Gu Zichen’s face.

Gu Zichen’s reaction was a few seconds slow and ink marks had already contaminated his face.

“Su fatty!” Wanna give it another try?” Gu Zichen threatened through gritted teeth.

Su Niannian laughed mischievously and flung some more ink at his face quickly, “Why don’t you try making up another nickname for me!”

Gu Zichen’s face turned dark, making Su Niannian feel secretly pleased.

He wore a clean, simple shirt that was clearly expensive. Su Niannian moved her eyes around the place as she inched towards him, acting innocent, “Sorry, you know that I’m really fat, clumsy, and it’s difficult for me to move around. I’ll help you clean it!” As she spoke, she didn’t even care whether Gu Zichen had agreed or not before she extended her small hands to rub Gu Zichen’s face, wiping her hands on his shirt while she was at it.

“……..” The corners of Gu Zichen’s mouth twitched. Without restraint, he started messing up Su Niannian’s hair and the two of them instantly began their fight.

“Young master……” The driver questioned cowardly, afraid that his young master would be taken advantage of.

“Drive your car!” He thundered and the driver instantly sat upright, fixing his gaze on the road ahead. The only thing that gave him away was the faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

Actually, this was great. He had witnessed his young master growing up and he was always a profound and earnest person, like a tiny adult. It was rare to see such a childish side to him.

The fight between the two escalated a step further. Gu Zichen suppressed Su Niannian with one hand while he immersed his other hand in ink, drawing a pig’s snout on Su Niannian’s face.

“You b*stard! You’re-you’re-you’re….. Bullying a girl!” Su Niannian pouted as she struggled with all the energy inside of her.

Gu Zichen scoffed, “You’re a girl? Which girl acts so manly like you?” His gaze landed briefly on Su Niannian’s breasts without being aware.

Su Niannian rolled her eyes at him. He was truly a sharp-tongued boy. He had actually called her a masculine girl and even criticized her flat chest!

“I’ll tell your mom and make her teach you a lesson, you little b*tch.” Su Niannian spoke, fuming with rage. She was always the one bullying others in the past, when was she ever the victim? Furthermore, she had no chance to retaliate. As a result of her moment of fury, she had even used these lowly, childish methods to threaten him.

Gu Zichen’s gaze darkened. He looked coldly at Su Niannian for a while before releasing his grasp slowly.

Su Niannian wanted to say something, but noticing his poor complexion, she remained silent.

The car quickly came to a halt in front of the Gu family’s mansion. As they got out of the car, a figure headed towards Su Niannian urgently. When he noticed Su Niannian’s messed up appearance, he wrinkled his eyebrows, “What happened?”

Noticing that Chen Yuan had been extremely concerned for herself, and was waiting for her at the door the entire time, Su Niannian felt her heart warm up. Who knew that when Chen Yuan saw the same ink marks on Gu Zichen’s face, that appeared even more disastrous that Su Niannian’s, he furrowed his eyebrows even more.

“You two……”

“Brother, he hit me! He did it, he did it, he’s the one who did it!” Su Niannian complained, despite being guilty herself, and hid behind Chen Yuan.

Gu Zichen grinded his teeth and looked towards Chen Yuan, “Do you think that I would hit a pig?”

Chen Yuan protected Su Niannian behind him carefully, “If you bully my sister again, I’ll make you pay!”

What in the world was this! Could it be that his years of brotherhood with Chen Yuan fell short of a sentence from this girl? The veins on Gu Zichen’s forehead thumped. He really wanted to pull Su Niannian over and give her a beating.

Gu Zichen: “……I’m going home.” He turned around silently. Su Niannian made a face at his retreating figure, however Chen Yuan noticed her actions.


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