The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 78 Part 1

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Chapter 78 Part 1 — 


Zi Yi nodded with a smile, “Master knows… that Master’s hand is touching your face.”

Xiao Xi hurriedly went to explain, “That’s not what I meant. Master, what I meant to say was that you could touch my face instead of passing right through!”

This man was really… ah! Why did he have to deliberately misunderstand her meaning?

Zi Yi saw Xiao Xi being so cute, he chuckled in amusement.

His laughter stopped.

Looking at Xiao Xi, the corners of Zi Yi’s mouth raised into a devilish smirk, “Disciple, do you know why Master can touch your face?”

Xiao Xi shook her head, but then suddenly had a revelation, her eyes twinkled as she replied. “Is it because this is a dream? We are all imaginary beings, and so thats why master could touch me?”


Zi Yi nodded with a smile, “Good Disciple, so smart.”

The hand that was petting her face held no temperature, but it wasn’t ice cold. How should she explain this? It was like a piece of silk, resting on her cheek.

“Good disciple. Seeing as you are being being harassed by a evil villain, Master has especially came to give you something.”


Wan Siyu’s face immediately appeared in Xiao Xi’s head, did Zi Yi mean… Wan Siyu?

Zi Yi’s hand left Xiao Xi’s face, and a purple pearl magically appeared in his palm.

Xiao Xi stared at the pearl in curiosity, was this the thing that Zi Yi wanted to give her?

Knowing that everything Zi Yi possessed could be considered as a treasure, Xiao Xi asked, “Master, what does this purple pearl do?”

Zi Yi smirked before grabbing her right hand and held her middle finger with his own slender ones. The other hand holding the pearl flickered, and the pearl mystically disappeared into her right hand’s middle finger.

“This is a Zi Yuntong. Whenever the villain comes, disciple only needs to shake your middle finger and the villian will be defeated.”

Xiao Xi stared surprisingly at her middle finger, was it really that powerful?

She gently shook her middle finger, when suddenly, a flash of purple light flew out of the tip. Xiao Xi was stupefied and refuse to believe that she had gained this ability.

“How is Disciple feeling?”

“Good, very good. Master, you are too good to Disciple!”


“Hahaha! Don’t fall for Master, this would destroy Master’s Principles.”



Xiao Xi woke up in the morning feeling more tired. She had actually spent the whole night dreaming about Zi Yi…

Cough cough. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t anything, she was only practicing the ‘Zi Yuntong Technique.”

“If you woke up, then hurry and get ready!’


Feng Lingran took the lead and left the room after speaking to her.

Xiao Xi waited until Feng Lingran’s retreating figure could no longer be seen before inspecting her middle finger. She gently shook it, and a ray of purple light flew out of the tip, making a nearby chair disappear into thin air.

Her heart started pounding, really was exactly like her dream last night.

Zi Yi had said, the more one cultivates this skill, the more powerful it gets. She had only started yesterday night, making the ray of light travel this far was already not bad.

Xiao Xi sudden had a whim, she pointed her finger at herself and…


Xiao Xi yelled in pain, cuddling her left arm, it really hurts ah!

Although her arm hurts she was very happy. She unwound her sleeves and saw her arm go purple, seeing this she laughed excitedly.

When Xiao Xi arrived downstairs, Feng Lingran was already sitting in the carriage. Looking inside, there was a steaming hot bun and a bowl of rice porridge waiting for her, there was even a meat dish. Xiao Xi gleamed at Feng Lingran before stretching her hands out to munch on the the bun.

The carriage slowly moved forward. The pot of rice porridge swayed with the movement of the carriage, prone to spilling anytime. Xiao Xi picked up the bowl and asked, “Feng Lingran, do you want some porridge?”

Feng Lingran took a glance at Xiao Xi, “Ben Wang has already eaten breakfast.”


When? How? So fast!

Xiao Xi took the porridge and quickly gulped it down.

When she finished eating, she felt very full. She saw Feng Lingran sitting so calmly -like a monk devoid of worldly matters. She stared at his face and had to admit, this guy was too handsome ah~ Unfortunately, his personality was sometimes too cold, if he changed it, then it’ll be perfect.

Remembering the tail behind her, and Xiao Xi recalled that Zi Yi had given her the few remaining pieces of the Jin Pill. So bothersome, if she could, she really didn’t want to experience the pain of transforming again.

But, she had to get rid of this tail, it was too demonic lah!

A day flew by very quickly. In a blink of an eye, it became night.

Xiao Xi knew that it was impossible for them to rest in inn tonight, as there was only one night remaining on their journey.

She shook her head, who cares! It was time for her to sleep now!

About the time it takes for one incense to burn, Xiao Xi’s breathing leveled, falling into a deep sleep.

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