Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 — Class Meeting (1)

Chen Yuan’s gaze sunk down as he spoke vaguely, “He’s probably refusing to get up. It’s fine, he’ll arrive at school before the bell rings.”

“Oh…..alright…..” Su Niannian nodded her head obediently as she looked thoughtfully at the house, gradually become farther away, in the rearview mirror.


Sheng Yin High School.

Su Niannian clutched onto her backpack as she entered the classroom. All the students, in the middle of lively conversations, suddenly became silent and cast glances at her.

For an average person, it must have felt uncomfortable. But Su Niannian had been used to it. She took a seat at the back of the classroom, unconcerned, and greeted Zhu Cheng.

“Brother Pig, you look even more handsome today, your hairstyle is so cool!” Su Niannian greeted Zhu Cheng with a grin.

Zhu Cheng smoothed out his puffed up, hedgehog hair with pride, “Of course it is! Hey….. were you okay yesterday?” Regarding his blind date, Zhu Cheng was quite fond of her and took care of her subconsciously.

Su Niannian shook her head, “Why wouldn’t I be okay? What classes do we have today?”

“Our first period is taught by our homeroom teacher.”

Yin Chuxia, in the front row, pouted with irritation, “What a vixen, seducing just about any man.”

As the bell rang, their English teacher, Jin Yun, walked in as a tall and skinny man followed behind her.

“Students, this is your new homeroom teacher for the year, Jiang Mu, Mr. Jiang…..” Jin Yun spoke formally for a bit before leaving the classroom. Mr. Jiang smiled shyly and walked over to the lectern.

“Wow, so handsome, is he really our homeroom teacher?”

“He’s even kinder than the male leads in Korean dramas, he’s so lovable!”

“Tsk, isn’t he just another pretty boy teacher. A bunch of love-struck fools, how annoying.”


Su Niannian had been burying her head as she flipped through her book. When she heard the ruckus, she immediately paused.

Mr. Jiang, at the lectern, wore a simple, dark-colored shirt. His short, black hair was neat and casual, his facial features were refined and attractive, and his smile was warm and kind. He possessed all the features of a considerate man walking out of a manga.

Unsure of why, Su Niannian felt indescribably familiar with him. She pondered for a while without figuring out the reason, thus she sat quietly, waiting for him to speak.

“Hello everyone, I’m Jiang Mu. Jiang referring to the river water and Mu referring to the sunset.” Jiang Mu picked up the chalk, turned around, and wrote his name down on the board. His handwriting was beautiful, bold, and powerful, making the crowd wow one after the other.

“I hope you all can help me out in the future, and I hope that I can become friends with everyone…..” Mr. Jiang carried with him a smile. He picked up the attendance in his hands and began calling out names. When his eyes landed on the words “Su Niannian,” his gaze became exceptionally tender.

After taking attendance, he leaned his hands on the lectern, “Next, we’re going to have our first class meeting of the new semester. Our two main topics are selecting student officials for our class council and changing seats. Please write down your chosen class official on the paper and we’ll vote anonymously, starting now. In five minutes, hand your paper over to the students in the first row.”

The students immediately cheered excitedly. They picked up their slips of paper and began whispering in each other’s ears.

Su Niannian’s mouth twitched awkwardly. She was able to call out no more than 3 people in the class, and now she was required to write down someone’s name?

She made a few random strokes on the paper. Su Niannian had no choice but to ask Zhu Cheng for help, “Brother Pig, show me yours when you’re done writing.”

“Okay!” Zhu Cheng agreed willingly.

The students in grade 11 class F had been in the same class since grade 10. They were all familiar with each other. The slips of paper were handed in one by one. Each and every one of them were anxious as they awaited the results of the election.


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