Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 14

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Chapter 014 — Life Depends On Staying Put

Su Niannian grimaced at him discreetly, yet she heard Gu Zichen state slowly, “Su Niannian, the moment you stepped into this car, the entire vehicle felt like it was experiencing an earthquake. The entire world was spinning around.”

Huh? What did that mean?

Confusion was written all over Su Niannian’s small face, however Ye Xingyu in the back burst into laughter. Noticing that Su Niannian had still not understood, he stuck his head out the front, mocking her heartlessly, “My bro is calling you fat, hahaha……”

Fat? Although Su Niannian wasn’t as skinny as the ideal body image, she could be counted as having a graceful body with an evenly distributed amount of fat and muscle. How could he call her fat!

Why did he have such a sharp tongue!

“Well then I’m truly sorry that you had to experience this earthquake!” Su Niannian scoffed. She started twisting and turning in her seat in an attempt to make the car shake.

Gu Zichen glanced at Su Niannian and her childish behaviour. He turned his head away with disgust, “Looks like you’re not only fat, but also extremely ill.”

“A mental illness, why did you give up on your treatment!” Ye Xingyu shook his head as he responded. Su Niannian was on the verge of crying, however no tears came out.

Could she jump off the car? Why did she agree to hang out with these people!

Chen Yuan calmed her down and interrupted the childish argument between the three of them. The car drove rapidly along the streets, finally stopping in front of a restaurant.

This street was far from the city, making the surrounding environment seem peaceful and quiet. Numerous plants decorated the exterior of the restaurant and the shop sign had been meticulously designed. Hidden beneath the verdant and thick layers of Boston Ivy, the two large words, “Firefly Forest,” were exposed.

It was the first time Su Niannian came here. Upon entering the cafe, her attention had been attracted by the fresh and clean interior design. Her eyes widened as she gazed at it with curiosity for a while.

Gu Zichen and the others were clearly regular customers as they headed to the second floor, familiar with the place.

The second floor was a renovated attic with wooden flooring, wooden tables, a bunch of artisan fabric sofas encircling the area, and plants between the tables.

Ye Xingyu shouted out noisily as he ordered the food. He turned around and spotted Su Niannian leaning lazily on the couch as she played Snake. He furrowed his beautiful eyebrows, “Really can’t tell that it’s your first time coming, it seems as if it’s your own house. Stop sleeping, get up and let’s chat!”

He was extremely interested in Chen Yuan’s sister. It was a pity that she simply refused to cooperate with his gossip.

Su Niannian flipped over on her side lazily, “Life depends on staying put, call me over when the food actually arrives.”

Chen Yuan shook his head helplessly while Gu Zichen flipped through the menu in his hand. His dark and gloomy gaze landed on Su Niannian, then immediately looked away.

The food arrived very quickly. Su Niannian set down the phone in her hand, her eyes glowing as she stared at the gourmet food on the table.

The aroma and colours were fantastic, the appearance looked exquisite and beautiful. From only one glance, it looked exceptionally delicious.

“The signatures dishes from this restaurant are the beef noodles and stir-fried pork, and the spicy chicken….. Hey, stop eating!” Ye Xingyu was about to explain to Su Niannian, but he didn’t expect that she had already picked up her chopsticks and began devouring the food.

She ate very quickly, but her movements did seem rather polite. After taking a bite, realizing that the food was amazing, she began eating faster.

Ye Xingyu was also a foodie. Without talking any further, he began eating too, at lightning speed. The two of them annihilated the platters of food like tornados sweeping in. Helplessly, Chen Yuan poured a glass of water for Su Niannian, “Slow down, don’t choke yourself.”

There was only one piece of the stir-fried pork left on the table. Su Niannian and Ye Xing extended their chopsticks simultaneously.

“Hey, why are you such a rough girl!” Ye Xingyu grumbled.

Su Niannian’s cheeks were stuffed as she spoke confidently, “Mine!”

SINIKI: Su Niannian is definitely a mood….

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