The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 76 Part 2

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Chapter 76 Part 2 — Are you eating vinegar?


Xiao Xi turned and left, and not long after, bumped into met Nangong Yin.

The moment Nangong Yin saw Xiao Xi, his eyes fell on her forehead. Walking over to her, he pointed at finger a her forehead, not daring to touch the red skin and asked, “Xi-er, what happened?”

Xiao Xi felt a hint of anger in Nangong Yin’s voice, she smiled and said, “Nothing, it’ll heal after just a few days.”

“Who’d hurt you?” Nangong Yin held her onto arm as his moon like eyes turned dull.

Xiao Xi wanted to say it was that adulterer -Leng Yuhan, but then remembered that she was about to leave Nanling, that adulterer couldn’t hurt her, so why would she create another enemy for Nangong Yin?

“I accidently hit myself against the wall.” She already owed a lot to Nangon Yin, so she doesn’t want him to worry anymore.

Nangong Yin stared at Xiao Xi’s lowered head. Her feather like eyelashes casted a shadow on her cheeks, making her looks especially soft. Nangong Yin’s heart flipped and didn’t continue asking.

“Xi-er, come with me for some medicine.”

Xiao Xi had already been out for a while, and didn’t want to follow him just to treat her forehead. This little injury, actually was fine, but after seeing Nangong Yin’s worried look, the words that she wanted to say, failed to come out.

“I have some good ointments in my Palace, it can quickly heal your forehead.”

Hearing his words, Xiao Xi did not hesitate to follow him to the East Palace.

If she went back with this injury, she was afraid that Feng Lingran would question her. The adulterer was the Guo Shi (Imperial Scholar) of Nanling, and he had connections with Imperial Consort Ji, unlike Yun Shaofu, who was only a minister’s daughter. Xiao Xi remembered last night, she was afraid that Feng Lingran would go find Leng Yuhan for revenge. Knowing Feng Lingran’s personality, his domineeringly aura would be enough to instill fear into countless people, but… this was Nanling, not Eastern Jin.


East Palace.

Nangong Yin grabbed a jade bottle, dipped his fingers into the transparent ointment before gently applying it onto her injured forehead. Xiao Xi sat in front of the bronze mirror, watching reflected Nangong Yin and his gentleness. She stared at his jade finger massaging her forehead, and a warm feeling entered her heart.

Such a good man! She was so fortunate to meet him!

He rubbed the ointment onto her skin with care. until it was completely absorbed into her injured area. Only when the wound had disappeared did he retract his hand.

Nangong Yin handed the jade bottle over to Xiao Xi, including a piece of jade pendant, saying, “Keep it save, and don’t lose it again.”

Xiao Xi stared in amazement at her forehead. Not even a scar was visible, this ointment was too magical, what a treasure ah!

Xiao Xi studied the jade bottle and the jade talisman in her palm. Wasn’t this the important treasure he gave her when she first entered the Pill Pogoda? It had disappeared when she went back to Feng Lingran and she had tried looking for it, but she couldn’t find it anywhere. So how come it was in Nangong Yin’s hands again?

Could it be that… Feng Lingran had took the jade pendant away, and returned it to Nangong Yin?

Xiao Xi though for a while, and said, “Yin, this jade must be very precious to you right?” A single glance could tell that this jade was of superior quality -a priceless artifact.

Nangong Yin seemed to know what Xiao Xi was about to say.

He replied, “The things I gift, would never be taken back. If Xi-er doesn’t want it, then discard it!”

Xiao Xi blinked, and stared at the jade. Are you joking? Who would want to throw such a good jade away?

Seeing Xiao Xi putting the things away, Nangong Yin’s mouth raised pleasantly.


In a good mood, Xiao Xi happily returned to Feng Lingran’s bedroom. Seeing that Feng Lingran had already returned, her heart thumped when she noticed the coldness on his face.

When did he return? How long had he waited?

“You’re finally willing to come back? Hm?” Feng Lingran’s voice was devoid of emotions, even his current thoughts were unpredictable.

“Uh… Feng Ling Ran, we should return to Eastern Jin today right? Right -I’d almost forgot, I don’t want travel by boat, I get seasick, can we go on land instead?” The thought of being seasick, could take a person’s life ah! She swears, she will never ever go on the boat again.

Feng Ling Ran’s black eyes gazed at Xiao Xi. Seeing her changing the topic so quickly, his lips wavered.

“Looks like, you can’t bear to leave Nangong Yin.”

Xiao Xi’s mouth twitched a little. With a smile, she walked to Feng Lingran’s side and kneeled beside his chair. Placing both hands placed on his arms, Xiao looked at him with a grin: “ Feng Lingran, are you eating vinegar because I’m reluctant to leave Nangong Yin?”

Feng Lingran glanced at the small hands that rested on his arm, “Ben Wang does not like eating vinegar, but you…” He paused, and approached Xiao Xi with his own God-like features, deep dark eyes piercing through Xiao Xi’s, “Better not let Ben Wang discover your lingering feelings for Nangong Yin.”

Xiao Xi held in her laughter and matched Feng Lingran’s black eyes. This handsome man did not understand what eating vinegar meant!

“Feng Lingran, I realised…..” she deliberately paused, and didn’t continue.

Feng Lingran waited, but seeing that she wasn’t talking, he frowned, “Continue.”

Xiao Xi then continued, “I’ve realised….. You like eating vinegar, otherwise, why would you care that I was reluctant?”

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