The Lover’s Prattle Release + Chapter 1

NOTE: Treat each arc as an individual short story. The female leads from each story share the same name, Qingruo, but so does every other female lead in this author’s unrelated novels. It would be safe to assume that the name is special to the author somehow. Because the author is rather eloquent, this novel may be difficult to MTL. Reading the footnotes is highly recommended.

And without further ado, here’s CHAPTER 1, aka the first part of the first arc.

Translator: Vin

Proofreaders: Bandit, Tomochi

The Lover’s Prattle Release + Chapter 1

3 thoughts on “The Lover’s Prattle Release + Chapter 1

    1. You can find it (and a link to the raws, links are orange) in the project page. I’m still waiting for NU to register the novel, so I didn’t mention anything lol

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