The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 80 Part 1

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Chapter 80 Part 1 — Don’t Yell Anymore


“Master, I really have something important to ask you, can you not tease me?”

Zi Yi’s phoenix eyes smiled, his eyebrows curved in happiness as his face urged Xiao Xi to continue.

“Master, do you have ament for the little snow wolf’s rabies?”

“Rabies? There is a way.” But before Xiao Xi have the chance to rejoice, Zi Yi continued, “As long as you have the Huo Yi grass, then it can be saved.”

Xiao Xi frowned, “But I’ve already given the Huo Yi Grass to Wan Siyu, now that he has disappeared, I don’t know where to find him.”

“Disciple-er, why are you so stupid? How rare is the Huo Yi Grass? And you gave it to Wan Si Yi. No normal person would use it to save a wolf’s life.”

“But isn’t the life of the little wolf also a life?”

“Disciple-er, don’t get mad at Master, Master was only speaking of the truth. If you had given the Huo Yi Grass to Master, Master would have definitely saved the little wolf, everyone is equal, all life matters.”

Only after hearing these words, did Xiao Xi’s anger quell. Zi Yi’s face was so similar to Feng Lingran, but the way the two people treated things, were completely different.

“Master, I was too emotional just then, apologies.” Xiao Xi knew her temper wasn’t good but she still grabbed Zi Yi’s arm with her small hand, and shook it pleadingly, “Apart from the Huo Yi Grass, are there any other ways to save the little snow wolf? Master, please, help Disciple ah!”

Zi Yi sat up. His handsome face drew closer to Xiao Xi’s. “Do you really want to save the little snow wolf?”

She nodded.

“At any costs?”

She nodded again without hesitation.

Zi Yi stared at Xiao Xi for a moment. Seeing you.”

Xiao Xi ‘Ah?’ in shock. The Jin Pill can save the little snow wolf? Then would it be also like her, and turn human as well?

Zi Yi’s finger hooked under Xiao Xi’s chin, pulling her closer his face until the tip of their noses were almost touching, “Disciple-er, you still have time to consider before you decide to giving the Jin Pill to the little snow wolf. But let Master remind you; once something is done, prepare to bear the consequences, because in this world, there is no medicine for regret. “

Xiao Xi studied Zi Yi’s face, how could it be so similar to Feng Lingran?

“Master, are you telling me that once I give the Jin Pill to the little wolf, I will…”

Zi Yi’s fingers gently grazed her lips, “Shh… Some things, as long as your heart understand, are better left unsaid.”

And after that, Zi Yi went back to lazing around on the chaise lounge.

Xiao Xi started at him for awhile, before saying,“Master, I still have one more thing to ask you, I hope Master could help Disciple.”

“Hm?” His phoenix eyes moved to her face.

When she heard his “Hm?”, Xiao Xi felt that if the man in front of her wasn’t wearing a purple robe, she would had really thought that it was Feng Lingran lying on the lounge.

“After the little snow wolf ate the Jin Pill, would it also -like me, become human?”

Zi Yi laughed, his phoenix eyes full of demonic charm, “All of this depends on the little snow wolf.”


Waking up, Xiao Xi took out the Jin Pill bottle that Zi Yi put in her clothes, there were 5 remaining pieced inside. So to speak, if she consumed all of them, she would fully become human, to losing one… maybe her time as a human would lessen.

It was hard for a beast to be human, but easy for a human to become beast. Xiao Xi really did not know how to describe the current mood.

From the pill bottle, Xiao Xi took a small piece of the Jin Pill, and without the slightest hesitation, she left the room.

At that moment, Feng Lingran had just came back. He noticed Xiao Xi leaving with her head lowered, and reached out to grab her arm.

“Where are you going?”

XIao Xi blanked for a moment, before raising her head to stare at Feng Lingran. Just then, she saw Zi Yi, now seeing the exactly same face, she felt a bit weird.

“I want to see the little snow wolf.” When she thought of the poor wolf in the room, waiting for the little fox to come back, her nose turned a bit sour.

What a foolish little wolf.

Feng Lingran didn’t stop her, and released her arm.

He wouldn’t allow Wan Siyu to enter the Palace, so that little snow wolf don’t have much time left…

“Hm, you can accompany that snow wolf for the next few days.”

Xiao Xi was a little surprised, ais if she felt that wasn’t Feng Lingran’s style. If he knew that she was going to use the Jin Pill to save it, she was afraid that he would regret it.


Walking out of the room, Xiao Xi once again arrived at the little snow wolf’s room. A certain little wolf was staring excitedly at the doorway, but the moment it laid eyes on Xiao Xi, it pulled its ears down, its wolf eyes reflecting disappointment.


After a while.

Xiao Xi chased the little snow wolf around the room. This cute yet naive cub, it was so sticky to the little fox before, but now, it was her that was desperately trying to catch it.

Xiao Xi wolf pounced, and pressed the little wolf down. Two hands reached out to grab the snow white body, and with a forehead full of sweat, she said, “Let’s see where can you still run now?”

The snow wolf was finally pressed down by her. Tired to the point where it couldn’t move, it stuck out it’s tongue, and panted for air.

When Xiao Xi saw that opportunity, she stuffed the Jin Pill -that she had already prepared beforehand, into its mouth. Noticing its expression like it was jusforce-fed poison, she quickly pinched its snout, not allowing him to spit it out.

With its mouth pinched shut by Xiao Xi, the snow pup still managed to yelp in reluctance.

“Don’t yell anymore!”


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4 thoughts on “The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 80 Part 1

  1. Hmm, it makes me feel that the “regret” is not about “not turning into human”. Perhaps she could cure Feng Lingran’s poison if she consumed the whole pill, but not anymore (I really hope that this isn’t what Zi Yi meant)

  2. I am on edge here – all the possibilities I can imagine. This little wolf pup will become another admirer. Or a cute little rice ball boy who follows her around all the time. Or its a female and she becomes the love interest of the other country’s prince. Or – nothing happens and Our Heroine is stuck with that darn tail for her shortened lifetime. I think maybe I should read fewer novels . . .

  3. …lingran gonna kill wan siyu… When he discovers she cut her time as human… Well, as long as she can be left with her tail its all good! Still wanna the kemonomimi!

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