Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 13

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Chapter 013 — I’ll Beat You Up If You Call Me Short Again

Instantly, the strips of paper glued themselves against the floor. It was clearly difficult to clean up.

Su Niannian patted the dust off her hands and looked straight at Yin Chuxia, “Since your brains aren’t functioning, then you might as well get some more exercise. Take your time sweeping, I won’t bother you.”

After cleaning the desks, Su Niannian picked up her backpack and left the classroom.

Yin Chuxia stared blankly in place. Beside her, Zhang Xiaojie and Liu Yuner had expressions of shock plastered across their faces.

Where the heck did this new student come from? She was considerably arrogant!

“Chuxia…… don’t be mad, we’ll take care of her in the future.” Liu Yuner stammered, without a single bit of confidence.

A trace of brutality flashed across Yin Chuxia’s eyes. She scoffed coldly and picked up her expensive bag as she strolled out. Without a choice, Zhang Xiaojie and Liu Yuner could only stay behind to continue cleaning.


Su Niannian arrived at the parking lot she recalled from the morning. Chen Yuan and the other two were standing together, talking about something. Noticing that Su Niannian had appeared, Chen Yuan waved at her, “Niannian, come here.”

“Chen Yuan, this is your younger sister? She looks like a middle schooler.” A boy with flax-colored hair looked at Su Niannian, grinning. His skin was so fair that it looked like porcelain and beams of light sparkled in his pitch-black pupils. He was a beautiful boy, but not the weak kind.

Su Niannian searched her mind for the gossip Song Yuxi had told her. This boy must have been Ye Xingyu.

Gu Zichen’s hands were in his pockets, with that snobbish, ice-cold appearance as usual. Ye Xingyu hopped over to Su Niannian’s side and compared their heights with his hand.

“Hahaha, you only reach my shoulders, little shorty!” Ye Xingyu’s smile was brilliant and dazzling, as if it was luminous. Su Niannian stared blankly for a moment, almost bewitched by his charm, but she quickly returned back to normal, ashamed with anger, “You’re short! Childish!”

Out of all the things in the world, she hated when people called her short. Was this guy trying to stab her wounds deliberately?

After watching Su Niannian explode into rage, Ye Xingyu rubbed his nose angrily, “Tsk, you’re clearly short. Are you even 1.5m [4ft 11]?

This was absolutely enough, she was clearly over 1.6 m [5ft 3].

Su Niannian extended her delicate little hand and responded fiercely, “I’ll beat you up if you call me short again, hmph!”

Noticing that the two of them argued without end, Chen Yuan spoke up, “Alright, stop arguing you two. You guys are like children. Let’s go and eat first.”

When food came into the conversation, Su Niannian immediately hushed. Her large, bright eyes blinked and her attention had been successfully diverted.

“Let’s go to Firefly Forest, I want to eat their Teppanyaki and Bingsu. Bro, hurry up and start the car!” Ye Xingyu was a typical foodie. He pushed Gu Zichen as they walked forward.

Wait? Start the car? Were they going together? Su Niannian’s eyes widened and Chen Yuan explained softly, “Xingyu and I didn’t drive our cars, we’ll take Zichen’s instead.”

Su Niannian struggled for a few seconds, but Ye Xingyu chattered on and on about how delicious the food was at Firefly Forest. In the end, she finally made her mind.

Fine then, together! The food was the most important part, they might as well enjoy the meal first and worry later!

Chen Yuan opened the car door for Su Niannian thoughtfully, “You can sit in the front, remember your seatbelt.”

Su Niannian was touched. Her brother was absolutely the kindest.

Once seated, although it was only September and the weather was slightly cool, Su Niannian was attacked by chills, and shivered. She looked to her side, it was the cold air distributed by Gu Zichen’s presence. He didn’t even bother to look at her.


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