Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 11

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Chapter 011 — Catfight (2)

“Geez you girls, what’s the point in being jealous of someone else because of a guy, why don’t you guys fight for me instead? I’m handsome too!” The voice was careless and carried laughter. However on the other hand, it promptly relieved the conflict between the two.

Yin Chuxia scoffed, “Zhu Cheng, who would like a fatty like you?”

Su Niannian caught of glimpse of him as well, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help from twitching.

Wasn’t this her blind date, the 180 pound fatty, Zhu Cheng.

Zhu Cheng clearly recognized Su Niannian and waved at her. Su Niannian headed in his direction and took a seat beside him. Song Yuxi lowered her head and turned around, heading for a seat on the other side of the room.

“What a coincidence, you go to Sheng Yin as well.” Su Niannian smiled at Zhu Cheng and extended her head, “Hello, I’m Su Niannian.”

Zhu Cheng returned the grin, “Zhu Cheng, everyone calls me Brother Pig.”


Su Niannian couldn’t help bursting out in laughter as she mocked, “That seems to suit you.”

Zhu Cheng didn’t bother arguing with her. They chatted for a bit, before a woman with glasses walked into the classroom. She looked approximately 30 years old and wore glasses with a black frame. A cold ray of light flashed across her phoenix eyes, making her look extremely strict.

“Hello everyone, I’m your English teacher, Jin Yun. Welcome to our grade 11 class F family…..” She spoke politely and scanned the students in the class, “Today is the first day of school, so we’ll start by handing out your textbooks. After a classroom cleanup, everyone can go back home.”

The crowd immediately cheered. Jin Yun cast a glare, and everyone instantly sat still and upright, not daring to move an inch.

Jin Yun assigned a few boys to get the textbooks from the education department. After distributing the books, she organized everybody into groups to clean up the class.

Su Niannian and Song Yuxi were in charge of cleaning the tables, a rather easy job compared to the rest.

“Let’s go and get the cleaning supplies.” Su Niannian yelled out at Song Yuxi. Song Yuxi was smoothing out the textbook with her fingers nonstop. Her face had an unpleasant complexion and it took her a while before she returned back to reality, “Oh okay, I’ll take you there.”

The two of them went to fill up a bucket of water and grabbed a few cloths as they began cleaning the table.

A shriek suddenly echoed from the halls and immediately after, a short girl, Li Enmei, dashed in to shout out, “Hey, Gu idol, Ye Xingyu, and Chen Yuan are heading towards our classroom! Ahhhhhh so excited!”

Li Enmei was the typical, loud PA system. Her noise made all the girls in the class rush out to prepare for the view of the school princes.

Yin Chuxia smoothed out her elegant dress on the spot and took in a deep breath before heading out of the classroom. Gu Zichen and the two others were indeed in the hallways. She tightened her grip on the pink gift box subconsciously.

Inside, was her love note and present to Gu Zichen. She was ready to confess to her prince charming, whom she had a crush on for two years!

“Zichen gege, I have something to tell you!” Yin Chuxia’s voice was not loud, yet it had attracted the attention of everyone in the surroundings.

“Damn, what is Yin Chuxia trying to do?’

“Is she trying to confess her feelings? Looks like a good drama…..”

The sounds from the spirited discussion infiltrated the classroom. Through the transparent glass, Su Niannian noticed the situation outside.

Gu Zichen stopped in his tracks. His beautiful eyebrows furrowed as he responded coldly, “What is it?”

“This……this is for you…….” Yin Chuxia handed him the box nervously. She didn’t say much more, but the message was obvious.

“Woah, she’s really confessing her feelings. Will Gu idol accept…..”

“Tsk, saying that Gu idol belonged to everyone, she’s clearly the one confessing right now……”

“Yin Chuxia really knows how to act……”

SINIKI: Welcome to the humiliation parade….

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