The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 87

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Chapter 87  Shameless



What? Feng Lingran is pursuing?

Xiao Xi’s face was already as white as a sheet from the previous fright, and now, she was terrified.

“Master, you definitely have a way to avoid Feng Lingran right?”

Xiao Xi pitifully gazed at Zi Yi, those pair of endearing eyes were able to make people’s chest feel tight at the sight.

How could Zi Yi have the heart to refuse her? Nodding, he does have a method to avoid Feng Lingran, but…..little disciple, it’s just that from what you did in the dungeons before… “Master, quickly do it.” …Feng Lingran already heard you. In the first place, the reason you took the Jin pill was to go back to the Regent Palace. To run away from the monk is to run away from the temple.

Zi Yi did not tell Xiao Xi his thoughts, so that it won’t put anymore burden on her mind when she takes the Jin pill and undergo the transformation.

Feng Lingran continues chasing until reaching the outskirts, where he suddenly stops, black inky eyes surveying deeply, before him, the trees had woven into an array that obstructs his path.

Feng Lingran was suddenly reminded of a particular scene, in the six floored red pagoda, that particular array assembly was similar to the one that was right before him.

Who could have done it? A person that could take Xiao Xi away from right under his nose twice?

Xiao Xi was led by Zi Yi into a cave, then Zi Yi floated out to guard the entrance.

Xiao Xi recalled Zi Yi’s words, she hurriedly took of her clothes and threw them onto the rugged stone surface. At that time, she discovers her delicate skin gradually changing, white as snow fur started growing, soon she will return to being a small fox again.

Using her two paws, Xiao Xi quickly opens the pill bottle given to her by Zi Yi. She took one out and swallowed.

Feng Lingran broke the array and went in, he spots the cave nearby, inky eyes sharpened, icy lips set into a thin line, and he strides towards the cave’s entrance.

Zi Yi saw Feng Lingran came in, phoenix eyes flashed with surprise, this man had broken his array faster than last time, how did Feng Lingran accomplish that?

Zi Yi heard the movements in the cave, he did not stop Feng Lingran from going in, but rather, follows behind him, floating into the cave.

Feng Lingran originally thought that he will be able to take back the young girl as he came in, perhaps he would also meet this ‘Master’ person. When he saw a little snow white fox came out instead, his eye twitched.

Xiao Xi also did not expect herself to change back into a fox again. She saw Feng Lingran came in and her heart gave a start. Also saw trailing behind him was Zi Yi, Xiao Xi’s fox face turned bitter.

What can be worse than that?

Zi Yi caught sight of a certain little fox and broke into a smile, a devilish smile. His phoenix eyes mirrored his smile.

“You didn’t listen to master’s words, now face the consequences, little disciple, continue to wait for seven days, afterwards you will transform back into a human!” His little disciple decided to eat the Jin pill at a time when she was already turning back into a fox, by then nothing could be done to keep her human appearance and she reverted back into the little fox appearance.

Seven days!

The little fox’s lips curled back, things had gone too far, now there is nothing to be done apart from waiting.

Feng Lingran reached down and took the little fox into his arms, slender fingers hooked under the little fox’s chin, his icy lips cracked open, “Once again turn back into a fox?”

Can’t you tell!

The little fox was in a bad mood and did not want to talk.

Feng Lingran’s finger went up to the space between the little fox’s brows and gave it a flick. The little fox almost jumped out of his arms.

“Squeak squeak squeak….” Feng Lingran, what are you trying to do by flicking fox?

“Back then in the Regent Palace Dungeons, how could a clumsy fox like this escaped?”

Feng Lingran’s sharp inky eyes stared at the little fox in his arms, the scene in the dungeon, did it also see?

The little fox thought back to the scene in the dungeons of the servant girl that was covered from head to toe with blood and her ear that was gradually being eaten by Gu. A shiver ran through the little fox’s body, looking at Feng Lingran’s eyes, a sense of fear emerged.

What kind of horrible man was this? To be able to use those brutal punishments against a woman?

Zi Yi floated towards the little fox’s side, seeing the little fox shaking from fear, he reached out his hand, wanting to comfort the little fox, but… his hand went through the little fox’s body, yet again unable to touch.

As Zi Yi’s hand passed through the little fox’s body, it also passed through Feng Lingran’s hand. A familiar feeling spreads from his hand, giving Zi Yi a jolt. His phoenix eyes sharpened as they stare at Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran was unable to sense Zi Yi’s existence, he looked at the trembling little fox in his arms, slender fingers gently stroke the snow white fur on its back.

“Now that you know it was scary, next time listen to Ben Wang’s words.”

A spy was discovered and she will be severely tortured, forcing her to tell who was the mastermind behind the scenes. He did not want Xiao Xi to come and make her feel scared. Unexpectedly, she still went, and was scared until she ended up like this, truly……brilliant1.

The little fox felt the warmth from Feng Lingran’s fingers, they were incredibly gentle, as if they were trying to soothe its frightened heart.

The little fox raised its fluffy head, black beady eyes stared at Feng Lingran.

Handsome man, surely you would not do those thing to me right?

Feng Lingran understood the thought conveyed by the little fox’s eyes and his thin lips parted into a cool smile, “ If you don’t listen again next time, Ben Wang will also keep you in the dungeon.”

The little fox was frightened yet again and buried its head back into Feng Lingran’s arms. Feng Lingran, you are extremely evil, you had frighten fox…..

It took awhile for Zi Yi to collect his thoughts together, he saw a certain good for nothing1 little fox buried its head back into Feng Lingran’s arms, making him sigh gently.

“Little fox, when you go out in the future, you can stop calling me your master.”

Hearing that, the little fox raised its head from Feng Lingran’s arms and saw Zi Yi’s phoenix eyes filled with disappointment, immediately the little fox straightened its body, realizing that it was a fox again, it turned around, put its front paws on Feng Lingran’s right shoulder, at the time where Feng Lingran turned his head to look at it, the little fox put up its snout.


Feng Lingran was petrified.

Zi Yi looked at the little fox’s smug eyes, as if telling him, it was completely unafraid of Feng Lingran.

A murder of crows flew over Zi Yi’s head.

Although the little fox was sometimes timid, it also understands, Feng Lingran can easily kill it much like killing an ant, yet Feng Lingran has always treated it nicely, therefore, why should it be afraid of Feng Lingran?

Realizing at this point, that a certain little fox’s courage was not small at all, using its fox’s snout to give Feng Lingran a kiss, and seeing Feng Lingran’s petrified state, at this moment he felt at ease.

Feng Lingran brought the little fox back to the Regent’s palace, at this moment Xiao Qi has completed his task and saw Feng Lingran with a snow white fox held in his arms, causing his eyes to spark with delight.

“What a pretty little fox.”

Xiao Qi came over, an adorable smile was etched on his doll like face, he reached out his hand towards the little fox, before Feng Lingran even had the time to stop Xiao Qi, a certain good for nothing1 little fox got scared and immediately drilled into Feng Lingran’s lapel.

Xiao Qi’s means of extorting a confession were ruthless beyond belief, even fiends would be afraid, not to mention a little fox.

Xiao Qi seeing the little fox already halfway drilled into Feng Lingran’s lapel could only stare wide eyed, his mouth was left open so wide that a duck’s egg could be stuffed in it. Speaking incredulously, “Master…. this little fox….is it a perverted fox ah? It’s going to reach down…..”

Feng Lingran’s slender fingers grabbed the little fox’s hind legs and pulled it out, his face dark, “No more going in.”

Currently, the little fox was already the length of half an arm, twice the original size from when it used to drill into the lapel, which at that time it was difficult to find the little thing without searching attentively.

The little fox’s body that was held by Feng Lingran twisted around, looked at his disheveled lapel, exposing a graceful line of jade skin, sunshine spilled down on it, his chest sparkled brightly like countless diamonds, emitting a cold fragrance, little fox still wants to go in ah!

“Squeak squeak squeak…….”

The little fox saw Feng Lingran’s cold stern face, its squeaks became smaller, it moved its body at an angle, and leaned on Feng Lingran’s jade skin.

Xiao Qi could not believe the scene that was happening in front of his eyes, this small perverted fox…..small perverted fox…….what big guts it has, in broad daylight, to openly take advantage of the master?

What made Xiao Qi felt even more absurd was the fact that Feng Lingran did not throw the small perverted fox away, he only shifted it a little and even let the small perverted fox lean on his chest as he straighten out his lapel.

“Did you get the confession?” Feng Lingran locked eyes with Xiao Qi with a look of indifference, as if the thing that the the little fox did was an ordinary action.

“Yes.” Xiao Qi said grimly, “it’s Nanling….”

Feng Lingran frowned, raised his hand to stop Xiao Qi and said, “Ben Wang understand, you can withdraw!”

The little fox’s ears twitched, seeing Xiao Qi’s departing figure, it recalled the servant girl in the dungeons, could she be sent from Nanling country? Who in Nanling had sent her?

Feng Lingran did not let Xiao Qi continue, the little fox’s heart felt uncomfortable like it was being scratched up by a cat, did the emperor of Nanling sent it? Or was it the adulterer?

The little fox put its paw on Feng Lingran’s hand and wrote down the questions, wanting to find out the answer from his mouth.

Feng Lingran did not explain, but said with deep eyes, “Little thing you will soon find out….the person who sent her.”


The little fox blinked, it will soon find out? Why don’t you tell it now?

Now that Xiao Xi was a little fox again, she also moves from her original room back to Feng Lingran’s room, everyone in the Regent Palace knows that the little fox sleeps in Feng Lingran’s room.

Qin Wen’s eyes flashed with surprise from seeing a certain little fox coming back, but as a servant, even though he was curious, he will not inquire Feng Lingran about it, to follow one’s role, a good servant does not ask, Qin Wen understands this principle well.

Xiao Xi turned fox was also very different, she was shameless, to be so bold as to seize Feng Lingran’s bed and lie down spread-eagle on one of his side pillow.

So what that Feng Lingran knows it was human? It was now just a fox, it was unafraid of anything that Feng Lingran could do to it, even if Feng Lingran was to suck its blood, if he has the skill, come bite the fox’s neck and get a mouthful of fur.

Feng Lingran came out of the bath to see a certain little fox sleeping on his bed, does it want to share the bed2 with him?

Feng Lingran walked to the side of the bed, slender fingers went to catch the little fox, who would have thought, the little fox suddenly jumped up, avoiding his fingers, and ran to the innermost of the bed.

“Squeak squeak squeak…….” Fox don’t want to sleep on nest, fox wants to sleep on bed.

“Xi-er, come here.”

Were it not for Feng Lingran knowing that the little fox in front of him was a girl, he would surely still think that it was just a fox.

The little fox shook its fluffy head, once again lied down spread-eagle on the bed’s surface.



1 I’m not sure with the use of characters in these, the first one says ‘brilliant’ , feels out of context except maybe being used as sarcasm?, while the other two after it puts a ‘not-’ in front of it, i assume it was referencing the first use of ‘brilliant’ and turning it into ‘not brilliant=worthless/good for nothing’ as a sarcastic remark on top of the sarcasm which references the previous words…. Ah truly confusing I’ll just leave it like this unless someone has a better idea  -_-”

2  share the bed here also means to get married ehehe

Extra: When Xiao Xi says ‘master’ its for how a disciple calls its teacher. But, when Xiao Qi says ‘master’ its for how a servant calls its owner.

Sellychi: Sooo hmmmnn yeah I might end up alone on this again, and when i say might… its really already set in stone really…

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