Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 — Why Isn’t He Going To School

After hiding behind the windowsill for a while, Su Niannian stretched out her head and looked down, partly from guilt and partly from curiosity.

Su Niannian’s face wrinkled up into a ball.

As luck would have it, that stone landed on the windshield of a black Porsche. With the gravitational force, there were already cracks in the glass.

If Su Niannian remembered correctly, that car….. belonged to Gu Zichen.

Only why was his car parked in the driveway rather than the garage? Su Niannian was slightly suspicious. She stared at his car and examined it closely, there was a fuzzy shadow inside.

She looked for a while before the door opened gradually and Gu Zichen’s tall and handsome figure appeared before her eyes.

Su Niannian was extremely anxious. That guy had a sharp tongue, who knew how he would taunt her.

Who knew that Gu Zichen didn’t even take note of the situation. He drooped his eyes and pursed his thin lips. Even from far away, Su Niannian could sense the indescribable coldness surrounding his body.

It wasn’t the distant coldness when she first met him, but rather a faint feeling of grief.

Su Niannian wasn’t sure why this word had popped into her mind. She only felt that Gu Zichen’s silhouette looked like an injured beast, heading home silently to tend his wounds.

Unintentionally, Su Niannian leaned forwards on the windowsill, staring blankly at Gu Zichen’s figure.

Gu Zichen stood still and blanked out on the spot. He seemed to have been aware of Su Niannian’s gaze. He looked up and his deep, pitch-black pupils collided with Su Niannian’s eyes.

The four eyes interlocked without a word being said.

The rays of light spilled down, but in Su Niannian’s eyes, the youth standing down there seemed brighter than sunshine.


She could feel her heart beating faster and a layer of blush quickly infected her face.

Gu Zichen was expressionless. He stuck his hand into his pocket as he walked into his own house, leaving Su Niannian standing foolishly on the second floor.


The next morning, in the Chen family’s dining room.

Chen Yuan munched through his breakfast slowly, looking around before asking, “Where’s Niannian?”

“I’ll go call her again.” Chu Suxin stood up helplessly. Everything about Su Niannian was great, but she could never fix her problems of getting out of bed in the morning. “Class is officially starting today, this girl…..”

As she spoke, the sound of hurried footsteps echoed from the stairs. Looking up, it was Su Niannian’s energetic figure.

“Uncle, brother, wait for me!” Su Niannian sprinted down hastily, hopping off the last two steps.

Her neat, clear eyes shined bright in fear that the father and son would have left without her like the day before.

“Slow down, don’t trip over yourself.” Chen Yuan sighed helplessly.

Su Niannian let out a lengthy breath and tugged on the backpack beneath her, “Let’s go, let’s go, we’re heading to school.”

“Eat your breakfast first.” Chen Yunhua smiled. Su Niannian glanced at the food on the table and picked up a glass of milk, chugging it down like a downright, masculine woman.

She set the glass cup on the table, “Let’s go!”

Once seated in Chen Yunhua’s car, weight had been lifted off Su Niannian’s shoulders. She gazed out through the car window at the house next-door. Gu Zichen’s car was still parked in the driveway, however he wasn’t anywhere in sight.

While she was lost in thought, Chen Yuan’s finger came into contact with her forehead. Su Niannian responded with an “oh” before snapping out of it. She had finally realized that Chen Yuan was trying to wipe away the milk stains at the corners of her mouth.

Su Niannian’s face turned red, but she still spoke up, asking the question lingering in her mind, “Why isn’t he going to school, is there no one to wake him up at home?” She pointed towards Gu Zichen’s house.


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