The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 81 Part 2

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Chapter 81 Part 2 — Feng Lingran, What’s Wrong With You?


“Not necessarily the actual Xiao Lu, maybe someone disguised as her in order to sneak into Regent’s Palace.”

Xiao Xi was shocked, Yi Rong Art? No wonder Xiao Lu knew martial arts. If she was just a simple maidservant, how could have her family afford a master to teach her? If she really had the ability and talent, then she did not have to become a servant girl in the regent palace.

Art of shifting and changing one’s appearance easily.

“I remember that when she was chasing me once, when there was no one around, she used her internal force to strike me into the beast enclosure.”

Feng Lingran’s eyebrows knitted, he grabbed her arm and questioned, “Why didn’t you inform Ben Wang then?”

Because of his suddenly contact, Xiao Xi had almost dropped her clothes. Feeling the heat from his palm seeping into her skin, Xiao Xi’s face quickly bloomed blood florets.

“I… was a fox that time.”

Xiao XI hung her head in despair, only to see her own red fruit feet and slender legs. Her brain fried and she quickly said, “Feng Lingran, let go and turn around. I want to wear some clothes.”

Red fruit 赤果: naked. an attempt a censorship of the word naked, 裸

Did she just think about wearing clothes now? Wasn’t it too late?

Feng Lingran’s inky eyes were focused on her delicate and blood red face. His own unparalleled beauty suddenly drew in to hers, stopping until his nose touched her cheek. He took in a deep breath.

“Little thing, what did herb did you use on body? Why is it so sweet?

He usually felt that the perfume from women’s bodies were unbearable. But this little thing’s fragrance in front of him, gave him a certain urge that had never occurred before.

Feng Lingran breath sprayed against her cheek. Weakened and numb, steamy and sultry, Xiao Xi’s heart rate was in turmoil, but she couldn’t leave.

Their bodies were ever close, if Xiao Xi was to move even a little, she could expose the tail behind her. She did not dare to move.

Feng Lingran’s broad chest suddenly pinned her against the wall. His nose travelled down her cheek until it stopped at her silky neck.

“Feng Lingran.”

Xiao Xi’s voice trembled as she felt cool lips lightly brushed across her neck. She was both nervous and worried, this body of hers was gradually becoming soft.


Feng Lingran’s voice dragged. His obsidian gaze flashed with a strange darkness as he became fixated on her fragile skin.

“Can you let go?”

Xiao Xi started growing more flustered, her small hand tried to push his chest, wanting to push him away. But no matter how much force she’d used, her strength was like a small raft in the middle of the storm.

“And If Ben Wang doesn’t?”

His voice suddenly had a strange edge to it, unlike the normal Feng Lingran.

Xiao Xi’s heart quivered, even she felt that Feng Lingran wasn’t acting normal. It was like that time on the carriage, when his eyes held a strange glint. Xiao Xi couldn’t exactly describe the feeling, but it was like he ate the wrong medication, becoming another person entirely.

“Feng Lingran, what’s wrong with you?”

Her heart stopped when she felt his lips latched onto her skin. Silk currents penetrated through her body and her vision suddenly grew misty.

Feng Lingran ignored her, he was currently in another world. The tip of his tongue glided across her skin, softly mumbling, “How fragrant.”

Her body shook, and the clothes she held in her palm fell to the ground. Her current mind was chaotic, she wanted to pick the clothes up, but when she remembered her tail… she didn’t dare to move.

Xiao Xi screamed when she felt pain on her neck. Only when she felt a tug on her skin did she realise, what was he trying to do?

“Feng Lingran are you crazy? Are you drinking my blood?”

Xiao Xi was worried, but if someone was drinking their blood, who wouldn’t be anxious?

Her small hand continuously hit his chest. She twisted her body, wanting to escape his hold.

Feng Lingran grabbed her restless hand, and clasping it with his, he pinned it against the wall before fulling evolping her body with his own.

With her body nailed to the wall, she was rendered immobilized. Xiao Xi gasped emotionally before suddenly remembering that her legs could move. Her eyes flashed.

Feng Lingran, it was you who’s crazily drinking my blood, don’t blame me…

Her knees slammed upwards with force, but who knew that Feng Lingran was prepared. His long legs swept under her, forcing her to straddle him.

AdvertisementThat was how she came to be sitting on his lap, all the while affix on the wall.

Xiao Xi’s face once again flushed scarlet. She had always thought that Feng Lingran was the cold type, never would have thought that once he’d… he would… he would… Xiao Xi could not think of any adjectives to describe Feng Lingran.

Her neck felt painful and itchy, like the amalgamation of ice and fire. She stopped resisting and gradually relax in his arms, pumped out of strength.


After a while.

Feng Lingran’s soft lips finally left her neck.

Was it finally over? Was he back to normal now?”

Xiao Xi thought in her heart, once he regained consciousness, saw what he had done to her, would he want to find a hole to crawl into?

He raised his head, there were still traces of blood on his lips, adding another level of seductiveness to his appearance.

“Little thing, your fresh blood tastes really nice.”

Xiao Xi was stunned. Of course fresh blood taste nice. Come, lower you head, let me have a bite.

“Feng Lingran, is your cultivation going berserk!?”

Xiao Xi’s crimson face heaved at Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran licked the blood from his thin lips and smiled. It was devilish enough to look like Zi Yi.


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