The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 74 Part 2

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Chapter 74 Part 2 — Which hand of yours slapped her?


“Apolo-… apologies… I-it wasn’t on purpose.”

Who knew that Feng Lingran would suddenly grap her arm and stare intensely at her with his dark eyes.


Not waiting for Xiao Xi to finish.

Feng Lingran said, “Ben Wang will settle this with you later.”


Xiao Xi was slightly dumbfounded, what did Feng Lingran mean ah?

He can’t possibly want to settle the scores with her for bumping into him right?

She suddenly recalled Zi Yi’s parting words. Her heart palpitated, could it be that Feng Lingran… really recognise her?

“What happened?”

Feng Lingran’s gaze drifted to the handprint on Xiao Xi’s face. His eyes flashed with an indescribable emotion.

The guard thought that Feng Lingran wanted to punish Xiao Xi, so he hurriedly said, “Replying to the Regent, it was all this dancer’s fault. She had first came to the courtyard wearing very little, wanting to serve you, but this small one had drove her away. Who knew that she had a hidden grudge with Miss Yun, when Miss Yun came out, she mocked and even hit Miss Yun.”

Xiao Xi was stunned when the guard started spouting nonsense.

“Ling Ran, it’s wasn’t like this. I only wanted to see if you had came back yet? Not to mention, I don’t even bear a grudge against her, it was her who had slapped me first, that’s why I retaliated.”

Xiao Xi almost bite her tongue in regret when she finished. Feng Lingran was already suspecting her to be the little fox, now that she made a move, it was the same as confirming it!

Xiao Xi sneaked a glance at Feng Lingran, at the same time, his gaze also moved towards her, staring at her. Xiao Xi hurriedly looked away and lowered her head.

“Presumptuous! How can the Regent’s name be called by the likes of you?” The guard heard Xiao Xi being so arrogant and shouted.

Shocked at the Guard’s sudden raised tone, Xiao Xi once again fell into the arms of Feng Lingran. Her watery black eyes stared at him, as if she was a frightened little fox.

Yun Shaofu suddenly had the urge to tear Xiao Xi’s mouth apart, even she didn’t dare to call him the Regent, Lingran. This lowly dancer think she could enter Feng Lingran’s eyes just because she was slightly pretty?

Feng Lingran calmly spoke to guard, “Ben Wang just heard that you wanted her to leave a hand behind, which hand were you referring to?

Xiao Xi glanced at Feng Lingran in fear. H-he he he… what did he mean by this? Did he really want to chop her hand off?

The guard immediately replied, “She hit Miss Yun with her right hand, so this small one will cut her right hand off.”

Feng Lingran nodded, nor hurried or slow. “Right hand.”

He stretched his slender hand and spat out, “Knife.”

The guard thought that Feng Lingran wanted to personally cut the dancer’s hand off, so he briskly handed the knife over with two hands. Don’t know when but before the handle fell onto Feng Lingran’s palm, a piece of brocade cloth appear in the middle of his palm. His fingers slightly curved and the cloth wrapped around the handle.

Yun Shaofu watched everything that was happening before her with a scared yet excited heart. Was Feng Lingran doing this for her?

Her mouth twitched into a smile, and the previous resentment disappeared from her heart as if it was never there.

The knife fell and blood scattered everywhere.

Screams of pain sounded out, but not from Xiao Xi’s mouth, but the guard.

Yun Shaofu’s smile froze as droplets of blood splashed on her pretty face. She was stunned, as if the sky had fallen and was pressing down on her head. What just happened?

Wasn’t the Regent suppose to chop… the dancer’s right hand? Why did he cut the guard instead?

Feng Lingran threw the bloody knife to the ground in disgust, dropping the brocade cloth as well. To him, It was truly revolting.

Xiao Xi blanked at the bloody scene in front of her. She suddenly felt pity for the guard, ut after thinking it thought, if Feng Lingran had not came, her right hand would have been chopped off. Feng Lingran was only punishing him like he would punish others, so what was there to pity about?

The knife made a ‘kuang’ sound when it was discarded, which also broke Yun Shaofu’s heart. Her body trembled and she stared at Feng Lingran in horror.

Suddenly, Yun Shaofu felt that Feng Lingran and that dancer had some unusual relationship with other.

“Which hand of yours slapped her face?” Feng Lingran sight fell on Yun Shaofu’s face full of fear.

Yun Shaofu’s eyes were filled with tears, she was terrified. The hand that hit Xiao Xi kept shaking, she was afraid that Feng Lingran would use the same method to deal with her.

The guard had fainted from pain, and the blood from his amputated hand kept rushing out. The ground was now full of the blood, and the air was filled with a metallic stench, yet no one dared to come and carry the unconscious guard away.

“I… I-I…” Yun Shaofu was suddenly full of regret, why did she go offend Xiao Xi? If she had knew about Xiao Xi and Feng Lingran’s relationship, she would have definitely not look for trouble and courted disaster like this.

“If you don’t speak, it’ll become two hands.” Feng Lingran spoke calmly.

Yun Shaofu became even more afraid of Feng Lingran with him acting like this.

“Right… right hand” Yun Shaofu gulped. She felt as if she was dunked in ice water, too cold.

“Slap your face with your right hand. Only stop when there is blood.” Feng Lingran did not like hurting women, but that didn’t mean he would not punish them.

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  1. I don’t really care much about the face slapping as they’re just cannon fodder. I’m more interested in his reaction to her turning human~ And the mystery of why Zi Yi has the same appearance.

  2. Yeah, except the b*tch will come back and will cause a lot of trouble in the future. She would have been better off finished by chopping just one hand, than likely being tortured and killed later.

  3. Yeah, sure, but its a punishment, it’s due to trouble the guard… Even so, if u compare with some other novels, the MC “break the cultivation n’ the 6 bowels” n’ bla bla bla, the female ‘vilain’ having been “crippled with her hand crushed” n’ bla bla bla… Just saying that it’s more believable Lingran’s actions, n’ not a mad dog.

  4. Not overly ruthless?
    That guard is lucky if he can stay alive long enough to be reduced to being a beggar. With the loss of his right hand he won’t be a guard anymore, due to whom he insulted no one will dare to employ him, with no one trying to stem the bleeding it won’t matter.

  5. Oh… Seems right? I like how the MC is being prootective n’ strict, but not overly ruthless like some other novels. Seems much more natural.
    Thx 4the chappy!

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