The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 — Touch Her, and Ben Wang Will Kill You


Inside a carriage.

Xiao Xi sat in boredom, staring at the resting Feng Lingran. As if she was an old man, she sighed and held his palm in her small hand, “Feng Lingran, we’ve sat in the carriage for almost a day now. I’m tired, so can we go find a inn to rest in?”

She wasn’t like him, she needed to go out and stretch her limbs ah!

Feng Lingran opened his eyes and glanced at the tender white hand holding his palm, he faintly said, “It takes 5 days and 5 nights to return to Eastern Jin in a carriage. On this trip, we can’t delay.”

Xiao Xi shook his hand, “Horsey needs to rest too! Traveling for five days and five nights straight, wouldn’t Horsey die from exhaustion!?”

“There are horse changes en route.”

“So… even if Horsey is exhausted to death, it wouldn’t matter?”

When Xiao Xi finished, she let go of Feng Lingran’s hand and absentmindedly looked out the carriage window. The roadside scenery quickly passed by. This world’s carriage was not much slower than the modern world’s car, but unlike the car, it could not be driven in the night.

Xiao Xi suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable, she was sad for Horsey.

Feng Lingran saw Xiao Xi’s depressed expression and softly said, “Horsey won’t die.”

Xiao Xi whipped her head and with bright eyes, she asked “Really?”

Feng Lingran nodded, then closed his eyes again.

Xiao Xi grinned. Good, now Horsey wouldn’t be exhausted to death. As for her, it felt as she herself was going to die from exhaustion in the carriage.


In a blink of an eye, the third night had passed.

When Feng Lingran had ordered the driver to find an inn, Xiao Xi was happy that he had finally grew a conscience.

Jumping off the carriage, Xiao Xi walked to the inn with a bent back. Feng Lingran on the other hand, had his back straight, looking completely fine and unaffected.

Xiao Xi glanced at Feng Lingran, her small hand climbed up his arm and hugged him. She put half of her body weight on him, and when his black eyes looked down, she smiled.

“Feng Lingran, I’m tired, borrowing your arm so I can lean on it.”

Feng Lingran stared at her, putting all her weight onto his arm counted as leaning?

The innkeeper saw the two guests, a handsome male and a beautiful female wearing fine clothes, and with a smile in his eyes he greeted them, “Esteemed guests, this little inn just happen to have one remaining suite, upstairs please.”

Feng Lingran stared at the innkeeper and said, “Two rooms.”

The innkeeper took two glances at the Xiao Xi that was hanging from Feng Lingran’s arm, and smiled at him before saying, “This lowly’s inn is only left with the suite, the other rooms… are all occupied.”

This inn is open on the main road that led to three countries. Even on a normal day, the amount of guest is not little. But who knew what special day was it today, apart from that really expensive suite left, the rest of the normal rooms were full.

Feng Lingran’s eyes flashed, but he did not say anything.

Seeing that Feng Lingran was seemingly unwilling, Xiao Xi was afraid that he will leave and make do with the cramped carriage. Hurriedly she said to the innkeeper, “One room is fine. Hand us the key, you don’t have to escort us upstairs.”

The innkeeper smiled and handed the room key to Xiao Xi, then told the them the direction of the suite.

Xiao Xi dragged Feng Lingran upstairs and pouted as she whispered, “Why so dramatic? It’s not like we haven’t slept with each other before.”

Feng Lingran’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, and observed the pouting girl with a deep gaze.

Once they were upstairs, Xiao Xi quickly found the suite, and released her hold on Feng Lingran’s arm, she unlocked the door and walked in. When she saw the not too big and not too small bed, her eyes brightened and leaped onto the bed.

Seeing the happy Xiao Xi on the bed, Feng Lingran’s eyebrows only tightened more. This little fox… did not act like a girl at all…

“I can finally sleep on a bed, so comfortable ah!” Xiao Xi closed her eyes and relaxed.

After a while.

Xiao Xi felt that she was quickly about to fall asleep, she clumsily took her shoes off and layed in bed. She then remembered Feng Lingran, and turned her head to look at him and confusedly ask, “ Feng Lingran, are you sleeping on the bed?”

Not waiting for his reply, she continued, “I can’t take it anymore! I’m sleeping first.”

As soon as she finished, she entered her dream realm.

Feng Lingran observed the already asleep girl. He stood up and walked to the bedside, dark eyes deepened as he studied Xiao Xi’s appearance,

Suddenly, Feng Lingran noticed the sound of movement from outside the door. Flashing to the already opened door, his palm rose and landed a few hits on the intruder. A yell of pain sounded out.

“Ling Ran, show mercy, it’s me, it’s me.”

When Feng Lingran saw that the person was Wan Siyu, he was stunned. But he didn’t show mercy, instead he gave two more palms.

Wan Siyu dodged as he yelled, “Ling Ran, do you want to kill me ah?”

Feng Lingran coldy replied, “Killing you would make things easier.”

Wan Suyu looked at him in a hurtful expression and said, “You know, what I did was for you ah!”

Feng Lingran’s face was like a sheet of ice, he scoffed, “I never needed you to mind my business.”

Seeing Feng Lingran retract his hand, Wan Siyu took the chance and walked into the room. He peered at the sleeping girl, knowing that Feng Lingran had probably sealed her sleeping point.

“She… is that little fox?” Wan Siyu was stunned and said, “She became so pretty, skin like jade, willow like eyebrows, and cherry like lips.

Suddenly, Wan Siyu took out a dagger, and stabbed the sleeping girl in the neck.

Feng Lingran grabbed Wan Siyu, his dark eyes frigid and warned, “Touch her, and Ben Wang will kill you.”

Wan Siyu saw that Feng Lingran was really angry, and said, “Ling Ran, she’s just a small fox that turned human. Don’t tell me, you have feelings for her.”

Feng Lingran coldly reply, “Ben Wang has said before, Ben Wang business don’t need you to mind. Whether a fox or human, Ben Wang will not let you touch her.”

“Not touch her?” Wan Siyu sneered, “Then tell you, what about the cold poison in you body? Only the Jin Pill from Nanling can save you. She swallowed the pill, so her blood is your life saving medicine. If she doesn’t die, then I have to watch you die?

“So, you used the snow wolf’s illness as an excuse to trick her to Nanling, let her obtain the Jin Pill and become Ben Wang’s medicine.” Feng Lingran’s voice lowered dangerously, “Ben Wang’s cold poison, does not need to rely on a little fox to treat.”

“Correct, it was me who tricked her to go to Nanling. In this world, it’s difficult to find another millennium snow fox, I ran across the entire snow mountain just for you, yet I couldn’t find one. There was one in the Regent’s Palace, why should I let it go? Ling Ran, even if she is human now, she would forever just be a little fox. It means nothing if I killed one for you.”

Wan Siyu knew that the Jin Pill was in the Six-Floor Pill Pogoda, it wasn’t that he couldn’t enter, but that he couldn’t find it at all. Only when he went into Nanling’s library and read the ancient books about the Pill Pogoda, did he realise why he couldn’t find it.

When the Jin Pill is consumed by a millennium snow fox, and becomes human, it will become the cure to all poisons in the world.

How so? There wasn’t any explanations in the books, but from the looks of it, the Jin Pill was especially prepared for the Millennium Snow Fox.

Feng Lingran coldy looked at Wan Siyu, his eyes held killing intent. Wan Siyu had goosebumps on his back, he really couldn’t figure out why Feng Lingran cared so much for a little fox.

At that moment.

Feng Lingran release Wan Siyu’s hand, letting the dagger in his hand ‘kuang’ to the floor.

“This is the last time, Wan Siyu. Leave! Ben Wang never wants to see you again.”

Wan Siyu couldn’t believed what he’d heard, he cried, “Feng Lingran, you don’t even want you own life anymore?”

Feng Lingran cooly said, “Ben Wang will not die.”

After that, the air condensed around his hand and forcefully pushed Wan Siyu outside, the wind shut the door on the way.

Wan Siyu stood outside, and stared at the closed door. He mumbled to himself, “Has Feng Lingran been possessed? Why was he so unwilling to give the little fox up?”

The corner of his lips rosed to a sneer and a jade gourd appeared in his hands. So what if Feng Lingran was possessed! Even if he protected the little fox, could he resist the temptation of her blood?

Wan Siyu turned and left. Ai~ for the sake of Feng Lingran, he have to be evil ah!


Inside the room.

Feng Lingran leaned over and poked twice on Xiao Xi’s body, unsealing her sleeping point. Straightening, he gazed at her sleeping face before stretching out a slender finger to gently tuck her hair behind her ear.

Listening to her soft breathing, Feng Lingran’s thin lips raised. Only this stupid fox could fall for Wan Siyu’s trick. If Wan Siyu had found her first, and fell into his hands, would she still be sleeping like this?

Feng Lingran eyes gradually became warmer , he retracted his fingers, and caressed her tender white cheeks.

However, the dreaming Xiao Xi was in another reality.

“Master… you… you… why are you here? But, how can I see you?” Xiao Xi was very surprised, but if she remembered correctly, she was with Feng Lingran.

Zi Yi floated to her side, and devilishly smile. “You were missing Master, so Master has appeared in your dreams.”

Xiao Xi’s cheeks blushed, “Master, you’re speaking nonsense again. I was nearly exhausted to death by returning to Eastern Jin with Feng Lingran, how can I still have the energy to miss you?” Her voice became softer.

“Facing Feng Lingran for an entire day, no wonder disciple has been missing master. Master can understand. After all, master is so beautiful, and Feng Lingran is so cold, no wonder you felt that master was better than him. Missing master is very normal.”

Watching as Xiao Xi’s face reddened, Zi Yi’s eyes flashed before reaching out to stroke her cheek.

Xiao Xi felt a hand on her face and looked at Zi Yi in amazement, her small hand pointed towards the hand that was touching her face, “Mas-… Master, your hand… you hand touched my face.”

Zi Yi nodded with a smile, “Master knows… that Master’s hand is touching your face.”

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