The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 — Not Getting Pregnant by Sleeping Together


Zi Yi spoke again, “Little disciple, maybe you can teach him to speak.”

Xiao Xi wanted to cry but there were no tears. Are you trying to joke Master? This little snow wolf is exceptionally stupid. In addition to being afraid of her beating him, he simply cannot comprehend when she usually “squeaks” to express something. Even when she “whines”, it can barely understand, and now you want her to teach him how to speak?

Dear God!

Just give her a piece of tofu so she can smash her skull to death!

Zi Yi floated around the little fox and said with a smile, “Little disciple, think on the bright side. This little snow wolf was able to transform into a human. It shows that he is gifted, so he’s not as stupid as you think.”

Xiao Xi thought of how the little snow wolf had endured double the amount of pain she suffered during her transformation into a human, then she looked at the little snow wolf sitting honestly in front of her. Those pair of beautiful eyes was like the purest black gemstone in the world, melting Xiao Xi’s heart.

But right now she is just a mere little fox. She cannot teach the little snow wolf how to speak the human language. The only option left was to wait seven days for the incident to pass. Well, six days left now.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, what should I do? I certainly can’t take it to the Regent’s Palace as he is now. Should he be left in this cave? But there are wild animals around here. Disciple is afraid that……

“Aish~” Zi Yi sighed quietly, “Little disciple, because master had owed you in a previous life, I’ll do it!  In the end master is a good person after all. Master will temporarily set up a boundary outside the cave to prevent wild animals from entering, but you have to consult with this little snow wolf so that it stays in the cave, otherwise, master can’t help you either. “

Hearing his words, the little fox’s heart rejoiced. Its black beady eyes looked at the Zi Yi brightly.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, you’re the best. Disciple loves you so much.

Zi Yi crouched down, fingers passing through the little fox’s chin, the corners of his mouth forming into a mischievous smile, “Love master so much? Well then, from tomorrow onwards come sleep with master at night.”

The little fox was silent.

A short time later.

The little fox said “Ao ao” in an attempt to communicate with the little boy, telling him not to leave the cave. It was good that he understood the little fox’s “Ao ao” and nodded excitedly to the little fox.

Before leaving, the little fox looked back at the little boy and saw that his beautiful eyes were full of acceptance. The little fox was reluctant to part with him, but it could not bring him back to the Regent’s Palace. It was for the little snow wolf’s own protection to stay here.

“Let’s go! Little disciple, this little snow wolf is used to waiting for you.” Said Zi Yi.

Hearing that, Xiao Xi’s heart felt a flutter. Zi Yi’s words replayed in her head, and she thought back to when she was a human, every time she went to the room of the little snow wolf, it would not leave with her, instead it just stood at the door, quietly watching her leave, as if it was waiting for someone.

Yeah! Zi Yi was right. The little snow wolf was used to waiting for the little fox.

Xiao Xi secretly decided that once she return to the Regent’s Palace, she would go to Feng Lingran to discuss the matter of the little snow wolf. She has to find a way to bring the little snow wolf back to the Regent’s Palace.

Xiao Xi hardened her heart and stopped looking at the stupidly adorable pup. She disappeared from the cave with Zi Yi and returned to the Regent’s palace.

Usually at this time, Feng Lingran would have already returned from the palace, but today, the little fox looked everywhere in the Regent’s Palace, and found no Feng Lingran.

It was already dark when Feng Lingran came back to see a certain little fox lying on a chair. He walked over and reached out to pick up the little fox.

When the little fox saw Feng Lingran, its round eyes turned bright, and its fluffy fox tail shook.

“Ben Wang have official business to deal with during the day, usually will not return early, if you feel bored in the palace, let Xiao Qi take you out for a walk.” Feng Lingran’s long fingers runs through the fur on the little fox’s back, as his black inky eyes looks at the little fox.

Xiao Qi’s martial arts were very high. Feng Lingran feels more assured, if he was the one to take this little fox out.

The little fox’s ears twitched, he allows the boy who fainted at the sight of his own blood to take it for a walk? The little fox wanted to laugh, but accepted nonetheless. He nodded to Feng Lingran.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Feng Lingran, I have something to discuss with you.

Seeing Feng Lingran’s puzzled eyes, the little fox stretched out its paw and wrote on Feng Lingran’s palm.

“Little disciple, don’t tell Feng Lingran about the fact that the little snow wolf has become a human being.”

Zi Yi’s voice came from the air.

The little fox raised its fluffy head and paused its paw, it spots Zi Yi floating beside Feng Lingran.

“If you don’t want the little snow wolf to die, don’t tell him.”

The little fox’s heart was severely stunned. It looked at Zi Yi with a puzzled expression, its eyes seemingly asking why.

Zi Yi understood the question in the eyes of the little fox, and continued to explain, “The little snow wolf swallowed Jindan, changing its shape, if the little snow wolf is killed, its blood can be made into Jindan. Don’t you think that if Feng Lingran knew that the little snow wolf was the one that affected your transformation, he will kill the little snow wolf and take its blood, to complete yours?”

The little fox’s paw trembled fiercely, and it felt its heart go cold.

Zi Yi continues, “Feng Lingran has an indifferent nature, only you are an exception, but this exception will turn into a lethal arrow to the little snow wolf.”

When the little fox heard about the lethal arrow, it suddenly remembered the time when it was taken to the study by Feng Lingran. When it first saw the mother wolf and the little snow wolf, Feng Lingran threatened the mother wolf with the life of the little snow wolf. The little fox’s heart shivered. Fortunately, Zi Yi reminded it, it nearly doomed the little snow wolf.

Feng Lingran quietly watch the change in the little fox’s eyes. He glanced at his side and frowned slightly.

“Xi-er, is your master standing beside Ben Wang?” Feng Lingran suddenly asked.

The little fox’s eyes widened, how did Feng Lingran know that Zi Yi was standing beside him? Can Feng Lingran see Zi Yi?

“Little disciple, he can’t see master, don’t be deceived, don’t admit it, master will leave now.”

As he finished, Zi Yi disappeared from the little fox’s view.

The little fox shook its head at Feng Lingran and felt his black inky eyes sharpened, pressing the little fox for the truth. It avert its eyes down and wrote in Feng Lingran’s palm, ‘Why did you leave last night?’

Feng Lingran saw the words written on his palm, and the sharpness in his black inky eyes gradually melted away. He said slowly, “You are a woman after all, Ben Wang can’t ruin your honour.”


The little fox’s mouth twitched slightly, thinking back on what had happened in the bathroom, he had already done something like that to her, and now he wants to talk to her about honour?

Humph!  Currently she is just a little fox, there is no chance of getting pregnant by sleeping together, she is not afraid, so what is he afraid of?

The little fox wrote another question in his palm, ‘So, are you leaving again tonight?’

Feng Lingran looked at the little fox’s burning eyes. His inky eyes flashed, he nodded his head slightly and hummed his agreement.

Hearing his reply, the little fox raised its head, stared at Feng Lingran for a moment, and left a sentence in his hand, ‘You don’t have to leave tonight, fox will be sleeping in nest.’

Like this it’s possible right?

The little fox put away its paw and jumped down from Feng Lingran’s arms, it returned to its nest, clearly angry.

The little fox bitterly closes its eyes and was unable to fall asleep right away, how terrific?  

After an unknown length of time had passed, the little fox fell asleep quietly.

Zi Yi saw a certain little fox came in a grumpy manner, his lips stretched into a mischievous smile.

“Little disciple, come here.”

He raised his long fingers and beckoned the little fox over.

A certain listless little fox walked over, Zi Yi reached down, took it up to the chaise lounge and put it in his arms.

“Didn’t Feng Lingran sleep with you tonight?”

Hearing those words, the little fox’s fur bristled. Master, can you stop mentioning Feng Lingran?

“Ha ha ha… Little disciple, you don’t need to raise your fur like that, let’s not think of Feng Lingran. How about being with Master? This face of Master is not worse than Feng Lingran’s.

The little fox looked at Zi Yi’s face, which was basically almost identical to Feng Lingran’s, and smiled gloomily in its heart. That’s right! This face and Feng Lingran’s face is difficult to distinguish between true and false, whether Feng Lingran sleeps with it or not, in the end sleeping with Zi Yi is the same thing.

The snow-white fur of the little fox gradually flattened. It lay beside ZI Yi and closed its eyes.

Upon seeing this, Zi Yi laughed with mirth, fingers gently stroking the head of the little fox, suddenly he felt something. The smile on his lips froze and a picture appeared in his phoenix eyes. In the room, Feng Lingran was carrying the little fox to his bed.

Zi Yi’s eyes flashed with a different color, murmuring in his heart. Feng Lingran, in the end, was it because of the blood in the little fox’s body? Or was there a different reason that made this little fox special?

Waking up.

The little fox stretched out its body and found itself on Feng Lingran’s bed. It felt like it was still dreaming. It remembered that last night it did not climb up Fengling Ran’s bed, right? So why did it wake up on Feng Lingran’s bed?

Could it be that ……. Feng Lingran took it to bed after it fell asleep?

The little fox felt an inexplicable excitement in its heart. Then last night… Last night… Did Feng Lingran sleep by its side?

The little fox realizes that Feng Lingran was a callous tsundere.

Oh my~

Handsome man, if you want to share the bed with fox, you don’t have to be embarrassed!

The little fox was in a good mood. When it saw Qin Wen bring its breakfast, it grinned and showed off its snow-white teeth.

Qin Wen saw that the little fox was in a good mood and looked at Feng Lingran’s room again. A ridiculous idea flashed through his mind. Could it be that the little fox slept with Wangye last night? How could it be in such a good mood early in the morning otherwise?

Qin Wen’s mind came up with a notion and his heart trembled violently. He felt that his thoughts were too dirty. Even if Wangye spoiled the little fox again, it was merely a little beast. It was impossible for Wangye to sleep in a bed with it.

Qin Wen once again looked at the other room. Yesterday he did not see lady Xiao. Where did she go? Wangye did not seem to question it, was it not what he thought? Could it be that lady Xiao said something to Wangye and was also thrown out?

The little fox ate some meat and kept the chicken leg, wanting to take it to the little snow wolf. But unexpectedly, it saw a wretch come running to the Regent’s palace.

Yun Ni Junzhu came looking for Feng Lingran again, right? But what a pity, Feng Lingran was not in the Wang Fu. He has been busy these days.

Yun Ni Junzhu did not see Feng Lingran in the Regent’s Palace. She saw a little fox with a chicken leg instead. Her eyes flashed with a cold malicious glint. She had come to see her brother Feng several times before and did not see the damned little fox. Today, she finally found it. She must reward it for biting her last time in the palace.


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