The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 — Stealing a Kiss


The room was dark, only his outline and facial features could be vaguely seen. The little fox’s heart was thumping wildly, with its nose twitching, it gradually approached the sleeping man. Every inch closer felt like the fox’s heart was a beat closer to exploding. That was until the tip of the little fox’s nose lightly touched his handsome face, immediately it held its breath.

Handsome man……to steal a kiss like this….will it be discovered?

The little fox’s plush face was red. Tonight… it was a pleasant surprise that… Feng Lingran was willing to sleep with it…

Ha ha ha……

To think that this tsundere….. was letting this fox do this?

The moment the little fox’s lips made contact with Feng Lingran’s handsome face, its mind felt like it was flying through sweet scented clouds, floating in the sky, and turning into a cloud that was shoulder to shoulder with the sun.

During the time the little fox was feeling conceited, the handsome man’s eyes suddenly opened, seemingly like two tranquil lights in a dark sky, illuminating a certain little fox’s face.

Stealing a kiss…….and got caught in the act!

The feeling of flying up in the sky, side by side with the sun…… suddenly disappeared….. instead…. it was replaced with guilt.

The little fox’s lips was still stamped to the handsome man’s face…… The handsome man did not move…… The fox also did not move……

One person, one fox, in a dark room, eyes intertwined.

A moment later.

Feng Lingran raised his long fingers, but before he could make any further action, a certain little fox abruptly fell into his arms and the sound of even breathing floated into Feng Lingran’s ears.

Feng Lingran looked down at the “sleeping” little fox and his eyes twinkled. His long fingers went to the little fox’s back. He then drew the little fox closer to him and closed his eyes.

The little fox felt the slender fingers of Feng Lingran on its plush body and its heart thumped. It discreetly opened one of its eyes by a slit and saw that Feng Lingran had closed his eyes. A certain little fox grinned and leaned its plush cheek on Feng Lingran’s chest.

To have a handsome man sleep with you… this fox feels blessed!

Suddenly, a woman’s scream tore out of a room, along with the noise of a bronze mirror hitting the ground. The crisp sound of glass crashing onto the ground was ear piercing.

“My face… My face… Why is it so ugly? That’s not me… Can’t be me!”

Yun Ni Junzhu woke up early in the morning and sat in front of a bronze mirror. She saw that the scars on her cheeks were red and swollen, with white pus forming inside. It was terrible. Yun Ni Junzhu could not believe that the face in front of her was hers. She screamed at the top of her lungs and smacked away the bronze mirror in front of her. Smacking away the terrible face in the bronze mirror along with it.

“Junzhu, Junzhu, please don’t do that. You’ll hurt yourself.” Upon seeing this, the maid who was serving Yun Ni Junzhu was alarmed.

Yun Ni Junzhu turned around and grabbed the maid’s arms. Her usually arrogant eyes were filled with dread at the moment. “What’s wrong with my face?! Did you poison this Junzhu’s face last night? Spit it out, did you?!”

The servant girl was frightened pale by Yun Ni Junzhu, “Junzhu accused wrongly ah! How dare this lowly maidservant poison your face? When Junzhu was brought back yesterday, Junzhu’s face was already gruesome.”

Yun Ni Junzhu suddenly thought of what happened in the Regent’s Palace yesterday. When the memory of the black panther flashed through her mind, her heart trembled violently and her face turned white. Then, Yun Ni Junzhu thought of the little fox riding on the black panther’s back and her fingers tightened.

It was all because of that little beast that her face was harmed and ends up like this.

Resentment burned in the eyes of Yun Ni Junzhu.

“You know full well that this Junzhu’s face has been injured. Why didn’t you go to the royal palace and get the imperial physician yesterday? Do you want this Junzhu to be disfigured?!”

The servant girl immediately shook her head, “Junzhu, when you were brought back yesterday, this maidservant had sent for the imperial physician from the royal palace. The imperial physician had prescribed some medicine for Junzhu’s wound. The physician also said that Junzhu was frightened into unconsciousness and would wake up in one day. Junzhu, this maidservant has always been loyal to you and has never been hollow-hearted!”

The servant girl was genuinely crying out her injustice at Yun Ni Junzhu. Now, any word of Yun Ni Junzhu can easily kill her humble life.

“Have you applied the medicine? Then, why is this Junzhu’s face not getting better? But worse?”

“This lowly maidservant… does not know.” The servant girl paused for a moment, contemplated her next words, and then with a trembling voice said, “The imperial physician will come to change the dressing on Junzhu’s face today. Junzhu may as well ask him why Junzhu’s face is like this.”

“When will the imperial physician come?”

“It won’t be long now. The imperial physician said that he would come to change the dressing for Junzhu earlier today.”

Yun Ni Junzhu gradually loosened her grip on the maidservant. With a gloomy face she turned around and sat on the bedside, waiting quietly for the imperial physician.

The area where the maidservant girl was gripped by Yun Ni Junzhu’s fingers was now a dark purple. How strong was Yun Ni Junzhu’s strength for that to happen? The maidservant did not dare to cry out in pain. She was only a lowly maidservant in the eyes of Yun Ni. No matter how much pain you suffer, you will not get any pity from your master, you will only be abhorred by your master.

Not long after, the imperial physician came to Yun Ni Junzhu’s residence in the capital and glanced at her face. He saw that the wound had been festering and his expression changed slightly.

Once the wound has started festering, it will definitely leave a scar, Yun Ni Junzhu’s face… its half-destroyed.

“Imperial physician, help this Junzhu judge if the injury on this face is serious.” As soon as Yun Ni Junzhu saw the imperial doctor coming from the royal palace, her expression turned anxious.

The imperial physician went into the room and settled his medicine box on the chair nearest to Junzhu. He then carefully examined the wounds on Yun Ni Junzhu’s face.

“Junzhu, the wound on your face has been infected with pus. You have to cut it with a knife and take the pus out before you can use the medicine.”

“What?” Yun Ni Junzhu’s face was pale with dread. She had to cut her face with a knife? Won’t that leave a scar?

“There’s no other way.” The imperial physician sighed and shook his head. If the medicine was used directly, and the pus not removed then the wound would get worse. This half of the face… will most likely be destroyed.

When Yun Ni Junzhu heard the imperial physician’s verdict, she was horrified and wept. With her last ray of hope, Yun Ni Junzhu asked with tears dripping, “Imperial physician, this face of mine… will it leave a scar?”

The imperial physician nodded solemnly and said with regret, “The wound on Junzhu’s face is not looking optimistic, a scar is inevitable.” After a pause, the imperial physician handed Yun Ni Junzhu a handkerchief, “Junzhu, wipe your tears, the tears are salty, which are not conducive to the wound.”

Yun Ni Junzhu took the handkerchief from the imperial physician and wiped her tears, but the tears seemed to flow out continuously. Suddenly, she covered her eyes with the handkerchief and burst into tears.

An hour later.

The imperial physician dealt with the wounds on the face of Yun Ni Junzhu and applied the medication. Before he left, he said, “Junzhu, with this newly applied medicine on the wound, you must not cry anymore.”

Yun Ni Junzhu looked at the imperial physician with red eyes and nodded until the figure of the imperial physician left. She clenched her fingers into a fist and punched the bed.

All of a sudden.

Yun Ni Junzhu looked at the maidservant and said, “You go send someone to the northern frontier to inform my father. Tell him that my face had been destroyed by a brute, never to recover, and even nearly died.”

“Eh?” The maidservant was dismayed. “Junzhu be careful, its ominous to talk about death so casually.”

Yun Ni Junzhu glared at the maidservant and yelled, “Shut up, what this Junzhu wants you to do, you do it. If you dare say the wrong word, this Junzhu will strip your lowly skin off.”

“Yes, Junzhu.” The maidservant withdrew from the room with a pale face.

Yun Ni Junzhu’s finger was clenched tightly, her nails nearly digging into the flesh. She disregarded the pain and looked at the door with a dark malicious gaze. The reason she asked the maidservant to do that was to force the monarch of Peiping, who was her father, to come to the capital of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

When her father arrive later, she will go to the Regent’s Palace and kill the little brute that had ruined her face.




At the Regent’s Palace.

The little fox wakes up once again, this time Feng Lingran had already gone out. It stretched out its limbs on the bed and jumps down. It walked out the door in a good mood and bathes in the sunshine. Holding its plush head high, it exhaled and then breathes in deeply……

It was another beautiful day.

Qin Wen came around and brought breakfast for the little fox. There must always be chicken legs. Today, there are two chicken legs.

The little fox ate one and took the other one with it. Qin Wen looked at the leaving figure of the little fox and frowned. The little snow wolf was no longer in its room. Did the little fox hide the little snow wolf? Qin Wen cannot figure it out. Why did the little fox do that? But he did not follow the little fox to see what happened. No matter what the little fox does, Wangye allows it, so he too will not be too nosy.

Zi Yi took the little fox to the cave in the outskirts.

The little boy had kept his posture and was standing upright. When he saw the little fox, the boy was overjoyed. His hands were just about to be put on the ground, but a show of claws by a certain little fox and the little boy retracted his hands, standing straight up again.

Upon seeing this, Zi Yi sports a smile, “This little snow wolf really listens to your words, so silly that it even stood through the night! Little disciple’er, if he keeps his human form, take him back and let him be trained properly. Perhaps he has the talent to be your secret guard.”

The little fox took the chicken leg and went in front of the little boy. It put out its right paw and made a grabbing action to show the little boy how he should do it.

Soon, the little boy learned to grasp the chicken leg from the mouth of the little fox with his right hand. He crouched down and excitedly ate it.

The little fox saw that the boy’s squatting posture was not too unsightly and ignored it. Instead, it turned around and looked Zi Yi floating in the air.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, disciple do not want him to train as a guard.

Zi Yi lifted an eyebrow, phoenix eyes looked at the little fox as if to ask, why?

“Squeak squeak squeak……” He has become human and gained freedom. How can disciple selfishly restrict his freedom?

And also… wouldn’t it be dangerous to be a guard?

Zi Yi smiled, “Little disciple’er, if you want to take him back to the Regent Palace, there is no better choice than to make him your secret guard. Feng Lingran’s palace will have no need for such a small subordinate, it will also be unlikely for Feng Lingran to accept him as your relative. Let this little snow wolf learn some skills from Xiao Qi, in the future he will not be easily bullied while he grows up, as for the secret guard position…… After all, he will be your guard. If you want him to be your guard, he’s your guard. If you don’t want him to be your guard, he’s not.”

After a pause, he continued, “Little disciple’er, do you understand what teacher meant now?”

The little fox suddenly understood his logic and nodded happily, “Master, you are so talented, able to think of such a good way to let the little snow wolf stay in the Regent’s Palace.”


Sellychi: Am I the only one that felt bad that the little wolf boy had to stand the whole night?

Also…… I know that I missed last week but I’ll try my best to keep a posting schedule of one chapter a week へ(´д`へ)

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