The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 — Crazy Yun Ni


The little fox holding the chicken leg in its mouth was right in Yun Ni Junzhu’s cold malicious glare. A heartbeat passed. Does Yun Ni Junzhu want to slaughter a fox in the Regent’s Palace?

How audacious!

Yun Ni Junzhu walks towards it, the little fox acts as if it did not see her. Yun Ni Junzhu could only do small schemes behind someone’s back to bully the weak. Truly a skill. But of course hers cannot be compared to Xiao Lu’s level.

Xiao Xi has no need to fear Yun Ni.

“Little beast, this Junzhu had finally found you, where are you running to this time?” Yun Ni Junzhu blocked the little fox’s path. As her words finished, her mouth curved into a malicious smile and she moved her leg wanting to kick the little fox.

As if frightened, the little fox maneuvered its paws and turned to run. However, as it turned, it faced one of its paws towards Yun Ni Junzhu’s leg and shot out a purple light.


Yun Ni Junzhu let out a blood-curdling scream, lifts her pained leg high in the air and fell to the ground in a dramatic manner.

The fall was not a gentle one and Yun Ni Junzhu burst into tears.

The little fox turned around and looked at the fallen Yun Ni Junzhu. It grinned and laughed. She deserved it! You tried to harm fox, go ahead and fall to death.

The chicken leg slipped from the little fox’s mouth, and the little fox quickly caught it again before it landed. The little fox could not help but laugh at the sight, its fluffy body shaking ceaselessly in mirth.

So loud was the cry of Yun Ni Junzhu. Soon, people came running, even Qin Wen. Whatever the case, Yun Ni still has the identity of a Junzhu. If something happened to her in the Regent’s Palace, nothing good will come from it.

Qin Wen saw Yun Ni Junzhu on the ground, and gave a signal to a running servant girl with his eyes.

The servant girl half knelt on the ground and went to help Yun Ni Junzhu up.

“Junzhu, how could you be so careless? If you were to break something in the Regent’s Palace, how should this old servant explain to Yun Wangye?” After Qin Wen finished speaking with her, he went and spoke to the imperial bodyguard beside him, ” Quickly, go and invite a doctor over. Junzhu’s body is worth thousands of gold. There cannot be a moment of carelessness.”

Qin Wen’s words sounded as if he was concerned about the well-being of Yun Ni Junzhu, but it was obvious to anyone with clear ears that Qin Wen’s words indicated that it was Yun Ni Junzhu that threw herself down in the Regent’s Palace, which means that it was Yun Ni Junzhu’s own responsibility and it has nothing to do with the Regent’s Palace.

Yun Ni Junzhu stood back up with the help of the servant girl. She had fell heavily on her behind, leaving behind an extremely sore rear. Yun Ni Junzhu’s eyes was red as she pointed to a certain laughing little fox with a chicken leg in its mouth.

“It was this little brute who harmed this Junzhu, nearly breaking my back. Qin Wen, I with the position of Junzhu, order you to catch this little brute.” ”

With Feng Lingran nowhere to be seen in the Regent’s Palace. Yun Ni Junzhu showed her true nature. She glared at the little fox with resentment. She still has not paid it back for biting her back in the Imperial Palace. Today, she was again, badly hurt by this little brute. She would never let this little brute go.

How convenient, now while Brother Feng is away, she will get rid of the little brute. Later, when Brother Feng comes back and founds out about this matter, he will surely not blame her for a mere little beast.

Hearing her accusation, Qin Wen was stumped for words. Following Yun Ni Junzhu’s finger, he saw a little fox with a chicken leg in its mouth. This was Wangye’s favorite pet, Yun Ni Junzhu has no authority over this matter.

Qin Wen did not dispatch anyone to catch the little fox. Somewhat awkwardly he said, “Junzhu, this little fox was personally cared by Wangye. He also dotes on it in his free time. This old servant as you can tell is just a servant. How dare I take action against Wangye’s little fox? This old servant begs Junzhu to not make things difficult.”

“Impudence! How dare you disobey the order of this Junzhu? This little brute has harmed this Junzhu, even so far as to nearly break her back. If Brother Feng knew about this, he will surely beat this little brute to death. This Junzhu didn’t want Brother Feng, who was already so busy dealing with official business, to be troubled with this trivial matter.” Yun Ni Junzhu paused. Her eyes glared at Qin Wen as she viciously reproached, “Qin Wen, do you not even put this Junzhu in your eyes?”

“This old servant is a steward of the Regent’s Palace, and will only obey the orders of Wangye.” Qin Wen was neither overbearing nor servile, but his attitude was firm.

Yun Ni was threatening him with her identity. If he was not resolute, he fears that the little fox will face tremendous suffering.

“You…” Yun Ni’s finger trembled with rage as it points to Qin Wen, “You lowly slave, did you think that if you put forth Brother Feng, this Junzhu will not dare to move a hand at you?”

Yun Ni slapped Qin Wen on the face and repeated the action several times. Today, she had enough. Qin Wen this lowly slave had repeatedly blocked her from meeting Brother Feng. She has not dealt against that previous liability of his yet, and now she was once again confronted, this time because of a mere little brute. In the eyes of this lowly slave, she was not a Junzhu at all.

If today she does not punish this lowly slave and show a Junzhu’s dignity, then in the future when she becomes the Regent’s Wangfei, what could stop this lowly slave from climbing all over this Wangfei’s head?

“Steward Qin!”

One after another, the servants cried out with worry.

Yun Ni swept a glare with a cold look, “Whoever dares to oppose this Junzhu today will have their head chopped off. This Junzhu would like to see if Brother Feng would go to Yun Wangfu to seek this Junzhu and trouble himself because of you lowly slaves?”

Steward Qin knows that Yun Wangye shows grace to Feng Lingran, which was also the reason why Feng Lingran was able to tolerate Yun Ni Junzhu coming over to the Regent’s Palace over and over again. Yun Wangye is one of the king’s vassal, and Yun Ni was his only daughter. Even if Yun Ni kills all the servants of the Regent’s Palace, Yun Wangye will side with Yun Ni, and the only one who would be troubled would be the Regent.

“There’s nothing for you all to do here. You all retire.” Steward Qin said to the servants .

The little fox has been watching for a long time, unable to go. If only Zi Yi stopped her from dealing with Yun Ni, then Yun Ni would also not have the chance to hit steward Qin’s face.

“Little disciple, this incident arose because of you, but now it is not something you can manage. Otherwise, someone might end up dead. Quickly leave this place, it is unlikely that this savage Junzhu will make things too difficult for steward Qin.”

The “Purple Burst Shot” was taught to the little fox so that it could defend itself from being harmed by Wan Siyu, but the little fox used “Purple Burst Shot” to deal with Yun Ni, if Yun Ni founds out, then the little fox’s secret might also be exposed.

In its heart the little fox was furious, but it listened to Zi Yi’s words, it turned around and ran away….

When Yun Ni Junzhu noticed the little fox running away, she said aloud, “All of you capture that little brute for this Junzhu. If you can’t catch it, this Junzhu shall have your lives.”

The servants were startled and looked at each other with distress.

“Are you not afraid of death?” Yun Ni Junzhu saw the little fox running away farther and shouted.

Only then were the servants alarmed. No one wanted to die. They all ran to catch the little fox.

“Stand your ground! Remember that you are the servants of the Regent’s Palace.” Qin Wen’s voice boomed loudly.

When the servants heard it, they all stood still with confused expressions. They were indeed the servants of the Regent’s Palace, but Yun Ni Junzhu would still be able to kill them.

It was because of Qin Wen’s loud shout that the little fox had the chance to run away from the servants.

Yun Ni was seething with anger, turning her eyes, she glared fiercely at Qin Wen,  “You lowly slave dared to let that little brute escape?”

The livid Yun Ni raised her hand once again and ruthlessly slapped Qin Wen on the face twice.

“This Junzhu will definitely kill you.”

After Yun Ni slapped Qin Wen, she was still not relieved. Suddenly, she pulled out the sword from the waist of a guard and slashed at Qin Wen’s head.

The little fox ran away from Yun Ni Junzhu’s line of sight, but did not leave the area. Rather, it was hiding in an obscure spot. The little fox’s claws ferociously clenched the ground as it saw Yun Ni Junzhu beat Qin Wen again. When it saw Yun Ni Junzhu pulled out the sword, the little fox’s heart trembled violently. It recalled the time when the mother wolf saved it and died doing so. The little fox was completely enraged and rushed towards Yun Ni Junzhu. It climbed up her leg, passed the body, and scratched her claws fiercely on her beautiful face.

This scene happened so fast that Zi Yi who wanted to stop it was unable to do so.

Yun Ni Junzhu only felt a white blur approaching, she could not see clearly what it was. The white blur climbed onto her body, startling her. The sword clasped on her hands fell to the ground, and with frightened hands she violently swatted away the white blur on her body. But the white blur was quite nimble. Suddenly, pain came from her cheek. She touched her face with her palm and took a look at it. There on the palm of her hand was bright red blood.

Qin Wen genuinely thought that he would lose his head, but he did not expect such a change to happen in the blink of an eye. The little fox rushed back and scratched Yunni Junzhu’s face.

How important was facial appearance to a woman? Yun Ni Junzhu was one of the most beautiful nobles in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Her lower face has been scratched, a scar might remain and destroy half of her face.

The little fox scratched Yun Ni Junzhu’s face and bit her neck.

“Aaaah!” Yun Ni Junzhu shouted painfully. She grabbed the little fox on her neck, pulled hard, and threw it on the ground, ripping out some snow-white hair from the little fox along the way.

Zi Yi frowns, with a lift of his finger, the little fox gently landed on the ground. Although it did not smash onto the ground, its back…… it hurts from being scratched off by Yunni Junzhu.

“Blood… Blood… ” Yunni Junzhu pat a hand on her neck, took it away and saw that her palm was slathered with blood. Her face instantly turned pale and she staggered back a few steps.

Everyone was stunned, Qin Wen was also stunned, but soon his soul came back only to see a certain little fox with blood on the corner of its mouth. He nudged his foot at its claw and made a quick wink at it.

Yun Ni Junzhu’s expression turned bitter as she spotted a certain little fox on the ground. Suddenly, she bent over and picked up the sword on the ground. Seemingly wanting to wildly butcher the little fox.

“Little brute, I’m going to kill you! I’m going to skin you and cut you into pieces!”

When the little fox saw Yun Ni picking up the sword, it was instantly on guard against her. As the sword in her hand was swung, the little fox turned around and ran.

It seems that Yun Ni Junzhu was unable to let go of the little fox. With a sword on her hand, she chased the little fox like a mad person, “Little brute, if I don’t kill you today, I swear that I won’t be human.”

Qin Wen’s heart jumped, he said to a guard beside him, “Hurry, find Xiao Qi and let him go to the Imperial Palace to seek Wangye.”

“Yes, I shall go.” The guard quickly left.

Yun Ni Junzhu has turned crazy. It was truly terrible. The little fox ran so fast that it unwittingly ran to the beast enclosure. Yun Ni wholeheartedly wanted to kill the little fox. No matter where the little fox ran, she chased it relentlessly…..



*Changed Qin Guanjia into Steward Qin

Sellychi: I don’t think I can ever get used to naming techniques. Sorry in advance for whatever technique names and stuff that comes out in the future

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