The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 83

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Chapter 82 — Such A Good Master

Xiao Xi just left little snow wolf’s room, when she noticed a servant in pink clothes. Though her delicate face was unfamiliar, but her eyes and figure, evoked a familiar vibe.

Xiao Xi startled, suddenly remembered about the bath incident last night. Could this servant in pink be… Xiao Lu?

No, Feng Lingran said Xiao Lu was dead. Then, this maid must be the person who had disguised as Xiao Lu, and now, she was disguised as someone else.

The girl quickly noticed Xiao Xi’s stare, and smiled at her,” Are you the new Mistress who had just arrived at the Regent’s Palace?”

Xiao Xi met her eyes, and although the girl had hid her emotions, Xiao Xi’s excellent memory made out her real identity.

“I am not.”

“Then you are….”

“A guest.”


No on knew her real identity except Feng Lingran here. So what Xiao Xi said was actually quite believable.

Astonishment flashed through the servant’s eyes, but it quickly vanished.

“Pardon this maidservant lack of manners.”

She bowed to Xiao Xi, and left after taking another glance at her, confusion in her eyes.

Apart from Yun Ni Junzhu who comes uninvited, there were never any other female guests.

Xiao Xi wanted to wait for Feng Lingran to return so she could tell him about that maidservant. Xiao Xi clear look of her appearance, so she could draw it for Feng Lingran. Soon enough, they could expose her.

She made up her mind and was about to return to the bedroom, when suddenly from the beast enclosure, she heard a pained groan.

She was a fox before, so her heart felt heavy after hearing this sound. She changed her plans, and walked towards the animal enclosure.

Xi knew her way around the enclosure. Just as she walked in, the smell of a putrid odour in the air hit her at full blast, Covering her nose, she walked towards the sounds of pain. A lioness was locked in an iron cage, Its flesh was decaying, and if someone looked closely, they would see white maggots crawling. The lioness laid in the cage with a protruding stomach, it licked the rotten flesh and groaned in grief again when it saw Xiao Xi.

This was a pregnant lioness.

EzoicSeeing the lioness made Xiao Xi think of the deceased mother wolf. Her heart felt uncomfortable.

Why did they lock it up? At least treat its injury ah!


At that moment, Qin Wen saw Xiao Xi enter the enclosure and came rushing in with a pale face. Noticing her standing in front of the cage, he breathlessly said, “Miss Xiao, the smell here is too much, please go out!”

If someone else had trespassed, Qin Wen wouldn’t even ask politely before kicking them out. But Xiao Xi’s position was different in Feng Lingran’s heart, her status in Regent’s Palace was also different.

“Why did you cage it? Is it because of its wound? Why won’t you guys just treat it?”

Xiao Xi became a bit emotional as she stared at the iron cage. Why should animals get locked in cages by humans and lose their freedom?

Qin Wen saw her irritated face and was slightly taken aback. Normally, when women see such an enormous beast, shouldn’t they be scared to death, and run away?


This little young girl was so young, yet her courage wasn’t small. Facing a lioness, she wasn’t afraid at all.

“The infected wound is contagious, so we locked it in a cage to prevent it from infecting other beasts. Miss Xiao, such a domineering lioness, which doctor would like to treat it?”

In this world, besides Wan Siyu, no one was willing to treat the little fox and little snow wolf. Not to mention ferocious beasts, treating animals were considered as as insult to them.

“Then, you shouldn’t have captured them in the first place and confine them in this dark animal enclosure!”

“That….” Qin Wen replied with, “Miss Xiao don’t be angry, this was master’s arrangements, this old man is but a servant.”

“Of course I know that it was Feng Lingran’s arrangement.”

Even when he had heard the girl in front of him mention the Regent’s real name so casually, he didn’t say anything. Master’s matters, were not up to him -a servant to say anything.

He only wished for Xiao Xi to leave as soon as possible.

Xiao Xi left the enclosure, and went straight to her bedroom to sleep.


About an hour later, She met Zi Yi in her dreams.

“Disicple-er, if you keep thinking about Master all the time, Master would get worried.” Zi Yi cozily laid on chaise couch with his purple robe slightly opened. He yawned and mist gathered in his eyes, like he wasn’t fully awaked.

Xiao Xi walked to lounge and sat next to him. Out of habit, she grabbed his hand again:” Master, apologies, I had interrupted your rest. But I saw a pregnant lion’s wound was rotting, but no one would treat it. I feel really uncomfortable, Master. You already know, I was originally a little fox, so I can’t help but sympathise with the mother lion. Master, can you treat its injury by any chance?”

Zi Yi glanced her anxious expression, and sighed a little:”Ay~ You compassionate little fox, how could Master bear to not help you?”

His fingers lightly moved, and a pill appeared in his hand, “Disciple-er, take this pill, and crush it. Sprinkle it onto the lioness’s wound, and it should heal quickly.”

She gazed at the pill, and felt a burst of joy,” Master, you treat Disciple so well.”

Zi Yi laughed:” Of course! Master only have you as my Disciple. If Master doesn’t treat you well, who would Master treat?”


Xiao Xi left the dream in a good mood. With a pill in her hand, her mouth widened, showing her pearly teeth as she got off bed and walked towards the animal enclosure.

This time, there were two guards stationed at the entrance.

“Miss Xiao, you can’t go in, please leave!”

“No, I have to go in! I can treat the wound on the lioness now, let me in!”

“Miss Xiao, please don’t make it difficult for us small ones.”

Xiao Xi frowned, Qin Wen must’ve sent these guards here after she had left before, did he know she would return?

How crafty!

“If you don’t move aside, just wait until Feng Lingtan returns and I’ll tell him that you guys harassed me.”

Hearing the words of the beautiful little girl in front of them, the two guards’ eyes widened in fear.

“Miss Xiao, we didn’t harass you!”

“I know, I’m framing you right now, so what can you do about it?”

The two guards had no tears to cry, and they stepped aside, “Miss Xiao, please enter.”

Once Xiao Xi walked in, the two guards looked at each other with tears in eyes, they rather be yelled by Qin Guan Jia, than be misunderstood by Wangye.

Xiao Xi once again came to the lioness, she saw its hollow gaze filled with despair, like it was waiting for its death, but it also seemed reluctant. It stared at its stomach, before slowly lifting its front paws, growling in pain it suddenly pierced its belly….

“Don’t! ” She saw the lioness’s action, and quickly realised what it wanted to do. It probably could not endure the pain anymore, and wanted to take out its cubs out before dying.

No matter whether it was an animal, or human, every mother loves their child. The lioness was no exception, it would die… but it didn’t want the cub to die with her.

She ran to the cage, her arm extended in and caught its claws. At that moment, Xiao XI wasn’t afraid.

When the guards heard her yell, they turned around to look, only to see her rushing towards the cage and reaching her hand inside. Their faces paled, did Miss Xi not want to live anymore? What was she doing?

They hurried towards her, wanting to save her.

“I have some medicine that can help. Don’t… don’t hurt yourself.” She pleaded.

She knew that it couldn’t understand her, but she hoped that it could see the sincerity in her eyes.

The mother lion’s brown eyes glanced at her, then at the medical herbs in her hand. It sniffed it before lifting its claws from it already torn and bloody womb.

It didn’t hurt her, instead it watched as she ground the pill into powder, and sprinkled it onto its wound. The mother licked her hand at few times as if it was expressing it gratefulness.

The two guards arrived at Xiao Xi’s side, shocked to find her in no harm at all.

She smiled as she stroked the lioness fluffy face from outside the cage, “I wish your cubs health and happiness.”

When the mother lion bid Xiao Xi farewell, it noticed that its wound was not as painful as before, even the maggots have died.


A few days later.

Xiao Xi heard from Qin Guanjia’s report to Feng Lingran that the lioness gave birth to four cubs, and all of them were boys.


Speaking from the Regent’s Beast Arena’s point of view, male lions were much better than female lions as they were more well versed in combat.

Xiao Xi mood was very good. Those four lion cubs, if they stayed by their mother’s side, wouldn’t that be adorable?

Seeing her happy expression, Feng Lingran said to Qin Guanjia, “Send the four cubs to Xi-er’s room.”


She was stunned, what did Feng Lingran mean by this?

Xiao Xi very quickly understood what he had meant, When she saw the cubs sleeping in their nest, Xiao Xi could no longer resist herself from reaching in to gently stroke the back of a bub, The cub on the receiving end, woke up from its slumber and stared at Xiao Xi with its endearing blue eyes.

The cubs were brought away by Qin Guanjia and returned to irs mother after staying for a while.

At this moment, Feng Lingran walked into her room and sat down. He observed her maiden-in-love mood with a certain light in his eyes.Ezoic

”Ben Wang can see that you like baby animals a lot.”

Xiao Xi replied with a smile. “That’s right! They’re very cute and obedient.”

When she finished speaking, she suddenly felt his gaze drifted from her face to her flat stomach. Her heart ‘badump’ in trepidation, why was he staring there?

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