The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 79 Part 1

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Chapter 79 Part 1 — Didn’t Want to Kiss You


Xiao Xi opened her mouth to speak when the carriage suddenly jolted. Uncontrollably, she moved forward and slammed into Feng Lingran’s body. Her lips, were inevitably also pressed against his…

Xiao Xi was stunned. Her black eyes matched Feng Lingran’s twilight ones, the eyes that looked like ten-thousand years iced lake. His lips were slightly cold, but held a tinge of springiness among the softness. A spark of electricity travelled through Xiao Xi’s pink lips, and straight into her heart. Xiao Xi blushed after recovering for some time, and flustered, she got up.

Xiao Xi tried to stare somewhere else, but unknowingly, it flew to Feng Lingran. She choked. His position now… remained the same as when she pushed him over.

“I.. I… it was the carriage that made me bump into you. Don’t blame me, I didn’t want to kiss you.”

Xiao Xi could not form any words.

Feng Lingran leaned forward, and stared at the red faced, incoherent girl. His lips pursed, her warm temperature and soft fragrance was still there.

After Xiao Xi finished, she felt that the more she try to explain herself, the more worse it gets. She sneaked a peek at Feng Lingran, but sighed a relief when she didn’t see anger on his face. He didn’t blame her?

Suddenly, the carriage jolted again.

Xiao Xi’s body was not stable yet, and with the force of inertia, she was pushed onto Feng Lingran again. Her eyes widen, the waves haven’t even rested when another one came. God ah! Can you stop playing her?

A chengyu for 一波刚平,一波又起, which means the first problem wasn’t even solved yet, when another one arose.

The moment Xiao Xi was in Feng Lingran’s arms, he caught her. Although her lips didn’t touch his this time, it was pressed against his handsome face instead. Her heart stopped beating, her whole body froze, she wanted to die….

Her lips were on his cheek. Feng Lingran’s dark eyes and feathered like lashes locked onto the girl in his embrace. “Not even at the Palace, yet you’re already throwing yourself into Ben Wang’s arms?”

Xiao Xi’s face went more red, and her small mouth left his handsome face. But when she wanted to remove herself, his body pressed against hers.

She stared at Feng Lingran in shock, her heart was like a deer jumping around. He… he… what did he mean?

Feng Lingran’s deep onyx eyes fell on Xiao Xi’s red and hot face, “Hm?”

Xiao Xi’s eyes darted around in panic, although she had kissed him before when she was a fox, but the feeling from the past and the present were completely different. She was human now, so she could no longer act like a fox. She knew that the things between men and women were nowhere near to a human and a fox….

Her tail extended at the sound of the ‘hm’, reflecting the inner ‘nine turns eighteen bends’ turmoil her heart was in. Xiao Xi didn’t mean that at all, but now that she threw herself into his arm twice, even if she had a hundred mouths, she could not explain herself.

“Feng Lingran, your carriage is too bumpy.” She lowered her face, she couldn’t escape, so she sat in his arms. She didn’t understand, what exactly did this man want from her?

“The carriage is too bumpy? Was that why you fell into Ben Wang’s arms? And accidentally kissed Ben Wang?” Feng Lingran’s deep gaze landed onto the girl in his embrace, that delicate face, was flushed bright crimson, her cheeks a blood red blossom. Feng Lingran’s mouth suddenly felt parched, and his gaze became even deeper.

“I didn’t expect for this to happen, it was just inertia!”

As she finished, Xiao Xi discovered that Feng Lingran’s stare was slightly weird. She sucked in a breath. Didn’t he hate getting close to women? Why was he staring at her then? It was like he wanted to eat her…

This type of eat wasn’t him wanting to do what to her, but the swallow her whole, type of eat.

Xiao Xi frowned, how could she have such weird thoughts? Although Feng Lingran was cold, he wasn’t a devil who eats people. Not to mention, she didn’t even have any meat on her, she wouldn’t be enough for him to get full ah!

“Inertia?” Feng Lingran whispered, the tip of nose approached Xiao Xi’s face, his eyes dark and strange, “What did you put on your body? Why is it so sweet?”


Xiao Xi’s cheeks flushed, and her face moved away. But his big palm suddenly held her face, and his face closed in. Even his fragrance lingered on her nose.

“I didn’t do anything, Feng Lingran, are you okay?”

Xiao Xi vaguely felt that Feng Lingran didn’t act right. Plus, the look in his eyes, did not seem like the usual frozen lake, but instead a foreign look, a type of ‘makes her blush even harder’ foreign look.

Feng Lingran blanked at Xiao Xi’s words, instead he glanced at he face that was heating up. Even his nose could feel the warmth radiating off her cheeks. His lips, almost touched hers again….

Feng Lingran frowned and closed his eyes. What’s happening to him?

When he opened his eyes again, he reverted back to normal handsome face. Releasing Xiao Xi with a light cough, he said, “You sure have willpower.”

Xiao Xi left their position and returned to her own seat. After hearing Feng Lingran’s words, she went red again, but her mouth also pulled into a smile. Was he… trying to test her will power towards handsome men?

That was too ridiculous right?


Feng Lingran’s eyes drifted onto Xiao Xi’s back. His gaze deepened as he contemplated.

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