The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 81 Part 1

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Chapter 81 Part 1 —


The sound of the door opening snapped her out of her thoughts. Her face paled, and her heart pounded, didn’t Qin Wen say that Feng Lingran wouldn’t come?

Xiao Xi became anxious, what should she do now? She didn’t want Feng Lingran to see her like this! In a fluster, Xiao Xi held her breath before sinking into the water.

Not long after, Xiao Xi noticed white powder being sprinkled into the water, then the sound of footsteps disappeared. Her head quietly resurfaced, only to see the retreating figure of a maidservant. Xiao Xi pursed her lips, this maidservant’s back looked awfully familiar! She seemed to have seen her somewhere before.

Suddenly, an image flashed through Xiao Xi’s head, and she was shocked. Wasn’t that back Xiao Lu’s?

If had she remembered correctly, Xiao Xi should have died, how did she resurrect ah?

Unless that was her corpse?

Xiao Xi suddenly felt that the pool water turn cold. She sneezed, and waited until Xiao Lu left before jumping out to look at the water.

What did she put in the water? Did Xiao Lu want to harm Feng Lingran?

Xiao Xi felt that things weren’t so simple. She grabbed a towel to dry her body, and shook her tail to get the water out. Picking up the new clothes prepared by Qin Wen, she put them on…

Just as she wore a dudou (traditional camisole), she heard the sound of footsteps again from the door. Xiao Xi was shocked, did Xiao Lu come back?

Xiao Xi quickly grabbed a outer robe and a skirt before running to hide behind a screen. From a slit in the screen, she could see just who was it that came in. She wanted to know why Xiao Lu had came back.

Though it wasn’t Xiao Lu who had came into her field of vision, but Feng Lingran instead. He was looking at the spot where Xiao Xi had chucked her dirty clothes. She suddenly felt her face flush, his unsurprised look probably meant that he knew she was bathing now.

Handsome guy, since you already know, then why did you still come in? Did you want to bathe with me?

Xiao Xi mind went blank, but at the next moment, her eyes widen. What was Feng Lingran doing?

Taking his robe off.

Was he getting ready to bathe?

That was the water she had just used to clean herself ah! Wasn’t Feng Lingran a mysophobic? Why was he still going down to wash?

Xiao Xi recalled the time that he bathed her when she was a little fox in the bathtub, felt that Feng Lingran lied about his mysophobia.

Feng Lingran was just like Zi Yi, both of them were big liars.

The luxurious robe was taken off and left onto a jade chair. His beautiful skin and refined lines, were all exposed and showcased in front of Xiao Xi. She was stunned, and although this wasn’t the first time she saw Feng Lingran’s perfect figure, but every time she did, she would blush intensely. Her heart jumped, so beautiful…

Then, he took his… cough cough, this isn’t suitable for children.

Feng Lingran’s muscular long legs were just about to step into the pool, when Xiao Xi suddenly remembered about the unknown substance Xiao Lu had sprinkled in the pool. Hurriedly, she warned at Feng Lingran, “Don’t go in!”

At same time, her body accidentally touched the screen, pushing it over to the floor. Xiao Xi’s heart also fell with the screen, she unstably retreated until her tail and bare back collided with the wall behind her.

Hearing the commotion, Feng Lingran’s robe flew towards his palm, he elegantly turned, and the robe was on. Feng Lingran’s dark eyes flew towards the blushing girl by the wall. Her jade liked arms and delicate collar bone were bare, even her pair of long slim legs and snow white skin on her thighs…

Feng Lingran’s dark eyes deepened, his adam’s apple rolled.

“I wasn’t peeping at you on purpose! the water was tampered by someone, I was afraid you would be poisoned.”

Xiao Xi’s delicate face was flushed. She really didn’t mean to peep, she had thought Xiao Lu returned, but who knew it was Feng Lingran instead. When he started to undress, it was impossible for her to not look even if she didn’t want to ah!

Feng Lingran strode towards her, grabbing the jade belt on the chair on the way, he tied it around his waist. Xiao Xi watched as he came closer, conscious of her tails, she retreated further even further into the wall. She wanted to run but couldn’t, what should she do now?

Feng Lingran walked up to her, his black eyes fixed on her blushing face, “Who poisoned the water?”

Seeing as he failed to notice the tails behind her, Xiao Xi sighed a breath in relief, ” When I was bathing, I heard someone came in so I hid underwater. I saw someone sprinkle in a white powder into the water. Thinking it was strange, I popped my head out to look. It was… the dead Xiao Lu.”

Feng Lingran frowned, the dead Xiao Lu?

He remembered now, it was the hysteric maidservant that the little snow wolf had bitten.

“Feng Lingran, is Xiao Lu really dead? Was there a chance that she didn’t die at all?”

“The maidservant at that time did truly die, but it’s uncertain whether or not that she was the Xiao Lu you’d saw just now.”

“Ah? You mean the actual Xiao Lu may still be alive?”

“Not necessarily the actual Xiao Lu, maybe someone disguised as her in order to sneak into Regent’s Palace.”

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