Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 12

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Chapter 012 — Catfight (3)

Mixed in with the sounds of lively discussion, Gu Zichen nodded his head lightly, “Thank you.” He paused for a bit, “but no need.”

His handsome face was expressionless, he didn’t even bother raising the tip of his brows or the corners of his eyes. His entire body emitted a cold and apathetic aura. He had clearly rejected Yin Chuxia.

At the moment, many students from the nearby classes had gathered out to watch the scene. A boy whistled and the crowd instantly roared with laughter.

Yin Chuxia’s eyes gradually turned red. Her hands holding the box shook nonstop.

She turned around with difficulty. All that was left of her self-esteem made her unable to face Gu Zichen. With staggering steps, she rushed into the classroom.

Zhang Xiaojie and Liu Yuner comforted her quietly, while the rest of their classmates wore joyful expressions on their faces as they mocked the disaster.

Yin Chuxia had a bad temper, her regular behaviour and actions were arrogant and tyrannical. Relying on her status as the valuable daughter of the Yin Entertainment Corporation, she had bullied numerous students in the school. After witnessing her rejection from Gu idol, many people had their spirits lifted.

“What happened?” Su Niannian had not fully understood what had just occurred. Song Yuxi spoke softly, “Gu idol rejected Yin Chuxia’s confession……sigh…….”

How childish. Su Niannian shook her head and continued cleaning the last few tables.

“Knock knock.” A few knocks landed on the classroom door as it was pushed open. Chen Yuan’s good-looking, cute face appeared.

His lips perked up into a gentle smile. Yin Chuxia looked up, with a final strand of hope stored in her heart.

“Niannian, I’ll wait for you in the parking lot. See you later.”

Su Niannian paused for a moment before nodding her head, “Okay.”

Chen Yuan closed the door again and headed downstairs with Gu Zichen and the rest of them.

The classroom was awkwardly silent for a moment. Su Niannian was still cleaning the tables without taking note of her surroundings, when Yin Chuxia smacked the desk violently and stood up, with a vicious expression across her face, “Why are you so shameless, even seducing Gu idol isn’t enough, what does Chen Yuan even mean to you?”

People would often lose their rationality when they were angry. Yin Chuxia had already reached her breaking point from the moment Gu Zichen rejected her. When she saw Chen Yuan telling Su Niannian that he would wait for her, her rage had completely exploded.

Su Niannian wrinkled her eyebrows, “What’s wrong with you, is starting rumors to hurt others really so fun?”

The others maintained their bystander attitudes. Zhu Cheng wanted to help Su Niannian but it was too late. Nobody knew where Yin Chuxia had found a pile of newspapers, probably leftover by the students before the summer holidays, completely covered in dust. She didn’t even glance at it, before hurling it at Su Niannian’s face.

Su Niannian’s reaction was faster. She tilted sideways and jumped on the desk, easily dodging the attack.

She felt that everything had been completely out of control, what was the meaning of all this! How did she come across these types of love-struck fangirls? They were the ones rejected by their idols, yet they were venting out their anger on her!

She was innocent. Besides, did they actually think that she was the easily victimized new student?

Su Niannian leaped off the table. She picked the scattered newspapers off of the ground one by one and questioned calmly, “Did the teacher assign you to sweep the floors?”

Yin Chuxia was so angry that her entire body was shaking. Song Yuxi spoke softly behind her, “Yes……”

All the gazes shifted towards Su Niannian. Her mouth curled up into a smile as she began ripping up the newspapers in her hand.

“What are you doing! We were almost finished cleaning!” Liu Yuner screeched. Su Niannian threw the newspapers in her hand on the ground. The clean and tidy floor was instantly covered in bits of newspaper clippings.

“Woosh——” The clear and crisp sound of water echoed. The crowd gaped at Su Niannian’s actions, dumbstruck.

She had poured the bucket of dirty water from cleaning the cloths, onto the floor!


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