The Rebirth of Han Yuxi Chapter 1

New project~! I agreed to translate this on behalf of an avid reader (of this novel), and here’s what she said about the MC and ML:


“Han Yu Xi in her former life was burned alive. She was forced and threatened by her father to marry her former husband who married her because she just happened to be related to the empress who is her sister. Her former husband was enamored with the empress and deliberately ignored her and later accused her of hurting his pregnant mistress. She was relegated to the village and when she ran away to get help from her family the guards mistook her as a sick person because she did not look well and threw her in the pile of bodies to be burned. She was burned alive. She came back to when she is 4 or 5 years old when she immediately faces another event where her own grandmother tires to kill her but she survives and tries with all her might to enable herself so she doesn’t need to depend on anyone else. She no longer wants to be the stepping stool for anybody!
She desperately tries to learn from people around her, for example, learning embroidery so she can sell her work if needed to provide money for herself. Though her own desperation to survive and live happily she is hardest on herself to learn everything about the world around her.

I will say even though she is reborn she is not a vindictive person, she just wants to live well but when the world threatens to use her as a stepping stool she will not back down and will make sure those who threaten her do not live well.”


“I love the male lead. He has like the worst bloody reputation ever. No noble/respectable daughter wants to marry him because he has such a fearsome reputation. This is partly due to the trauma of losing his family so that during war (excitable state) he gets into a murderous state where he kills everybody around him. Even though he has this terrible reputation when he meets Yuxi the days before the wedding and she asks him what his name is and she hated his name because of the connotation but he didn’t get upset and instead asked her to give him a name. I think this is when Yuxi realized she made the right choice because any other person would have been upset but he just asked her to give him a name. This may also be because Yuxi didn’t show any fear of him.

Does he do swoon-worthy acts? In my book, yes because I find a family man very attractive. He loves and appreciates that Yuxi is his family and accords her the respect that she rightly deserves and more for a person of that time. Further, you can tell how much he respects women by seeing how he supports his own daughter to become a general and also to make Yuxi his co-ruler while he is away at war she makes the decisions. There was a lot of people who disapproved and he fully supported getting rid of them. Later on, all the girls are jealous and can only blame themselves for not having the foresight to pick him.

And I also like that he is fully devoted to Yuxi. Yuxi is beautiful but other women may be more beautiful but in his eyes, there is only Yuxi (except one incident which is connected to his former life but even then there is only Yuxi). He is not afraid of losing his manliness/ego in front of Yuxi’s intelligence and capability. Other men might be afraid and try ways to suppress their wives, but he fully supports her. I guess he is like the perfect family man. I find him very swoon-worthy.”

Onwards to chapter 1!

Translator: Vin

Editor: Ometecuhtli

The Rebirth of Han Yuxi Chapter 1

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