Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 25

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Chapter 025 — Lucky Pig, Pay Me Back

Su Niannian turned her head and looked at him with worship written all over her face, “Wow, your family has a personal driver, you’re really Mr. Perfect……”

The Su family and Chen family were all family-owned corporations, but when it came to the accumulation of wealth, they were no match for the Gu family. Gu Corporation, whether in CIty Yu or the entire country, was the best leading enterprise. They were involved in real estate, hotels, general merchandise and other industries, even internet technology.

From what she knew, Gu Zichen was the family’s only child, therefore calling him “Mr. Perfect” wasn’t the least bit an exaggeration.

Gu Zichen responded softly. He looked at Su Niannian’s bright, starlit eyes and his heart stirred.

He looked at Su Niannian for a long time before he realized the awkwardness. He suddenly thought of something and pulled out the receipt from his wallet, tossing it lightly in front of Su Niannian.

“Lucky Pig, pay me back.”

He wanted her to pay him back? Su Niannian’s eyes immediately widened. She grabbed the receipt for a better look, it was the fees for the windshield replacement and car maintenance.

The corners of her mouth twitched. As she faced the string of zeros on the page, she paused for a moment and finally looked away arrogantly, “I don’t have any money.”

Gu Zichen raised his eyebrows, “You owe a debt, you pay back the money. That’s the rule. In fact, I didn’t even count the cost of deliberate harm and psychological damage. I’m generous huh?”

How was he generous! He was clearly a narrow-minded, evil b*stard! Su Niannian roasted him in her mind for a while. She had enough money to pay him back, but that would mean that she’d use up her allowance.

His pitch-black, bright pupils spun around as Su Niannian looked at him, beaming, “But you didn’t park your car in the garage yesterday. Technically, you should be taking full blame, I only made a tiny mistake.” She had even gestured with her hands while she spoke. The driver watched the scene through the rearview mirror and a pursed smile emerged at the corners of his mouth. He didn’t expect that there were people who dared to bargain with his young master.

“Su Niannian, it’s my property.” Gu Zichen leaned back in his seat lazily, “I can park wherever I want to.”

Although his tone was ice-cold, it carried a sense of carelessness, sounding particularly deep and pleasant.

Su Niannian pouted, “Then half and half.” She could live with only half of her allowance remaining.

“You’re taking full responsibility.” Gu Zichen spoke slowly, directly dismissing Su Niannian’s bargaining.

Su Niannian’s eyes widened. She didn’t do it deliberately, why was she taking on all the blame? But whether it was her debating skills or fighting strength, she couldn’t win Gu Zichen. She had no choice but to act shamelessly, “I don’t have money! Humph!”

She will not hand over a cent, humph!

Gu Zichen lifted his eyelids, as if he had already known that Su Niannian would act this way. He pulled out a pen and paper from his backpack and wrote down a few words quickly, “If you don’t have money, then sign an IOU and you can pay me back long term. Fellow student Su, signature at the lower right corner.” The corners of his mouth curled up into a charming smile. Su Niannian instantly blanked out from looking at him. She gazed at his handsome face foolishly, unable to snap back to reality for quite a while.

It was rare seeing Su Niannian’s love-struck behaviour. Gu Zichen’s smile grew wider as a trace of mockery flashed across his mind.

Su Niannian puffed up her cheeks in anger, “I’m not signing!”

She finished speaking, but she couldn’t help shouting out. Who knew when Gu Zichen had fished out a bottle of ink, unscrewed the cap, and dragged Su Niannian’s small hand over, dipping her finger into the ink and printing it against the booklet. A small fingerprint immediately emerged on the clean, white paper.

“You…..you…..” Su Niannian was tongue-tied. She never thought that Gu Zichen was even more shameless than her!

Could it be that her devil reputation had been destroyed in his hands?


SINIKI: Stubborn characters….

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