The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 82

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Chapter 82 — Little thing, Stay by Ben Wang’s side


Feng Lingran licked the blood from his thin lips and smiled. It was devilish enough to look like Zi Yi.

Xiao Xi’s heart trembled as she whimpered, “Are you Feng Lingran?”

Feng Lingran’s slender fingers continued to clasped onto hers, keeping it fixed on the wall, he had no intention of loosening it. His inky eyes matched the raging yet bashful ones. From below her delicate crimson face, a bead of blood had escaped from the wound on her shoulder. Feng Lingran adam’s apple rolled.

“Ben Wang isn’t Feng Lingran, who do you hope Ben Wang will be?” As he spoke, he lowered his head and lapped at the fresh blood with the tip of his tongue, he sighed in satisfaction.

Xiao Xi tensed. Thinking that he was going to suck her blood again, she shifted her neck away, but she still could not escape his mouth. He could not resist getting under her skin, chuckling, his warm roughness caused a electric current to pulse through Xiao Xi. She nervously forgot to breath, her body gradually became limp.

If his knees had not been in between hers at the time, she was afraid that she will already collapsed to the ground.

Thinking of her current ‘sitting position’, Xiao Xi was too embarrassed to even look up. Too evil! Really made people’s faces red… ah too unsightly!

“Little thing, stay by Ben Wang’s side.”

His voice rang once again. An explosion went off in Xiao Xi’s head, her mind went blank. H-he he… was this a confession?

Xiao Xi quickly snapped of her stupor. The Feng Lingran now, was possessed. Could she trust the words he said now?

Xiao Xi internally shook her head. She could only hoped that he would quickly wake up from his trance. If he this continued… it would really….

Feng Lingran suddenly release her hand from the wall.

This counted as letting her go?

Her eyes glared at his handsome face. If those pair of black eyes didn’t have that diabolic look, then it would have been more perfect.

Once he released her hands, the fallen clothes floated up and covered Xiao Xi body. All of a suddenly, Feng Lingran picked her up by her waist.

In her heart, ten thousand Grass Mud Horse were whistling. Her tail ah! It couldn’t be hidden anymore lah!

Anxious, Xiao Xi jumped from Feng Lingran’s arms and quickly wore an outer robe on her body, discreetly hiding her tail in the robe. Then she speedily wore her skirt, and the tail from hidden in the robe snuggled into her skirt.

“I can walk by myself.”

Xiao Xi didn’t really care anymore, she would rather dress in front of him than let him pick her up.

Feng Lingran also didn’t stop her. But when she turned around with a red face, his demonic look disappeared and was restored to its icy state as he stared at her back. His eyebrows narrowed slightly.

Did… something happen just then? Why… couldn’t he remember anything?


Arriving at the bedroom, Xiao Xi had a sudden realisation. If Feng Lingran was still possessed, was she not throwing herself into the devil’s mouth by coming here?

Xiao Xi could no longer sleep peacefully in Feng Lingran’s bed anymore.

Soon, Feng Lingran also entered the door.

She anxiously glanced at Feng Lingran, as if she was afraid that he would suddenly switch again and do something crazy again.

“Feng Lingran, I’m tired. Can you prepare a room for me?”

He agreed and arrange a room next to his. Only when Xiao Xi had walked out of his bedroom did she realised, Feng Lingran was back to normal?

Recalling those things he had done to her, now that he returned to normal, shouldn’t he explain himself and apologise at least?

Whatever, she should sleep now! It was more practical that way.

Perhaps because she was too tired, she quickly entered dreamland.


It was another world in her dreams.

“Disciple-er, did you miss master?”

Zi Yi lazily laid on the chaise couch, looking disastrously enchanting. Don’t know where, but he had even brought along an even more enchanting fan. The fan swayed by his handsome face as his fingers gently moved, those pair of phoenix eyes held a diabolical charm.

Seeing the appearance identical to Feng Lingran’s, she walked to the edge of the chaise lounge and stared down at Zi Yi’s attractive face,

“Master, just what type of relationship do you have with Feng Lingran?”

Xiao Xi couldn’t bear it anymore. If Feng Lingran acted like how he did normally, she wouldn’t have thought it to this point! But today, Feng Lingran had became demonic, he’d even drank her blood! That was her body’s blood ah! As a women, her monthly visits from her aunt already depleted enough. Now that Feng Lingran had drank from her, feeling depressed was an understatement, okay? Okay?

“Disciple-er, you can bend down and ask, when you look down on me, it gives Master pressure.”

His slender hand gently grabbed hers and pulled her down. Seeing her back straight as a brush, he retracted his fan while sighing and sat up.

“Little Disciple, throwing a tantrum isn’t good for you.”

Hearing his words, Xiao Xi’s eyes flashed with confusion, was she angry? But after staring at that exact same face, she answered her own question and became mad again.


Her voice softened a bit as she leaned on the chaise longue. His long legs were next to her and she stared at him until she pointed to her neck.

“He drank my blood today, my blood!”

Mentioning this, made Xiao Xi feel especially unhappy.

Zi Yi studied the state of her neck before condensing a purple light in his finger. Gently, he brushed it on her nail size wound, and as if the light held a healing effect, the bite mark disappeared.

“Master knows, tonight… you’ve worked hard.”


Worked hard? She had been taken advantage of ah! Remembering what Feng Lingran did to her, she felt that she needed to strip him naked and feel him all over at least once to get back at him.

But this idea, was impossible. Feng Lingran, that type of person, how could she strip him, and grope… cough.

“Master, can you tell me why Feng Lingran has became like this? He wasn’t like this before.”

Both of her hands grasped Zi Yi’s hand like how she would grab Feng Lingran’s hand out of habit.

Ever since she touched his hand for the first time and he didn’t refuse, it had became a habit for her.

Zi Yi gazed at her hands, and his lips formed a devious smile, “His body is affected by a Cold Poison, and your blood, is the cure.”

Xiao Xi was astonished, Cold Poison? Cure?

“How did he get poisoned? When did it happen? Why does he have to take my blood whenever it acts? Why is my blood even a cure?”

Barraged by such a large number of questions, he smiled, “Master don’t know the details, you can go ask Feng Lingran himself. As for why your blood is his cure, Master can tell you. You ate the Jin Pill, so the blood of the fox spirit becomes the Wanling antidote. Don’t mention the cold poison, even the most dangerous poisons in the world could be treated with your blood.

Wanling directly translates to thousand spirits. It definition means godly. But it doesn’t fit right, so we just used the pinyin instead.

Xiao Xi muttered in confusion, “Blood of the fox spirit? Wanling antidote? Then I’m a… fox spirit? And my blood is the Wanling antidote?”

“Correct, you are a fox spirit. A rarely seen even in a thousand years, snow fox. And…” He glanced at Xiao Xi’s back, and pointed the fan at her back. Purple light flew out and the sound of clothes tearing was heard.

Xiao Xi was shocked, she released his hand, and used them to support her skirt.

“Little Disciple, expose your tail.”

Xiao Xi was speechless.

The fluffy tail that had already split into two was exposed. In the air, it was looked like a fairy dancing.

A certain light flashed through Zi Yi eyes as he stared at Xiao Xi’s flawless white tail. “Disciple-er, this tail of yours, looks like it won’t be limited to only two. Snow foxes will not exceed six tails, but if you do -respect~”

Xiao Xi didn’t quite understand what Zi Yi had meant. She held no knowledge about fox spirits, after all how could she, since she was originally human.

“Master, is there any other way to get rid of this tail? Two is the limit for me, if more appeared, I’m afraid that I would become neither a human or a fox. I would get locked in a cage, and become an exotic animal that people could watch ah!”

Her words amused him. Rare animals, were also good animals.

“Rest assured, disciple. How could master bear to lock you up in a cage?


When Xiao Xi woke up the next day, she felt exhausted, this sleep had only made her more tired.

But she found some useful information from Zi Yi.

Zi Yi said, the next time Feng Lingran wanted blood, don’t resist. He wouldn’t take too much and it would be over very quickly. The more she resists, the more it is tempting to him. Therefore, not only would he take much longer, but who knows, he might even do something to do her.

That ‘something’… made Zi Yi smile so devilishly. But he did not need to explain as Xiao Xi understood clearly.

Xiao Xi started feeling sorry for herself. Turning into a fox was already unfortunate enough, and now that she has became human, her blood will be sucked.

She suddenly came to a chilly realisation. This body’s Wanling blood, will it be the cause of her death one day?

But after thinking of Zi Yi, the fear in her heart gradually disappeared. Zi Yi definitely wouldn’t let anything happen to her.


Xiao Xi brought breakfast for the little snow wolf. When it saw her, its eyes revealed a trace of panic and its nervousness. It was as if she was the ‘big grey wolf’ and it was the ‘little red riding hood’.

“Little wolf, I brought chicken thighs for you, come and eat it!”

Xiao Xi smile was very gentle, placing the bowl of chicken feet down onto the ground, her feet retreated a few steps, creating some distance between the little wolf and herself.

The little wolf stood as far away from her as possible. After a while, when it saw her standing still, and the delicious aroma coming from the chicken, it felt hungry. Licking its mouth, it slowly approached the bowl.

Only when the wolf cub finished eating the chicken feet, did it realise that Xiao Xi did not chase it around the room, pinned it down and force fed it medicine like last time. Its eyes flickered with a certain emotion before seeing her leave the room. The little snow wolf also followed along. It stood on the stone threshold and watched as Xiao Xi silhouette become smaller and smaller.

The little snow wolf stared for while. Waiting until Xiao Xi’s figure became distant, it finally returned to its room to wait… for that little fox…

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