The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 79 Part 2

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Chapter 79 Part 2 — 

Titles will be italicised in this chapter to prevent confusion.

Regent Palace.

When Yun Ni heard the news of Feng Lingran returning, her pretty face brightened. She grabbed her skirt and ran towards the door. “Brother Feng, Brother Feng, you finally came back. Yun Ni had waited for so long, but seeing Brother Feng, Yun Ni thinks that it was worth the wait.”

Yun Ni only had Feng Lingran in her eyes. She ran to his side, and shoved Xiao Xi away, and try to affectionately hold onto his arms.

Pushed aside by Yun Ni, Xiao Xi almost lost her balance and fell to the ground. Just as she was restabilizing herself, she saw Yun Ni’s reaching for Feng Lingran’s arms. She glowered, feeling discomfort in her heart.

Feng Lingran shifted away before Yun Ni’s hands managed to touched his arm, he frowned, “Qin Wen.”

“Wangye, this servant is here.”

Qin Wen quickly appeared in the visual range of Feng Lingran.

“Ben Wang is tired, send Yun Ni Jun Zhu back to her residence.”

Jun Zhu 郡主 is a title for the daughter of the crown prince.

From the beginning, Feng Lingran had never acknowledged Yun Ni’s words, suffice it to say, he did not even acknowledge her at all. Instead, he lifted his leg and walked inside the palace.

It was not unreasonable that Yun Ni was treated so coldly by him. Feng Lingran’s attitude was cold in the first place, but this Yun Ni Jun Zhu had still regularly visited the Regent’s Palace. If he was warmer to her, would she not just If he treated her less harshly, wouldn’t she moved in next?

This Yun Ni Jun Zhu only gave Feng Lingran a headache, but the moment Qin Wen saw her, his head had also started hurting.

“Brother Feng… Yun Ni doesn’t want leave. Brother Feng must be tired, Yun Ni can help Brother Feng massage your shoulders and relax…”

Qin Wen couldn’t bear to listen on anymore, were these the words of a unmarried woman should say? Too frivolous!

Unmarried woman could also mean a debutante into society. Girls are expected to be pure before marriage so in this context it was more suitable to use unmarried woman.

Once Xiao Xi saw Feng Lingran ignoring Yun Ni, her mood became better. She had a big smile, and followed him into the Regent’s Palace.

“Yun Ni Jun Zhu, Wangye’s journey was long and difficult. Wangye is very tired, Jun Zhu should still go back!”

Qin Wen’s words were not very humble.

Yun Ni noticed Xiao Xi following Feng Lingran, and was slightly stunned. Her beautiful eyes flashed dark light, yet another lowly concubine striving for Brother Feng’s love.

What was there to be proud of being a cheap concubine? Did she think that just because she came with Brother Feng to the palace, she’d become his woman now? Keep dreaming!

Brother Feng was pure, and had never approached any female. That lowly concubine should wait for her day to enter the Regent’s Cold Palace!

A place where the unfavored concubines/consorts go

Yun Ni bit her lip as she cursed Xiao Xi in her heart, but she didn’t put Xiao Xi in her eyes. Hatefully glaring at Qin Wen, she warned, “Ben Jun Zhu will definitely become the Regent’s Wangfei one day. Qin Guanjia, you should go polish your eyesight!”

Guanjia (管家) butler but not really. Head housekeeper.

Yun Ni Jun Zhu turned and left after finishing.


Xiao Xi immediately went to see the little snow wolf the moment she stepped into regent palace. When she saw the snow cub, its paws had already healed. Weirdly, the wolf remained in the room and had not return to the Beast Enclosure. Was it waiting for her to come back?

Xiao Xi walked towards the little snow wolf. Her mouth morphed into a smile, before stretching her hand out to touch it. But a certain little wolf didn’t recognise her, acting as if she was a stranger, it hurriedly retreated backwards.

Xiao Xi’s hand paused in mid-air. She knelt in front of the little snow wolf and said, “Little Snow Wolf, you don’t recognise me anymore? I’m the little fox ah!”

The wolf cub couldn’t understand human’s language. It stared at Xiao Xi’s outstretched hand, as if afraid that she would touch it.

Xiao Xi thought of the little fox’s squeaks, maybe this cute little wolf could understand better. Her mouth squeaked a few times, yet instead of seeing a gleeful expression on its face, it had retreated even further.

Three black lines appeared on Xiao Xi’s forehead, it seems that this little snow wolf couldn’t recognise her anymore.

Now its leg was healed, she didn’t know if Wan Siyu had cured rabies?

Xiao Xi left the room, and went to find Qin Guanjia (Qin Wen). When she asked about Wan Siyu, he was a bit surprised, but still told her that, every since he left, he didn’t come back.

When Xiao Xi heard this, she instantly bursted with anger. Damned Wan Siyu, he had already obtained the Huo Yi Grass, but he was not using it to treat the Little Snow Wolf’s rabies. What did he mean by this? He had basically lied to her!

She became very worried for the little snow wolf, and ran to find Feng Lingran only for him to say to not to look for Wan Siyu anymore.

Did he (WSY) not want to cure the little wolf’s rabies?

Xiao Xi’s heart was anxious and furious at the same time. She hated Wan Siyu to death, what a detestable liar.

What should she do now? Eastern Jin was so big, she definitely won’t be able to find him. With Feng Lingran unwilling to help her now, she could not just watch the little wolf die ah!

Xiao Xi suddenly thought of Zi Yi, and her eyes lit up. She went back into the room and slept.



“Disciple-er, you have never even thought of Master these past few days, Master can’t stand it anymore.” Zi Yi laid on a gorgeous chaise lounge, his purple robe flirtatious, almost like a demon.

Seeing Zi Yi, Xiao Xi’s was pleasantly surprise. She ran to his side and grabbed his arm with both of her hands.

“Good master, I have something important to ask of you.”

“If your not thinking of master then nothing is important.”

Xiao Xi was speechless.

Zi Yi leaned on his hand, and the corner of his mouth lifted into a devilish smirk. “You and Feng Lingran kissed? How was it? Pleasant?”

“…” She blushed.

“Hehehe… Disicple-er’s face is red, looks like it did feel pleasant. Disciple-er, did you think of master when you kissed Feng Lingran?”

“Master, I really have something important to ask you, can you not tease me?”

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