The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 — Sleeping With Teacher


In the past, the precipice did not go away, the fox was sleepy and so it slept…..

Feng Lingran watched as a certain little fox lying on the bed closes its eyes, his eye twitched, this little fox is going to sleep on his bed?

After a while.

The little fox’s breathing evened out, its pure white fur as beautiful as snow made the scene especially peaceful.

Did it really just fell asleep that fast?

Feng Lingran leaned over, slender fingers just barely reaching the little fox on the bed. When his fingertips was about to touch the white body of the fox, they paused slightly. After a while, the fingertips brushed pass the snow-white hair of the little fox, picked up the brocade quilt and covered its back.

The little fox sleeps soundly looking ever so lovely. After the soft footsteps in the room faded away and the door closes quietly, the little fox’s sharp ears moved and its eyes opened. It sees that Feng Lingran’s figure was no longer in the room, and it felt disheartened.

Was Feng Lingran unwilling to sleep with this little fox? Nevertheless….. Feng Lingran knows that it will turn human again later….was that why he does not want to sleep with it?

The whole night, Feng Lingran did not come back, the small fox felt sleepy and dozed off. During all that time, the fox’s head was facing towards a particular direction, it was that of the door.

Waking up the next morning.

The little fox did not see Feng Lingran around, he should have gone to the court by now. Last night, he left and never came back. The little fox put away its disappointment and jumped out of bed.

Qin Wen came and brought breakfast for the little fox. Immediately it grabbed a chicken leg and ran away. Qin Wen shouted a few times from behind, but in the end he could not stop the fast little fox.

The little fox came to where the little snow wolf was being kept with a chicken leg in its mouth. A certain little snow wolf standing at the door spotted the little fox. Instantly, the wolf’s eyes brightened and the wolf’s mouth splits into an excited smile, wagging its snow-white tail, it ran towards the little fox.

This was just so stupidly adorable.

When the little fox saw the little snow wolf, its mood instantly got better. It gave the chicken leg to the little snow wolf, but it seemed that it was not interested in the chicken leg. It kept circling around the little fox. The fluffy wolf’s head wanted to get closer to the little fox, but it dared not be too bold.

The little fox had slapped the little snow wolf’s face with those little claws several times, the little snow wolf still remembers.

That was until… the little fox takes the initiative to get closer to the little snow wolf, immediately the head of the little snow wolf dares to get in contact with the little fox. On the face and body of the little fox, it nuzzled affectionately, and on the cheek of the little fox it gave a lick.

AdvertisementThe little fox suddenly leaped away, front paw wiping madly at the saliva that was sticking all over the fur on its cheeks.

Upon seeing this, a certain stupidly adorable pup, who did not realize that its saliva was causing trouble to the little fox, thought that the little fox wants to clean the fur on its cheek. Once again the little snow wolf extends its tongue to lick the little fox. Back when the mother wolf was there, she also used her tongue to comb through its fur like this.

The little fox’s paw and face were licked by the stupidly adorable wolf again, the nausea finally came. It leaped back several times and saw that a certain stupidly adorable wolf was still coming over. The little fox was upset and raised its fluffy claws.

This was to hit the little snow wolf.

A certain stupidly adorable wolf saw the little fox’s raised claws, and finally realized that the little fox was not happy. The little snow wolf did not dare to approach the little fox this time, but stayed in place, and its wolf eyes blinked at the little fox.

A certain little fox saw that the little snow wolf did not come over. It started to fiercely wipe the cheek which was licked by little snow wolf with its front paw…..

“Little fox.”

Xiao Qi saw a certain little fox and his eyes lit up. Isn’t that the one that was in master’s arms yesterday?

The little fox’s paw froze, seeing Xiao Qi approaching, it instinctively turns around and run. As it runs, it sees a certain stupidly adorable wolf still sitting in the same place. The little fox makes a “ao ao” noise telling the stupidly adorable pup to run with it.

That time in the dungeons, Xiao Qi almost gave two whips to the little fox. The little fox did not want to have anything to do with Xiao Qi at all.

The little Fox and little snow wolf had not run far, when Xiao Qi suddenly appeared in front of them, flying directly from mid-air, and catching the little fox on the ground.

“I am not a bad person, so little fox, why are you running?”

Xiao Qi was not aware that the little fox understood human language, nor did he expect it to understand. The moment he held the little fox in his arms, he felt the silky hair of the little fox. Xiao Qi was surprised and proceeded to pet the little fox’s head with his fingers.

The little fox’s hair was really smooth.

Xiao Qi noticed the little fox’s big fluffy tail and realized that there was actually two of them. He was once again surprised, and his fingers wandered down to touch them.

Xiao Qi’s hand grasped the little fox’s fluffy tails and inspected them closely. His voice was filled with amazement, “It really is two tails. Are you perhaps a two-tailed spiritual fox?”

Suddenly, the little snow wolf pounced over, its mouth was opened wide with the intention to bite Xiao Qi’s leg.

Xiao Qi seemed to have eyes behind him. He turns around, avoids the wolf’s mouth, and says with a cheeky smile on his cherub face, “Fortunately, this young master1 reacts fast, otherwise he would have been bitten by your little wolf.”

Xiao Qi’s sentence just finished, and there was pain on his fingers. He looked down, eyes growing wide, and mouth contorted into a grimace. The little fox was biting his fingers and blood was trailing down, with trembling lips he said, “My… b-b-blood… b-blood… blood… “

When the last “blood” was uttered, Xiao Qi promptly fell to the ground and passed out.

The little fox released its hold on Xiao Qi’s fingers, stared at Xiao Qi who had fainted, and blinked. This boy faints from the sight of his own blood?

Ha ha ha……

The little fox was secretly delighted, this knowledge of Xiao Qi’s weakness will be deeply recorded in its heart.

A certain stupidly adorable wolf ran over and opened its mouth at the unconscious Xiao Qi, wanting to bite his leg. The little fox raised a paw stopping the little snow wolf.

Xiao Qi is the person that Feng Lingran keeps at his side. He is currently unconscious. Is there any need to bite him?

The stupidly adorable wolf understood the little fox, it closed its wolf’s mouth and sat on the ground, if Xiao Qi woke up and caught the little fox again, it would immediately open its wolf’s mouth and bite Xiao Qi’s leg.

When the little fox thought of Xiao Qi’s words, it turned its fluffy head and looked at its tail. The single fluffy tail has turned into two fluffy tails. Had Feng Lingran also seen its two tails? Will the number continue to increase after that?

The little fox suddenly remembered something and quickly turned to look at the eyes of the stupidly adorable wolf, …….. hasn’t it been seven days since the pup swallowed the Jin pill?

The little fox wanted to ask the stupidly adorable wolf if it felt anything different, but when it looked at the little snow wolf, the stupidly adorable wolf grinned and even wagged its tail on the ground, as if waiting for the fox to play with it.

The little fox made an “Ao Ao” noise towards the little snow wolf so that it follows the little fox as it ran into a room.

The little fox looked out of the door. There was nobody but Xiao Qi, who was unconscious on the ground. The little fox closed the door with its paws. It did not play with the little snow wolf, instead, it lays down in the place where the little snow wolf usually slept and closed its eyes.

The little snow wolf excitedly waited for the little fox to play. But then it saw the little fox laid down on its stomach and slept. It also ran over, laid down on its stomach beside the little fox and went to sleep.

The little fox felt the little snow wolf approaching. It opened its eyes and looked at the little snow wolf lying beside it. This stupidly adorable pup truly thought that the little fox went to sleep, so it laid down and stayed still. How utterly adorable.

An image flashed through the little fox’s brain. Back in the animal enclosure, the little snow wolf laid beside the mother wolf. It was so cute. Now, the mother wolf was gone. The image was now only a memory. This stupidly adorable wolf… to this day, it does not  know that its mother had died. Would it think… that its mother had abandoned it?

The little fox felt its heart go sour. It stared at the little snow wolf for a moment. Then it hung its head and closed its eyes.

About half an hour later.

The little fox finally saw Zi Yi. He was draped languidly on a chaise lounge2, in the middle of yawning. His phoenix eyes was blurred and he had a drowsy appearance.

The little fox felt elated at seeing Zi Yi again, it ran to the chaise lounge and jumped, but the little fox could not reach. It tried jumping a few more times, still unsuccessful, in the end Zi Yi reached down to get it.

The little fox was fished up by Zi Yi and put in his arms. His arm pressed against the little fox’s body and his perfect chin rested on the little fox’s head.

“Little disciple, are you here to sleep with your teacher?”

The little fox was silent.

The fluffy body of the little fox struggled in Zi Yi’s arms. Alas, his arm was like an iron lock that had locked the fox’s body in place, leaving no escape. It raised it’s fluffy fox head and slammed its snout on the perfect chin of Zi Yi.

Pain flared.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Master, your chin is hard.

Zi Yi let out a delighted chuckle, the voice was extremely pleasant to hear, “Little disciple, you can’t blame teacher, you bumped into it yourself.”

In spite of this, a big slender hand was placed on the fox’s snout and rubbed gently.

His fingers seemed to be magical, for its snout that he had gently rubbed stopped hurting.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Master, today is the seventh day since the little snow wolf took the medicine. It may transform into a human soon. Could you take it to the cave in the outskirts?

The room where the little snow wolf reside was not safe at all. There was always someone passing by, like Qin Wen. At that time, if someone sees the little snow wolf transforms into a human, they will definitely regard the little snow wolf as a wolf demon.

“Teacher is tired, little disciple. Come sleep with teacher. As soon as teacher wakes up, you can take the little snow wolf to the cave.” Zi Yi yawned once again, and then said, “Moreover, it’s not certain that the little snow wolf will transform into a human.”

The conditions needed for a wolf to transform was also demanding, unless that little snow wolf was… Zi Yi shook his head. He had seen that little snow wolf before. It looked very stupid, not at all like…

The little fox’s furred skin turned red and started to burn.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Master, disciple did not come here to sleep with you!

Then, the small fox froze, this…… wasn’t this not the real problem?

“Well, it’s teacher who wants you to do it.” Zi Yi did not seem to notice the little fox’s unusual action, and slowly closed his devilish phoenix eyes.

The little fox’s heart trembled, gradually, it began beating erratically, he, he… wanted to sleep with it?

The little fox raised its head and looked at the handsome Zi Yi who had already closed his eyes. Those pair of phoenix eyes were closed, covering their devilishness. The little fox was somewhat dazed. Was it Zi Yi that was sleeping before its eyes? Or was it Feng Lingran?

As if he could feel the little fox’s gaze even with his eyes closed, he moved his big slender hand and covered the little fox’s eyes.

“Close your eyes and sleep with teacher.”



1 Xiao Qi was using the words ‘Xiao Ye’ a common term used by servants.

2 Calling it a chaise lounge sounds a bit too modern but calling it an ancient chinese daybed is weirder ahaha.

Sellychi: Ah mah heart! When our sweet ever waiting little wolf saw the little fox again…..just….dem feels (QwQ)

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