Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 23

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Chapter 023 — It’s My Fault For Driving You Home?

And all the girls standing on the road were stunned by what they just saw. Who the heck was Gu Idol holding just now?!

If it were some other day, they would have dashed forth to hand over gifts and love letters regardless of anything, but today, they stood quietly in place, watching Gu Zichen open the car door like a “gentleman” and stuff Su Niannian in. That scene looked as strange as it sounded.

It wasn’t until Gu Zichen had driven away, before a girl wailed in grief, “My gosh, Gu Idol has a girlfriend?”

“Ahhhhh, this can’t be true!”

“Who is that girl, I’m about to cry to death, my idol…..”

All the girls present could not suppress themselves as they hugged onto their heads, crying bitterly. The girl in the lead, Murong Shan, sobbed spasmodically, “Today is national break up day. But even if Gu Idol has a girlfriend, we’ll still like him and support him right?!” Murong Shan was the leader of the three school princes’ fan club.

Countless girls wiped away their tears as they spoke, “We’ll give our blessings even in tears! Sob sob…..”

Yet Su Niannian, who was in the car, never saw this fuss. She smoothed out her clothes with irritation and then glanced over at Gu Zichen in the driver’s seat, driving leisurely and calmly. She instantly exploded.

“How dare you use me as a human shield! Shameless! Disgusting! Pervert!” Su Niannian talked on and on, feeling indignant at injustice. Gu Zichen caught a glimpse of her, finding her angry little face rather funny. Those unaware of the situation might have thought that he had taken advantage of her.

“It’s my fault for driving you home? I’m doing you a favour for the sake of helping you.” Gu Zichen deemphasized, making Su Niannian speechless. He raised his eyebrows, “Also, fellow student Su, I haven’t gotten revenge yet.”

Su Niannian blinked with guilt, she couldn’t help glancing at the windshield as she spoke reluctantly, “I don’t owe you anything.”

Gu Zichen scoffed, “If I’m not wrong, the stone that hit my glass yesterday from out of the blue, according to the angle and traces, likely came from a place above 50m (55 yards). There weren’t any tall buildings in the area except for your house. In fact it was right in front of the window in your room, exactly diagonal. Fellow student Su, tell me, why would a rock fall from your window?”

Su Niannian’s face immediately flushed red. Who knew that this Gu Zichen was actually a top student? But she was too embarrassed to admit it, and looked away, “Maybe the wind blew it down…….”

The cold and indolent voice echoed once again, “It was sunny yesterday, and there was no wind. The temperature and humidity were just right. Do you need me to show you yesterday’s weather forecast?”

“……” Gosh, how did she come across someone like this! Su Niannian was furious, practically on the verge of smashing Gu Zichen’s head against the glass and beating him up.

Su Niannian tried her best to control herself as she forced out a rigid smile, “Oh haha….. do you want me to fix it with tape?” As she spoke, she pulled out cartoon tape from her bag and handed it over to Gu Zichen, kissing up.

Gu Zichen suddenly hit the brakes. He furrowed his brows and glared at Su Niannian coldly.

Su Niannian understood that this look was full of disgust, but she still put on a grin. As they say, you could not bear to beat someone who admits their mistakes. It wasn’t possible for Gu Zichen to throw her off the car right?

However she underestimated Gu Zichen. Gu Zichen unlocked the car, without any expression, “While I haven’t thrown you off yet, you can slip away yourself.”

Su Niannian glanced at the surroundings. She had a poor sense of direction, she didn’t know where she was at all. Her face immediately turned deathly white as she grabbed onto the seat belt straps tightly, shaking her head with determination.


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