The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 — Transforming in the Room



He wants to be friends with a little fox?

If it had not been for Shen Nanfeng’s sincere eyes, the little fox almost thought it had misheard.

When the little fox glanced at Zi Yi floating behind Shen Nanfeng, he nodded his head slightly. The little fox looked back at Shen Nanfeng’s face, and nodded to Shen Nanfeng.

Shen Nanfeng happily held the little fox in his arms and shouted, “I have a friend, I finally have a friend.”

The little fox was silent.

Shen Nanfeng put the little fox on the ground. Acting as if he had forgotten the pain on his face. He picked up a pointed small stone and wrote on the ground, whilst saying, “My name is Shen… Nan… Feng. “

The little Fox looked at the clean handwriting on the ground and wrote two words on the ground next to it……. Xiao Xi.

When Shen Nanfeng saw the words written by the little fox, he was stunned. Soon, awe appeared in his eyes, “You… you… Are you actually a little celestial fox?”

Black lines appeared on the little fox’s head, being a celestial fox must be a joke,for her soul was transmigrated into the body of a fox…. involuntarily.

The little fox swiftly wrote a sentence on the ground, ‘Don’t tell anyone about me, otherwise… I won’t be friends with you.’

Shen Nanfeng was surprised to see the little fox writing quickly on the ground with its paws. When the little fox finished writing, he raised his finger skywards, “I, Shen Nanfeng, swears that I will never tell anyone, including my closest relatives, that Xiao Xi is a little celestial fox. If this oath was to be broken I, Shen Nanfeng, shall die.”

The little fox did not expect Shen Nanfeng to suddenly make a vow, or for it to be so noxious either.

Zi Yi has his arms crossed in front of his chest, a mischievous smile on his lips. He definitely did not misjudge this little boy. Of course, even if Shen Nanfeng were to let out the matter about the little fox, most likely nobody will believe it. Instead, it will be used against him by that vicious stepmother of his and get him thoroughly killed. This will also show his little disciple’er that in this world, people do not believe in things so casually.

That was also the reason why Zi Yi allowed the little fox to nod and agree to be friends with Shen Nanfeng. Whatever Shen Nanfeng does, it will benefit the little fox without harming it.

The little fox wrote on the ground again, “Nanfeng, what are your plans for the future?”

The little fox watches Shen Nanfeng. He is so small and already leaving the Shenfu, it will be hard to survive. But, if he continues to live in Shenfu…… it is obvious that Shen Nanfeng’s stepmother and younger brother can’t stand him at all. It means that in the future, they may come up with some malicious ways to deal with Shen Nanfeng.

Shen Nanfeng looked at the words written by the little fox on the ground, thought for a moment and said, “I’m going to go back to my grandfather’s house first, but if my father picks me up… I just…… go back. ” His words slowly trailed down towards the end.

The little fox can see that Shen Nanfeng cares about his father very much. Although Shen Jiancheng gave Shen Nanfeng a fierce slap and even forced Shen Nanfeng to kneel down to apologize to his stepmother. Shen Nanfeng’s feelings for Shen Jiancheng are that of a father-son’s bond, after all blood is thicker than water.

The little fox nodded, perhaps with the participation of Shen Nanfeng’s grandfather. It would be easier for Shen Nanfeng once he return to Shenfu again.

When the little fox left, Shen Nanfeng asked, “Xixi, will we meet again?”

The little fox grinned and nodded, leaving a message on the ground, ‘The capital is such a big area that I’m sure we will have a chance to meet again.’

After saying goodbye to Shen Nanfeng, the little fox and Ziyi returned to the Regent’s Palace.

It was too early for Feng Lingran to have returned home, so a certain little fox ran to the beast enclosure. It was looking to play with Hei Feng, but it got a pleasant surprise when it saw four lion cubs crawling out. These four cubs were born recently, their legs were still soft, but they simply could not resist their curiosity for the world. The way they crawled about was absolutely adorable.

The little fox was fond of cute things, naturally it will not let go of these four lion cubs and ran happily towards them. Its paws have not yet touched the lion cubs when it heard a warning growl.

A lioness came into the sight of the little fox.

The little fox froze. It knew that the lioness knew Xiao Xi, but it did not know the fox.

What should it do now?

When the little fox considered leaving the beast enclosure, a black panther came out, cold and arrogant. The lioness saw the black panther and took the initiative to give way. The lioness looked at the little fox’s eyes and also behaved itself better towards it.

It was Hei Feng.

The little fox smiled, it extended its little paw and touched the lion cub that crawled beside it. What soft fur!

The four lion cubs are full of curiosity about everything in the world. Their sapphire eyes looked at the little fox with interest. Two of them even climbed on top of the little fox’s body.

The lioness gazed at its cubs with the little fox and felt Hei Feng sweeping its eyes over. The lioness lowered its head again, displaying a submissive gesture.

The little fox and the four lion cubs played for a while, afterwards it ran to the side of the black panther, without a squeak, it climbed on the back of the black panther and rode on the black panther, looking extremely authoritative.

The black panther towards this little fox… does not show its temper, its unsure if it was because it got used to the little fox riding it last time… or because it still owed the little fox from the other time.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” The little fox gave a command and the black panther ran vigorously, while carrying the little fox, it ran to the animal pen.

When they got to the animal pen, all the mother animals were frightened soulless to see the black panther and hid. While the young ones were all stunned to see the little fox carried on the back of the black panther.

The cria was the most surprised. When it saw the little fox that had been missing for a while in front of it, the cria prances out but was stopped by its mother.

The cria does not relent! It wants to bypass the mother alpaca to chase after the little fox. In its mind, the little fox belongs in the animal pen. It had not seen the little fox for quite some time and now it wants to play with the little fox.

The mother alpaca saw the cria acting carelessly, it threw its leg and kicked the cria back in.




It was not until very late that Feng Lingran returned home.

“Wangye, would you like to have dinner now? It has been readily prepared.” Qin Wen saw Feng Lingran return and went to his side to ask.

“Has the little fox eaten?”

“This old servant had delivered its dinner, and it ate a few bites.”

“Where is the little fox now?”

“In Wangye’s room.”

“Ben Wang will have dinner later.”

Finished with his words, he went to the room and saw a certain little fox lying on the bed. Seeing that, Feng Lingran’s inky eyes flashed with a trace of warmth.

When the little fox heard the sound of the door opening, its pointed ears moved, and it raised its plush head. Spotting Feng Lingran coming in, the little fox became ecstatic, and its black beady eyes seemed to be shining.

Without changing out of his court clothes, Feng Lingran picked up the little fox on the bed and pets its plush head, “Was the dinner given by Qin Wen not acceptable?”

The little fox looked at Feng Lingran.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” It has been eating chicken leg everyday, at this rate it will turn into a chicken leg too.

The little fox wrote the thought down on Feng Lingran’s palm with its paw.

Feng Lingran’s thin lips cracked into a smile, like a millennium glacier, its gentle breeze warms the heart and soul, but it was only a fleeting beauty.

The little fox was enamored by the sight and was left gaping.

Feng Lingran noticed the little fox staring at him, and his slender fingers lightly flicked the spot between its brows, “Indecent fox.”

The little fox swallowed its saliva, and covered the spot between its brows with its paws. The little fox have not done anything to you. How was it indecent?

Feng Lingran took the little fox to the dining hall. Seeing that there was only a pair of jade chopsticks placed on the table, he gave Qin Wen a look. Qin Wen immediately understood that his Wangye was going to feed the little fox.

“This old servant will go and prepare another pair of chopsticks.”

Qin Wen turned around and went away. This house’s Wangye treats this little fox with special care. Qin Wen himself was no longer surprised at the sight.

Feng Lingran hand fed a certain little fox until it was full, during this time he did not even eat a few mouthfuls himself. Afterwards, he took the little fox to the bath, and lets the little fox bathe first. He then picks it back out sopping wet and dried its fur with a clean towel. This was all done in such a way to carefully avoid the incident from last time where the little fox drilled into his sleeve.

After waiting upon the little fox, Feng Lingran placed the little fox on the bed, and proceeds to go back to the bathroom.

The little fox was feeling absolutely contented. It lies on the bed while gazing at Feng Lingran’s retreating figure. It could not make out any signs of exhaustion in Feng Lingran’s eyes. He goes out very early the morning and comes back this late, obviously he was very busy, but he still hand feeds it dinner and takes it to bathe first.

In fact, the little fox wanted to say that it could do all of that by itself, but watching him hold it in his arms, sniffing the cold fragrance of his body and experiencing his care for it, the little fox suddenly did not want to interrupt him and wanted to continue to be held in his arms.

The little fox rolled around the bed, showing a sweet smile.

The little fox continues to lie on the bed with its head facing the door. It wanted to see the moment when Feng Lingran comes in.

While waiting, the little fox suddenly felt something wrong with its body. Specifically its Dantian was burning up.

The little fox was startled. Was it going to transform now? If it remembers correctly, it has not been seven days since the last time it took the Jindan. Why……. Why is it happening so early?

The little fox’s heart naturally got a surge of anxiety.

Zi Yi, where is Zi Yi?

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, master, come out quickly, disciple is going to transform soon!

The little fox squeaked, but could not call Ziyi out.

The little fox was becoming impatient, it got up from the bed and tried to run out, but… before it could put down even a paw… What will it do if it transforms while doing so? If it was accidentally seen by others, it will be killed for being considered to be a fox demon.

Master! Where the hell are you? Now is the time when disciple need you the most. How can you not show up? How can you do this?

When the little fox remembered that it could find Zi Yi in its dream, it immediately closed its eyes.

Inhale, exhale, inhale…

After a while.

The little fox opened its eyes again. What the f*ck it couldn’t sleep?

The little fox wants to punch a wall, the ache in its body was becoming more and more unbearable, like it could burst into flames at anytime. It hurts, it hurts, what should it do?

The little fox noticed that its body gradually left the bed, it floated up in mid-air, and looked as if it was surrounded by a fireball, burning every inch of its skin.

The little fox wants to scream from the pain, but it grits its teeth. It cannot scream. It cannot be found out by others. That it was a fox demon…… transforming.


The sound of disjointed bones could be heard, and the little fox saw its plush paw… turned into a slender arm, white and flawless, like a piece of white jade.


Sellychi: Finally human again~

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