Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 15

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Chapter 015 — Let’s End Our Friendship With Him

Ye Xingyu pouted and he waved his chopsticks around, indicating that he was prepared to fight for that last piece of meat. Su Niannian was unwilling to admit defeat and the two of them immediately began their battle.

She was always the one stealing from others, there was no way she’d let anyone take from her.

The two of them fought vigorously with their chopsticks. Chen Yuan could no longer put up with the scene, pushing Ye Xingyu and Su Niannian’s shoulders back.

“How childish are you guys, still fighting for food. You two need to learn how to decline modestly…..”

He wasn’t finished speaking, when Su Niannian and Ye Xingyu wailed loudly as expressions of despair broke out on their faces.

The expressionless Gu Zichen, who was silent the entire time, stuck out his chopsticks and picked up the piece of meat. With a graceful, virtuous posture, he devoured it slowly.

“How childish are you, snatching food from us!”

“Yeah, where’s your modesty and friendliness!”

The two that had just been fighting against each other instantly stood united. They glared at Gu Zichen with anger and hatred, making the corners of Chen Yuan’s mouth twitch speechlessly.

Gu Zichen glanced at the two of them with disgust, causing Su Niannian and Ye Xingyu to feel embarrassed on the other hand.

The two of them gulped, as they whispered on the side——

“He’s not a nice guy, let’s end our friendship with him.”

“Okay, next time we eat, we’ll split between the two of us!”

“Hehe, I couldn’t tell that you had such a high moral ground.” Su Niannian grinned as she patted Ye XIngyu’s shoulder. A tint of pink immediately emerged on Ye Xingyu’s handsome, pale face, he was slightly embarrassed from Su Niannian’s touch.

After the two silly, food-obsessed friends formulated a plan against the evil Gu Zichen, they became best buds immediately.

The enemy of an enemy is a friend. The two smiled at each other, making all their debts of gratitude and revenge vanish within a split second. They had completely thrown aside the intense scene of them fighting for the last piece of meat, not long ago.

Ye Xingyu’s phone began to ring. He picked it up and the angry voice of a girl blurted out from the other side of the line, “Ye Xingyu, what did you do to my Baby again! I’ll give you three minutes to get yourself back home, otherwise I’ll destroy you tonight!”

“Oh come on my sweet sister, I’m your biological brother. Hey, don’t get mad, I’ll get back right now!” Ye XIngyu responded miserably before running downstairs in a hurry.

To be able to make Ye Xingyuact so obediently, Su Niannian had a whole new level of respect for his sister.

Without the lively, energetic Ye Xingyu, the atmosphere became slightly depressing as the three of them remaining finished off their dinners silently.

Su Niannian didn’t mind at all, in fact she was happy with Gu Zichen not saying a word. Who knew whether he would mock her again.

After they finished eating, Chen Yuan ordered a cup of milk tea for Su Niannian to aid digestion. Gu Zichen’s slender fingers knocked against the surface of the table while the corners of his mouth curled upwards, “Su Niannian, do you know how many calories you just consumed from this meal? For every meal, you’ll gain ten pounds, looks like it won’t be long before you become a fatty.”

Pfff——Su Niannian wanted to spray the milk tea out at his face. It was absolutely impossible for this guy to stop roasting people!

“A Chen!” Chen Yuan shouted out at Gu Zichen, annoyed.

He rubbed his nose angrily and spoke menacingly, “My delicate car can’t carry a fatty like you, goodbye!”

“Hurry up and get out of here!” Su Niannian threw the remaining half of dried plums and chips at him.

Gu Zichen dodged to the side, smirking coldly. He had even caught a few chips and popped them into his mouth as he headed down the stairs casually, “Bye.”

Why were there such annoying people in the world! Su Niannian kicked the table, resulting in her grimacing in pain.

Chen Yuan’s expression was more or less alarmed. Gu Zichen was extremely germaphobic, how could he eat something that Su Niannian threw at him?

In addition, Gu Zichen’s personality had always been calm and steady. But after meeting his younger sister, he had simply……ahem, he had simply changed into a completely different person, both sharp-tongued and awful, and unreasonably childish.

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