The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 75 Part 2

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Chapter 75 Part 2 — An Unspeakable Secret


The next day.

Xiao Xi woke up. Adorably rubbing her sleepy eyes, she stretched her four limbs, when she realised that stretching didn’t feel as good as before. She sat up, and studied the hands in the place of her paws. She blinked.


Being a fox for so long, she had almost forgotten that she was human now.

Xiao Xi suddenly remembered that she had slept on Feng Lingran’s bed last night. Glancing at the bed, apart from her disheveled side, the rest was left untouched. That was to say… Feng Lingran did not sleep here.

He really wasn’t into women ah!

EzoicXiao Xi’s clear eyes scanned the room but couldn’t even find Feng Lingran’s shadow, where could he have gone?

Unless her memory failed her, today was the day Feng Lingran planned to return to Eastern Jin, he would not have left without her right?

No, impossible. He said to stay with him last night, he definitely won’t leave by himself!

Recalling that she hasn’t looked into a mirror ever since she became human, Xiao Xi jumped off the bed and sped towards a mirror. She looked at the girl in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised. Her face now was similar to her originally face before she had transmigrated. Now, her face was more refined and exquisite, even her skin looked more soft and delicate.

(she did, into a pond -but it was dark and was most likely an uneven surface)

How should she describe it? Her original face was in the above average tier, but this face of hers was high.

Still, she was satisfied. As long as she didn’t look like some twisted melon, she could accept it.

Xiao Xi walked out of the room. This qin chen’s (morning) sunlight on her face felt especially comfortable, she stretched her hand out towards the sky and smiled brightly. Finally she was human, this long-lost feeling was coming back.

When the door guard saw Xiao Xi, he respectfully regarded her, completely unlike the guard from last night, the one who had mocked her for being a dancer.

Xiao Xi’s lips pulled into a smile. The her, in their eyes was probably a sparrow that wanted to become a phoenix!

After all… last light, she had slept in Feng Lingran’s courtyard.

“Miss, The Regent said that if you woke up, you should wait in the courtyard for him to return.”

When Xiao Xi heard what the guard had said, her eyebrows slightly raised. Although his appearance was cold, she did not expect him to be so caring!

“Ng, I understand. I’m going out for a bit, I’ll be back soon.”

Finished, she turned and left. Coming to Nanling, it was Nangong Yin who had helped her so much, yet she couldn’t even say anything and have to leave with Feng Lingran. Out of respect, she should to go to the East Palace and say goodbye to him.

Xiao Xi had nearly arrived at the East Palace when two hands suddenly reached out to push her against a corner.

Xiao Xi’s eyes widened in fear. Before she even had the chance to call for help, her mouth was sealed. The person attacking her became smarter this time, and used a cloth to cover her mouth.

“If you move again, don’t blame me for killing you.” A cold voice rang into ear.

This was… the adulterer’s voice?

Xiao Xi stopped struggling, she knew that this adulterer was ruthless. When she was still a fox, he had almost chopped her paw off.

Leng Yuhan saw that Xiao Xi was no longer struggling. Coldly speaking into her ear, he asked, “Where did you hide that fox? Hand it over and I will spare your life.”

After pausing, he continued to say, “Don’t think that just because you had slept with Feng Lingran last night, that I wouldn’t dare to do anything to you. This isn’t Feng Lingran’s turf.

Three black lines appeared on Xiao Xi’s forehead Σ( ̄□ ̄lll). This guy’s information network was really broad ah! Did he plant a spy in Feng Lingran’s courtyard? Otherwise how could he have known so clearly about the situation? When even her whereabouts were pinpointed so accurately?

EzoicBut… she was the little fox, how could she hand herself over?

Xiao Xi’s back almost touched Leng Yuhan’s chest, and her heart felt nervous. She was scared that the fox tail would be discovered. When he finds out that she was the little fox, that would be a catastrophe. Thinking about Su Daji’s demise, Xiao Xi’s body felt cold.
Su Daji is a historical figure of Ancient China. She was the favorite consort of King Zhou of Shang. She was often portrayed as a malevolent fox spirit -sly but alluring, in legends as well as novels because she was a classic example of how beauty can destroy cities and ruin kingdoms. She was executed because she was too evil.

Xiao Xi quietly moved her body forward and replied, “Gong Zi, what are you talking about? What little fox? How come I don’t understand?”

Leng Yuhan compared Xiao Xi’s attitude now with the one from last night, it was like they were two different people. He raised his mouth into a cold sneer, “Don’t play dumb unless you want me to hurt you.”

Xiao Xi felt his fingers move towards her neck. Like a snake that was coiling around her shoulders, it could bite her any time, and she would lose her life.

“I really don’t know, what little fox are you talking about? I was only passing by yesterday.” Beat her to death, and she still wouldn’t admit she was the little fox.

Leng Yuhan felt her body move forward, and his arm around her waist forced her back. Her body was tightly pressed against his chest, “You crafty woman, still want to run? Stop dreaming, if you don’t hand over the fox today, I’ll let you die here.”

“What a sharp tongue, I can see that you’re hiding an unspeakable secret behind your back.”

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