The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 80 Part 2

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Chapter 80 Part 2 — 


With its mouth pinched shut by Xiao Xi, the snow pup still managed to yelp in reluctance.

“Don’t yell anymore!”


Qin Wen was delivering the the little wolf’s meal when he saw the bizarre scene in front of him.

A beautiful girl was straddling the poor little wolf. Both of her hands pinching the wolf’s snout closed, as she warned with a wretched expression, ‘don’t yell anymore’…

“You.. what are you trying to do?”

Qin Wen walked in, speaking loudly.

Xiao Xi jumped in surprise from Qin Wen’s sudden voice. She was only giving the Jin Pill to the little wolf, she wasn’t trying to do anything bad ah!

Once she saw the little wolf swallow the Jin Pill, she released it. She got up, and dusted off her clothes.

Acting like a shocked maiden, the snow pup pitifully ran to Qin Wen’s side before staring cautiously at Xiao Xi.

Qin Wen crouched down, and placed the bones in front of it. Seeing that it didn’t even want to eat, but was staring at Xiao Xi in fear, he felt that the little snow wolf was suffering from her ‘poison.” He stroked the cub’s head in sympathy.

He looked up, glaring at Xiao Xi, “Miss has such a kind appearance, but who would have thought that Miss would do such a thing.”

“What did I do?” Xiao Xi was baffled.

“Miss should know clearly in her heart, but let me remind Miss, this little snow wolf is not something you can touch casually. Don’t ever step into this room again.”
“Qin Guanjia, now what you said wasn’t right. Why can’t I touch the little snow wolf? Its mine in the first place.”

Qin Wen’s eye twitched when he heard what she said. This Miss had already expressed so clearly, it was difficult for him to not misunderstand .

“Miss, please pay attention to your words.”

Qin Wen’s gaze was weird, how was she not paying attention to her words?

“Can’t be bothered anymore.”

After she finish, she turned and left the room.



The moment Qin Wen saw Xiao Xi and Feng Lingran eating dinner together at the table, his eyes widened in shock, as if he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. Off all the ladies in the Regent Palace, none of them had the qualifications eat with Wangye, yet this miss… just who was she? Why did Wangye treat her so differently?

Qin Wen stared at the girl’s exquisite face, she looked around thirteen to fourteen years old, if she was any younger, Qin Wen would have definitely assumed that she was Feng Lingran’s illegitimate child. Although thinking about it, that was also not possible, Wangye didn’t like women, so how could he have an illegitimate child?

13/14? Feels weird man. But let’s remember that XX is a uni student at heart

Qin Wen wasn’t stupid, he wouldn’t go asking about her identity. But he also remembered to not offend her in the future. She in Feng Lingran’s heart, held a place.

Xiao Xi saw the table full of delicious food, and picked up her chopsticks. It felt so good to be able to use chopsticks again.

Without a care, Xiao Xi started to eat. When she saw a pair of jade chopsticks placing a piece of meat into her bowl, Xiao Xi eyes curved in happiness as she looked at Feng Lingran’s handsome face. Her lips morphed into a smile, flashing her perfect white teeth.

Staring at Xiao Xi’s happy expression, a soft light flickered past Feng Lingran’s cold dark eyes.

One meal later, Xiao Xi was very full.

She touched her stomach, noticing that it was protruding quite a bit. Could it be that she was getting fat?

Ai~ It seems like she needed to control herself more, she couldn’t eat as much as she wants now. But… the food in the Regent’s Palace was so good, how could she stop herself ah!


Late at night.

Qin Wen had came to delivered clean clothes for Xiao Xi to change into, “Miss Xiao, the pool water have been prepared, please head in for a bath.”

Pool water? Bath?

Xiao Xi immediately remembered Feng Lingran’s spacious White Jade Pool, could it be that Qin Wen was asking her to bathe there?

Indeed, Qin Wen was inviting Xiao Xi to bathe there. When he heard Feng Lingran, he had also thought that he had misheard.

Qin Wen studied at Xiao Xi for a while. Even though she was pretty, she wasn’t the most beautifulest Wang Ye had seen. Instead, the one that captured Wangye’s heart, looks like, the regent’s wangfei, would the the Lady Xiao in front of him.

But, this Miss Xiao was still young, he was afraid that Wangye needed to wait another two years before he could…

Qin Wen blushed, what was he thinking?


Xiao Xi followed Qin Guanjia to the White Jade Pool. After making sure Feng Lingran wouldn’t come in, she let Qin Guanjia out, and closed the outside door.

Taking off her clothes, Xiao Xi saw the snow white tail behind her. Her leg’s length tail swayed in air like a beautiful scenery, but it was too stunning to directly stare at it. Xiao Xi’s tail moved to front, and her small hands gently stroked it. She sighed deeply, this tail, when would it go away?

Xiao Xi’s eyes suddenly widened. She grabbed her tail and observed it, she had initially saw one, don’t know when it was spilt but now there were two tails. Xiao Xi froze on the spot.

An emotion named…devastation.

At that moment, Xiao Xi was on the brink of a breakdown.

What was happening?

Xiao Xi snapped back into reality. Her upper body had already started to become cold. She shivered and jumped into pool. The water was hot, but it couldn’t warm up her frozen heart..

One tail had already made her anxious, yet another came out. Would there be more in the future? Three? Four? Five?

The sound of the door opening snapped her out of her thoughts. Her face paled, and her heart pounded, didn’t Qin Wen say that Feng Lingran wouldn’t come?

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