The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 76 Part 1

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Chapter 76 Part 2 — 


“What a sharp tongue, I can see that you’re hiding an unspeakable secret behind your back.”

Leng Yuhan’s hands turned, and separated Xiao Xi’s hands apart. He grabbed her shoulders, and abruptly turned her around, pusing her up against the wall.

Xiao Xi forehead collided with the wall, it was so painful that she almost cried. But she did not have the time to comfort her aching forehead right now. Instead, she forcefully struggled, her hands at her back incessantly pushed at Leng Yuhan’s hands.

“Pervert, if you continue to be like this, I’ll yell!”

Just as Xiao Xi finished speaking, Leng Yunhan’s palm clamped over her mouth whilst another trapped her wrestling hands. A frosty voice spoke into her ear, “If you dare to bite my hand again, then I will bite your neck.”

As if to demonstrate, Leng Yuhan opened his mouth and pressed onto her soft and delicate neck.

Xiao Xi felt as if a poisonous snake had latched its mouth onto her neck. Her small mouth closed in fear, not one bit did she want Leng Yuhan to bite her neck off.

At this moment, Xiao Xi was pressed against the wall, unable to move. But Leng Yuhan also didn’t have enough hands to search her back, the two were in a standstill.

Leng Yuhan furrowed his eyebrows, knowing that staying like this was not an option, he spoke again, “Whatever secret you have behind your back, I do not want to know. All I want is for you to hand over the little fox.”

This could be considered as him giving her some leeway.

But… how could Xiao Xi give him the little fox?

Xiao Xi nodded with tears in her eyes. Seeing her accept his proposal, Leng Yuhan released his palm from her mouth. His icy eyes flashed when his hand still carried traces of her temperature.

“The little fox is Feng Lingran’s beloved pet, its currently in Feng Lingran’s assigned courtyard now.” If you want to find the little fox, then go find it in Feng Lingran’s courtyard!

Leng Yuhan turned Xiao Xi’s head around, wanting see if she was lying or not.

When Leng Yuhan saw her tear filled eyes, as if she had suffered great grievances, he frowned, and the grip that held her hands, loosened slightly.

“Are you certain that the Little Fox is in Feng Lingran’s sleeping quarters?”

She nodded. Certain. Very sure, so can you let go of her now?

Leng Yuhan wispy gaze stared her down, boring into Xiao Xi’s pitfully delicate face. “It seems that you aren’t scared of death until you see your funeral. The little fox is not in Feng Lingran’s courtyard at all!”

Xiao Xi’s heart jumped in fright. Crap, this adulter was too astute.

Tearfully, Xiao Xi said, “Why would I lie to you? My life is in your hands after all. Not to mention, it was you who had lost the little fox, how is this related to me at all? I am only a weak girl and don’t harbor ill feelings towards you. Don’t catch a someone who was buying soy sauce, and put all the blame on them.

She was just passing by to buy soy sauce.

Means that she was just a passerby and had nothing to do with him.

Although Leng Yuhan didn’t know what ‘buying soy sauce’ meant, but he understood her meaning. She was innocent and he had wrongly accused her.

Leng Yuhan’s moved to Xiao Xi’s beautiful face, and gently raised it. This little girl in his arms, doesn’t even look like she was 13/14 years old. This young yet she already knew how to climb into the Regent’s bed, was she really that innocent?

His handsome face crept closer to Xiao Xi, “Although you have already climbed into Feng Lingran’s bed, even if you follow him back to Eastern Jin, he will not marry you. Feng Lingran already have many consorts in his Palace. I can see that you hold some beauty, so follow me instead! Rest assured, my skills in bed won’t be worse than Feng Lingran’s.”

If Xiao Xi didn’t know about the situation in the Regent’s Palace, then she might have been deceived by Leng Yuhan. But she knew that Feng Lingran had never touched anyone of the consorts in his palace!

Those, at most were just the vases of the Regent’s Palace.

Xiao Xi was disgusted by Leng Yuhan’s last sentence. This adulterer was already with the Imperial Consort Ji, if she followed him, she was afraid that she would be cut by thousand knives.

“Gong Zi… I am no longer worthy of you…”

Xiao Xi’s hot tears flowed out as soon as she finished speaking, landing directly on Leng Yuhan’s cold hand.

Leng Yuhan was almost burned by her tears. He frowned. He had always thought women’s tears were disgusting, they were always crying and it had extremely irritated him. But after seeing Xiao Xi’s tears paired along with her trembling lips, and acting as if she was trying not to let the tears fall again, his eyes flashed with an indescribable emotion.

“Worthy or not, it’s not up to you to decide.”

He pulled her into his arms and embraced her, when suddenly the moment he lowered his guard, his thigh emitted a sharp pain.

Xiao Xi pushed away from his arms and escaped. Half way, she turned her head to yell, “You think you have the final say? Stinking pervert!”

Leng Yuhan bent over from pain, cold eyes glared at the fleeing girl. His fingers trembled as he pointed at her, gnashing his teeth, “No matter where you run, I would find you and return today’s hatred!”

Her leg, had almost destroyed his… stick.

“I’m so scared ah! Hahaha! Scared to death!” Xiao Xi’s laughter sounded out, she never onced put Leng Yuhan in her eyes. She was returning to Eastern Jin today with Feng Lingran, she wouldn’t believe that the adulterer would go to the Regent’s Palace for revenge.

Xiao Xi had wittily dodged a calamity. Seeing Leng Yuhan in pain made her heart feel satisfied. Xiao Xi turned and left, and not long after, bumped into met Nangong Yin.

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