The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 75 Part 1

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Chapter 75 Part 1 — 


“Slap your face with your right hand. Only stop when there is blood.” Feng Lingran did not like hurting women, but that didn’t mean he would not punish them.

Xiao Xi stood by Feng Lingran’s side and watched as Yun Shaofu with tears streaming down her face, lift her trembling hand to slap herself. It was painful for Xiao Xi to even look at, but to slap until there’s blood?

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sounds of slap resounded again and again, each time louder than the last. Yun Shaofu probably could not endure it any longer and so with force she slapped herself one final time, breaking the skin on the corner of her mouth.

“Blood… came out.” Yun Shaofu’s eyes were swollen from crying, but her cheek did not look any better. She could see the fresh blood in her palms.

“This girl, only Ben Wang can bully!” The moment he finished, Feng Lingran grabbed Xiao Xi’s hand and dragged her into the courtyard.

Yun Shaofu was left with Feng Lingran’s devilish voice ringing over and over again in her mind.

The strength suddenly left her body and she fell to her knees. Yun Shaofu cradled her face in her hands as she wept.


Xiao was thrown into the courtyard. Seeing Feng Lingran’s cold face, her heart squeaked in fright. Did he want to settle the scores with her now?

Xiao Xi’s arm moved in attempt to shake Feng Lingran’s hands off. He responded by tightening his grip instead. With her chest also tightening along, Xiao Xi small feet retreated one step back.

“What happened?” Feng Lingran’s deep gaze stared at Xiao Xi. Reflected in his eyes were not surprise at her becoming human, but rather, chilling intent.

Xiao Xi looked at Feng Lingran’s questioning gaze, her heart trembled slightly. He was angry? Why? Or was it… he never like her becoming human at all? And only wished for her to be a little fox?

Xiao Xi felt as she had experienced some lost, her eyes lowered and replied, “Its exactly what it looks like.”

If he did not like it, she would leave. She was originally human, she could not be a fox for the rest of her life.

“You following Nangong Yin back to Nanling was because of the Yenan Pearl and the Huo Yi Grass am I right? This was your real motive.”

Xiao Xi raised her her and stared at Feng Lingran’s cold eyes, she flung his arms away while saying, “So what? I just want to be human, have you tried being an animal before? Have you experienced the harshness of an animal’s life? Now that I have a chance to become human, why wouldn’t I take it?”

She paused for a while before continued to say, “Feng Lingran, if you don’t like me this way, then I’ll take my leave.”

Finishing, Xiao Xi turned and sped towards the exit. She wasn’t a woman with thick thin and bother Feng Lingran out of selfishness.

Xiao Xi was about to leave the courtyard, when she was grabbed by Feng Lingran again.

“Leave? Where do you want to go? To find Nangong Yin? Ben Wang thought as much, without Nangong Yin, you wouldn’t have been able to become human. Do you want Ben Wang to help you with Nangong Yin?”

Feng Lingran’s deep eyes held a icy glint. When he thought of Nangong Yin and the little fox together, his heart felt uncomfortable.

The grip on Xiao Xi’s arm firm, no matter how much she twisted, she couldn’t get leave. She frowned and said: “To be able to become human, I am truly indebted to Nangong Yin, but I’m not the type of person you’re thinking about.”

She had always thought of meeting Feng Lingran right after becoming human, If he were to accept her change, she would return to Eastern Jin with him. If he did not, she would turn and leave. This was the original her and that little fox was… simply not her at all.

“If it isn’t then good. Little thing, Ben Wang will tell you, no matter if you’re a fox or human, since you have had entered the Regent’s Palace, received Ben Wang’s care for so long, you must stay by Ben Wang’s side.” Feng Lingran’s face turned solemn as he overbearingly said.

Xiao Xi stared at Feng Lingran, what did he say? Stay by his side?

Then… did he accept that she was human?

“Little thing, did hear what I said?”

Feng Lingran’s handsome face suddenly drew closer to hers. The pressure her exerted and commanded was not easy to resist ah!

Xiao Xi’s heart trembled and matched his dark eyes, she instinctively nodded her head.

Only when Feng Lingran released her and turned to leave, did Xiao Xi sighed a breath of relief. This guy’s pressure was to much to bear!

“Little thing, come here.”

Xiao Xi frowned and glared at the back of Feng Lingran, “I have a name, it’s called Xiao Xi.”

Calling her Little thing this and that, she wasn’t even little anymore…

Feng Lingran turned around and gazed at Xiao Xi face, with knitted eyebrows she continued.

Wind is bleak’s Xiāo (萧) and Wind is bleak’s Xī (兮).” Don’t even say her name like “Xiao Xi (消息)” anymore, when she went to school, it was a common occurrence for her to be laughed at.

Wind is bleak, Water is cold. A historical poem describing the assassination of a king. Xiao Xi is teaching Feng Lingran on where the characters her name came from, not to be mistaken by the homophone -news (消息). I don’t get it either but kids will be kids.

“Wind is bleak,” Feng Lingran thin lips raised into a fleeting smile, “…doesn’t sound as good as Ben Wang’s ‘little thing’.”

“…” Xiao Xi was speechless.

Coming out of the bath, Feng Lingran’s ebony hair was loose as it scattered about. Seeing Xiao Xi slumped on the bed snoring deeply, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

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