Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 — Hit Someone

Su Niannian returned home gloomily with Chen Yuan. Chu Suxin asked about her first day of school with concern, however she was carelessly dismissed by Su Niannian.

After tossing around in her bed, Su Niannian wasn’t sure why the annoying face kept on appearing in her mind.

She admitted that Gu Zichen did indeed look like the ideal Mr. Perfect, but she still found him unpleasant.


The weather was sunny and cloudless with a warm autumn breeze.

As Gu Zichen walked out of Firefly Forest, he received a message on his phone.

“Come to Li Xuan Hotel.” The few words appeared extremely formal. So much so that even the contact was named a cold and distinct “Mr. Gu.”

His thick, black eyelashes drooped, as if he was a wounded animal. When he raised his head again, his gaze had already returned to its usual apathetic form.

Gu Zichen started the car and hurried over to Li Xuan Hotel.

This was City Yu’s most famous five-star hotel, they had gorgeous interior designs. It was well-known from far and near, and it was the location of gatherings for City Yu’s rich people.

When Gu Zichen arrived at the private room, the tables had been completely seated with people. Noticing that he had arrived, a middle-aged man waved his hand, “Zichen, come here.”

Gu Zichen’s body stiffened, as if he had not expected to hear such an intimate name from this man.

He walked over to the man’s side slowly and responded softly, “Father.”

Gu Yanzhun patted his shoulders and introduced him to his fellow friends, “This is my son, Gu Zichen. Zichen, this is your Uncle Lin and your Uncle Yin.”

“Gu, you’ve got such a good fortune, your son’s taller than you.”

“Oh, so this is Zichen. My daughter Chuxia goes to the same school as you.” Yin Wanyue smiled kindly, only he couldn’t hide the radiance in his eyes. He waved his hands in front of Yin Chuxia, who was sitting upright beside him, “Chuxia, doesn’t he go to the same school as you?”

It was obvious that Yin Chuxia had been dragged over for a dinner party at the last minute. She was just smoothing out her dress uncomfortably when she heard her dad calling her, making her return back to reality.

Once she noticed Gu Zichen beside her father, Yin Chu’s eyes immediately brightened up.

After the adults exchanged a few conventional greetings and praised each other’s children, Gu Yanzhun spoke, “Zichen, go keep Chuxia company.”

Gu Zichen’s eyelashes fluttered and he responded with a soft “okay.”

He turned around and sighed. Yin Chuxia had already moved closer to him with enthusiasm and chirped by his ear, unsure of what she was saying.

Gu Zichen listened to her absent-mindedly. This dinner party was no more than extending each other’s connections and relations. It was hypocritical and sickening.

Yin Chuxia was extremely excited in her heart. She never expected to come across Gu Zichen over here. Additionally, Gu Zichen’s father had instructed him to accompany her, meaning that she still had a chance!

“Zichen Gege, can we go to school together? My house is……” Happiness overflowed her heart, thinking that she could make Gu Zichen drive her to school.

Gu Zichen never heard her clearly. He glanced at Gu Yanzhun, who was currently toasting with the others and suddenly stood up. He pursed his thin lips and walked towards the exit without saying a word, leaving behind the startled Yin Chuxia.


The noisy clamor of cicadas came from outside. Su Niannian tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep. She crawled out of bed and opened up the window, looking around with irritation at the disturbing cicadas.


The sound of cicadas continued on. Su Niannian picked up the decorative pebble on the windowsill and tossed it at the tree.

Newton’s laws of motion told us that earth possesses gravitational forces. Therefore the stone never hit the cicadas, instead, it plummeted directly to the ground.

Crack——the sound of shattering glass echoed in the air.

Su Niannian felt guilty and hid back inside her room promptly.

Gosh, it didn’t hit anyone right?

SINIKI: Su Niannian will never stop getting into trouble…

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