The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 — Kneel down and Apologize to Her


The little fox accompanied the little boy in the cave and played around with him for a while. When it was time to leave, its fluffy fox’s ears twitched and the little fox suddenly glanced in a certain direction. Seemingly hearing something familiar.

Zi Yi followed the little fox’s gaze, looked in that direction, and frowned slightly.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, it’s still early. Can you take disciple there?

The little fox pointed its paw to that particular direction.

“Master can also take you around other places.” Zi Yi gave a mischievous laugh, his phoenix eyes looking at the little fox.

The little fox shook its head. For now, it did not want to go anywhere else but to take a look in the direction of the cloth shop. It seemed to have heard the voice of the little boy who gave it clothes.

Zi Yi stared at the little fox for a moment and saw that its eyes were firm. He finally relented and said, “All right! Master will take you there, but you must promise master, that it’s just to take a look.”

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, you are the best~

Zi Yi laughed, phoenix eyes filled with a pampering twinkle.

“To be a master for a disciple like you, I will naturally treat you the best.”

A moment later.

Zi Yi took the little fox to the cloth shop. At a glance, the little fox saw two little boys that was seemingly in conflict. One of them was the boy who gave it clothes.

“Your mother is dead, so what are you still doing at my house? That’s my mother, not your mother, and that’s my father too! Get out of here! Go far far away from here! My sister will be born soon and you will only stain my sister’s eyes when you are in my house.” The little boy who spoke and the one that the little fox was familiar with were about the same age, but the words that the first boy uttered were incredibly vicious.

Suddenly, the second boy jumped on the first and started beating him up, “It’s your mother’s appearance that killed my mother. What rights do you have to drive me away? You should be the one that gets out of the Shenfu. This is my home, not yours!”

Shen Nanfeng roared back his reply as his small fists continuously hit Shen Ziyu.

Shen Ziyu cried out from the assault, it was obvious that he was not Shen Nanfeng’s opponent.

“Mom, save me! Shen Nanfeng is crazy. He’s going to kill Yu’er.”

When the little fox saw this scene, it almost laughed. It could only say that Shen Ziyu deserved to be beaten. The statements he had declared will obviously incite a beating.

The little fox’s eyes moved to Shen Nanfeng’s angry little face. His burning eyes flashed with a hint of pain. Shen Ziyu’s words had cut Shen Nanfeng like a sharp knife that mercilessly tore into his scar.

Soon, people came running.

A beautiful woman with a big belly and gorgeous dress, followed by two maids, rushed over.

When the beautiful woman saw Shen Ziyu being beaten, she pushed Shen Nanfeng aside and cradled Shen Ziyu in her arms. She noticed that Shen Ziyu’s small face was injured and became deeply worried. She ruthlessly glared at Shen Nanfeng, who had fallen to the ground, “Yu’er is your brother, are you insane to have done this to him?!”

Shen Nanfeng was shoved to the ground by the beautiful woman, resulting in a not so light fall. He propped himself back up from the ground, before pointing at Shen Ziyu, “He talked about my mother first, then he told me to get out of the Shenfu.”

The beautiful woman looked at Shen Ziyu in her arms and saw him cry.

“Mom, Yu’er didn’t say that. It was brother Nanfeng’s who said that Shenfu was his home. He told Yu’er to get out of Shenfu. He also told mom and sister that’s still the belly to get out of Shenfu too.”

The beautiful woman wiped away the tears on Shen Ziyu’s face and listened to his words. Her face morphed and with an angry frown she berated Shen Nanfeng, “Nanfeng, you are too ignorant. I am your father’s officially wed wife. How can you say such words to Yu’er? You’ve deeply hurt me and your father.”

The little fox had arrived for quite some time ago and it could even be said that it had listened to the two childrens’ conversation. It had watched Shen Ziyu’s shameless display of abhorrence at Shen Nanfeng and felt angry. It then saw the beautiful woman being biased, blindly protecting her son, and blaming all the mistakes on Shen Nanfeng. The little fox felt furious now.

Not to mention the little fox’s irritation, even Ziyi thinks that Shen Ziyu and the beautiful woman were being too much.

“Mom, brother Nanfeng also said that it was mom’s fault that his mother died. Therefore, we should get out of Shenfu.” Shen Ziyu said tearfully, as if he was a poor child that had been bullied by Shen Nanfeng.

Even the two maid servants who came along ended up feeling that Shen Nanfeng was too much to bully the young master.

The beautiful woman quaked from head to toe, letting out a breath, she stared intensely at Shen Nanfeng, “I killed your mother? Clearly, it was your mother that had a short life, now you are blaming this on me? Look at the whole Eastern Jin Dynasty, all the rich and powerful sons and lords, which family does not have three wives and four concubines? Do you think that without me, my Lord would not marry anyone else?”

When the maid servants saw the woman trembling with anger, one of them said quickly, “Madam, you must calm yourself. You are pregnant, it’s not good to be angry.”

Two teardrops fell from the beautiful woman’s eyes, “Since Nanfeng’s mother left, I regard him as my own, everything that Yu’er have, he also gets, but now I am said to be the murderer of his mother, how can I not be broken-hearted? How can I not feel bitterly disappointed?”

“Madam has treated young master Nanfeng well. From this maid servant’s point of view, this time, it was young master Nanfeng that has gone too far. Madam, don’t be too sad. You still have young master and the child in your belly.”

At this time, a middle-aged man came over to Shen Nanfeng and gave him a heavy slap.

“Kneel down and apologize to your mother!” Shen Jiancheng roared furiously.

The little fox was staring with its mouth agape. The middle-aged man had slapped Shen Nanfeng on the face so heavily that it itself felt the pain when it saw it happened.

Soon, blood trickle down from the corner of Shen Nanfeng’s mouth and half of his face was swollen.

How could there be such a cruel father in this world? If it weren’t for the similarity between Shen Nanfeng and the middle-aged men, Xiao Xi would have really doubted that Shen Nanfeng was the biological son of that middle-aged men.

How could he be so cruel to Shen Nanfeng?

Shen Nanfeng’s mouth was bleeding. He did not even bother to cover his swollen cheeks. He stubbornly said, “I’m not wrong. I won’t kneel down and apologize to her.”

“You unfilial son, your mother treats you as her own, but you went so far as to hurt her deeply that you even started to hurt Yu’er. Right now, if you don’t kneel down and admit your mistake, you will get out of Shenfu and never come back again. I just… just… never thought that I have raised such an unfilial son like you.” Shen Jiancheng heard what the beautiful woman said to the maid servants and decided that it was Shen Nanfeng’s fault. He pointed at Shen Nanfeng with trembling fingers, disappointment was evident in his eyes.

Shen Nanfeng raised his head and looked at Shen Jiancheng with tears gathering in his eyes, “Dad, do you want Nanfeng to leave Shenfu?”

When Shen Jiancheng saw the tears in Shen Nanfeng’s eyes, he was somewhat stunned. Even a cruel tiger does not eat its cubs. How could he really want to drive Shen Nanfeng away? He just wants Shen Nanfeng to bow his head to the beautiful woman and realize his mistake. Henceforth, he will regard the beautiful woman as his mother.

At this time, the beautiful woman suddenly held her belly and painfully cried, “My stomach hurts. It hurts so much…”

When Shen Jiancheng heard her shout, his face changed abruptly, and the concern he held for Shen Nanfeng in his heart disappeared completely. He threw a cold gaze at Shen Nanfeng, “If the child in your mother’s belly receive an unexpected misfortune, from now on, you are not the son of Shen Jiancheng.”

After saying that, Shen Jiancheng hurried to the beautiful woman’s side and lifted her up with great strength. He thundered a command to the maid servants, “Quickly, invite the doctor!” He then looked at the beautiful woman in his arms with concern, “Xia’er, it’s all right. Don’t be afraid. You and your children are my most important treasures. You’re sure to be okay.”

Shen Nanfeng watches Shen Jiancheng leave with the beautiful woman in his arms. Tears were hanging on his eyes with a stubborn refusal to be shed. She and her children are the treasures of his father, while he… was a child abandoned by everyone.

When Shen Ziyu left, he made a face at Shen Nanfeng and smugly, with a lowered voice, he sneered, “Get lost! You unfilial son.”

Shen Ziyu finished speaking, turned around and left, not knowing if he was being too conceited, he suddenly fell down and got a face full off dog shit. He cried and climbed back up. He saw his front tooth fall off and cried even louder. However, Shen Jiancheng had gone far with the beautiful woman in his arms, and the two maid servants had also rushed away to find a doctor. There was no one to take care of Shen Ziyu who had tripped.

Ziyi’s phoenix eyes glanced at the little fox beside him and helplessly shook his head. Just now, it was the little fox’s doing that led Shen Ziyu to trip.

Shen Ziyu could only get up by himself, pick up the tooth on the ground and run away crying.

By this time, everyone had scattered, leaving Shen Nanfeng alone by himself.

The little fox saw the tears hanging on Shen Nanfeng’s eyes finally fell down. Only after all of them left were they shed.

The little fox climbed down from the tree it was perched on and went to Shen Nanfeng’s side. Its fluffy paw lightly nudged the boy’s leg.

Shen Nanfeng’s first reaction was not to look down at the little fox, but to raise his sleeve and wipe away the tears on his face. He then looked down and saw the little snow-white fox. His eyes flashed with surprise. He stared at it for a moment, before squatting down slowly, stretched out his fingers, and gently touched the white fur of the little fox.

It was extremely soft and smooth to the touch.

“Little fox, are you also homeless? Now I’m homeless too.”

Shen Nanfeng’s words disheartened the little fox. It did not expect Shen Nanfeng to have grown up in such a family, with a father who could not tell right from wrong.

Shen Nanfeng sat on the ground, still sliding his fingers on the little fox’s body, and continued, “No one believed me, just as no one believed that those words were first said by Shen Ziyu. Everyone thought that I had bullied Shen Ziyu. Little fox, do you also think that I had bullied Shen Ziyu?”

The little fox listened to Shen Nanfeng’s dismal and pained voice. It shook its head and firmly gazed at Shen Nanfeng. It believed him, it had seen everything, but unfortunately, it was currently not a human. It was just a mere fox, unable to speak out the truth.

Shen Nanfeng saw the little fox shake its head, his eyes brightened, and his fingers trembled. “Little fox, you believe me? You believe what I said?”

The little fox nodded. Yes, it believed.

Shen Nanfeng wept with joy. Soon, he raised his sleeve and wiped away the tears on his face. “Little fox, you are the first one who’s willing to believe me. Can I be friends with you?”


Sellychi: How cruel… and that one sentence tho “while he… was a child abandoned by everyone.” Damn sad af (ಥ﹏ಥ) , no child should ever thought that way.

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