The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 — How Does It Feel to Sleep with Teacher?


The big palm has no temperature, it felt more like a black cloth covering its eyes, however this “black cloth” felt very gentle to the little fox. Lying beside Zi Yi, there was a sense of reassurance. The little fox knows that Zi Yi likes to tease it, but it also knows that Zi Yi has no ill-intentions.

Zi Yi was a good master.

A good master who spoils his disciple.

The little fox’s mouth settles into a smile and it closed its eyes. Actually… this feeling of sleeping with master… it’s not that bad.

Zi Yi’s handsome face remained motionless, if he was to found out what the little fox was thinking about at that moment, perhaps there would have been chaos on that chaise lounge…

Waking up.

The little fox slowly opened its eyes and saw Zi Yi floating in the air. Lying down on the side, a certain stupidly adorable wolf was letting out faint snores.

“Little disciple, let’s go!”

After he finished speaking, Zi Yi swung his sleeves, a purple light arched across the air, then the snoring stupidly adorable wolf and the little fox simultaneously vanished from the room.

In a cave at the outskirts.

A certain stupidly adorable wolf was still sleeping, snoring away with its eyes closed. How good of a dream was it? So far as to make the little snow wolf unwilling to wake up?

Zi Yi looked at a certain adorably stupid pup and sighed softly, such a foolish little one… could it really transform? Even if someone was to throw it out and sold it off, it would still be completely oblivious.

The little fox did not disturb the stupidly adorable wolf’s dream. The little fox suddenly had a thought, assuming the little snow wolf transforms into a human, what will it do without any clothes to wear?

“Squeak squeak squeak…..” Master, you keep watch over the little snow wolf in this cave, disciple will go find something for it to wear.

Zi Yi sighed as he watched the little fox run out. This foolish little one might not necessarily transform into a human, but his little disciple still believed that it will.

“Little disciple, there is a cloth shop to the North.”

Zi Yi was worried that the little fox would just run around all over the place, so he transmitted a clear calm voice from the cave.

To the North?

The little fox stood outside the cave, surveying the surroundings before finally heading north. It was not long before the little fox found the cloth shop that Zi Yi was talking about. Still, truly your mum was a cloth shop. Air drying in a yard, hanging on a bamboo pole, there were all kinds of colorful cloth ah!

Ten thousand grass-mud horses1 whizzed past the little fox’s mind. Master! What disciple wanted was clothes, not cloth ah!

Standing on the wall fence surrounding the cloth shop, the little fox saw two sixteen and seventeen-year-old women holding neatly folded clothes stacked on their hands. The little fox’s eyes brightened, immediately scheming on how to get the clothes from the hands of those women.

“This new Paozi2 made by Jingyun Embroidery Store for the young master is really exquisite.”

“Indeed! Jingyun Embroidery Store deserves to be the greatest cloth shop in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The craftsmanship of the embroidery maidens here are not comparable to that of any other ordinary cloth shop. “

“Of course. Otherwise, how could those nobles and high-ranking officials come here and throw away money recklessly just to order these clothes?”

The little fox’s sharp ears twitched as it silently listens to the conversation between the two women. When the two women pushed a door to enter a room, the little fox followed.

“You guys go out, out, out now. This young master doesn’t need you two to wait upon him.”

Soon, the two women were pushed out by a little boy who looked to be about seven or eight years old.

The little fox examined the little boy. He has a good looking appearance, currently his eyebrows were furrowed expressing his impatience. He was quite small. If the little fox was to bring the clothing back, would the little snow wolf be able to wear it?

The little snow wolf was only a few months old, taking into account the age conversion the little snow wolf should most likely be the same age as the small boy in front of it.

As the two women were being driven away, the little fox quietly sneaks its way into the room, picked up a set of clothes, left a silver ticket, and turned around to stealthily leave.

When the little boy returned to his room, he found out that one of the set of clothes that had just been put on the chair has disappeared, and that there was a silver ticket worth one thousand taels left behind in its place. The little boy was dumbfounded. Although for him, the one thousand taels silver ticket wes nothing, but… back when he went outside, he did not see anyone enter the room. So who stole his new clothes?

Suddenly, the little boy saw something moving out of the window. He looked at it intently. It was a little fox with snow-white hair. And on its mouth….. wasn’t that his new clothes?

The little boy grabbed the silver ticket and quickly ran after the little fox.

At the same time, the little fox knew that it had been spotted, it speedily jumped down the window bar, and then skillfully climbed up a big tree that was right next to the fence.

Who would have known, that the little boy would continue chasing and was even able to climb the tree with a speed that matched that of the little fox.

The little fox did not dare to stop, it jumped from the tree to the fence, it ran for a while before climbing down on a tree that was outside the fence.

The little fox was holding on to a set of clothes in its mouth. In a moment of carelessness, the clothes got hooked on some branches and tangled onto the little fox’s head before turning into a jumbled mess that went tumbling down like a white ball.

“Little white fox.”

The little boy saw the little fox rolling down from the tree. He jumped onto the tree and climbed down flexibly. He watched as the little fox got itself even more tangled with the new clothes and squatted down to help the little fox take off the new clothes enclosing its head.

The little fox looked at the little boy and retreated a few steps, but then it remembered the clothes that was left on the ground. It went forward again, picked up the clothes on the ground and then retreated once again.

The little boy looked at the little fox in amazement and raised the silver ticket in his hand. “Little white fox, were you the one who left this silver ticket?”

The little fox did not answer the little boy, opting to just stare at him with the clothes in its mouth.

“I know that you were the one who left this silver ticket behind. Don’t try to deceive me.”

The little fox looked at the little boy’s serious expression and felt that this situation was somewhat ridiculous. The little fox had no intention of deceiving him, but it simply could not acknowledge his claim, that was all.

The little boy returned the silver ticket to the little fox: “You can take the clothes away and I don’t need the silver ticket, as long as you promise me to come back and play with me.”

The little fox was dumbfounded. Play with him? Has he not mistaken?

“I also know that you are a transcendent immortal fox and can understand what I say, so you don’t have to pretend that you don’t understand in front of me.”

The little fox blinked its eyes. How could this little boy’s demand be so serious? Regrettably,… It was not a transcendent immortal fox, at most… it was half a man and half a demon.

“Little white fox, you can be rest assured that I will not tell anyone about you being a little transcendent immortal fox. So will you come and accompany me? Father hasn’t come to see me for a long time now since he married his new wife.”

With that, the little boy dropped his gaze and hung his head down.

Did his father marry a new wife? What about the little boy’s mother?

The little fox saw the pain flashing through the little boy’s eyes and felt its chest tighten at the sight. It probably had guessed what had happened to his mother by now…..

Even though the little fox sympathized with the little boy, it did not make the promise. It was currently a mere fox. It had to rely entirely on Zi Yi just to leave the Regent’s Palace. Furthermore, there was quite a distance from the Regent’s Palace to this place. So the little fox was absolutely incapable of upholding a promise with the little boy.

The little fox turned around and walked away. The one thousand taels silver ticket counted as buying out his clothes.

“Even you don’t want to accompany me?” The little boy said sadly as he looked at the little fox’s retreating back.

The little fox has very sharp ears, it clearly understood the little boy’s words, but it could only mentally apologize to him. It was currently a mere fox and the things it could do was limited. In addition, it can no longer let others know that it understand their words.

The little fox arrived back at the cave with a set of clothes in its mouth. Zi Yi who was floating outside the cave, spotted the little fox, and a mischievous smile appeared on his lips.

“Those clothes you brought back will fit perfectly with the little snow wolf.”

The little fox felt elated after hearing the remark. Did the little snow wolf successfully transform into a human?

Keen to see the little snow wolf’s appearance, the little fox made haste and dashed into the cave only to turn silly at the sight of a naked little boy in the cave.

The little boy was about six or seven years old, with exquisite jade carving features. His eyes were especially exquisite and his mouth was a delicate pink. He was laying on the ground in a wolf like posture. When he saw the little fox running in, he grinned and showed his snow-white teeth with two lovely little fangs gracing them. And just like that, he ran towards the little fox. His delicate face incessantly nuzzled against the little fox’s fluffy face, he stretched out his pink tongue and licked the little fox’s fur, the intimate action was more than enough to overwhelm the little fox.

How was the little fox supposed to feel now?

It abruptly leapt back, causing the little boy to fall flat on his back, the little fox saw the little boy’s body, and hurriedly closed its eyes while chanting, it is improper do not stare… it is improper do not stare…

Although he was very young, he was still a boy ah!

As the little fox repeats the mantra over an over, who would have thought, the little boy turned over his body and ran to the little fox once again, to repeat his actions…

The little fox opens its eyes wide, two paws desperately trying to put the clothes on the little boy, it then looks at Zi Yi who was floating in with eyes begging for help.

“Squeak squeak squeak…..” Master, make him put on these clothes.

Zi Yi saw the little boy sticking to the little fox. His handsome face was black and he swung his sleeves. The clothes that the little fox picked up was instantly put on the little boy.

“Little disciple, are you sure you want to take it back with you?”

This foreign appearance will most likely arouse great suspicion if it was to be brought to the Regent’s Palace.

Zi Yi frowned slightly.

Xiao Xi watched as the little boy, now with clothes worn properly, went back to her side. As he stretch out his tongue, Xiao Xi immediately raised a claw. The little boy’s expression changed slightly. He did not dare to continue acting freely. Instead, he obediently sat down on the ground with his hands also touching the ground much like a wolf’s.

“Squeak squeak squeak…..” Master, will the little snow wolf turn back into a wolf after sometime, like what happened to me?

In that case, it would be possible to just leave the little snow wolf in the outskirts and then take it back to the Regent’s palace once it recovers its previous body.

Zi Yi looked at the little snow wolf thoughtfully, then slowly said, “It was a successful transformation, not even leaving a tail, as such Master isn’t certain whether it will be able to change back at all.”

The little fox was seething. Why ah? Why were wolves and foxes treated so differently ah? Little snow wolf was able to remain human forever in one try. Why can’t fox ah? The heavens must have liked to bully fox ah?

Zi Yi’s sight fell on the little fox’s face and saw the deep resentment in its eyes. He smiled and said, “Little disciple, your blood is a unique and unmatched treasure of this world, while the little snow wolf’s is not. For it to transform into a human form, it had to suffer twice as much as your transformation.”

This……was certainly pure luck.

But he really could not imagine, that this foolish little one would be…

Zi Yi’s mouth turned into a mischievous smile as he watched the little snow wolf obeyed the little fox, his smile stretched wider, this was certainly the Will of the Heavens!

“Squeak squeak squeak…..” Master, do you have any way to make this little snow wolf understand human words?

Zi Yi laughed and shook his head, “Little disciple, you’ve thought too highly, for Master is not a God.”



1 The author really likes to use this word play, this can be a comical representation of MC’s feelings, but really, if you take the real meaning by considering the homophone, MC was basically cursing Zi Yi ten thousand “f u” in her mind.

2 A chinese style robe/gown.

*I like to keep the ‘ah’ behind her questions sometimes, it could really show the exasperation she’s having….technically i can use ‘?!’ instead but i feel like the ‘ah’ could show the long drawl or derisive snort in a typical chinese conversation ahaha

Sellychi: Our sweet little snow wolf has now been upgraded into a sweet little wolf boy.

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