The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 73 Part 2

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Chapter 73 Part 2 — 


“Its nothing, nothing! I just thought that your appearance was too beautiful… beautiful enough to cry.”


At this time, she could not sleep after being aware of Feng Lingran knowing her identity. She climbed out of bed, and wore her shoes before saying, “Yin, I still have to take care of something, thank you for your care tonight.”


Nangong Yin watched as Xiao Xi left, he knitted his eyebrows, and his eyes flashed. Just then, who had entered his room? Otherwise why would Xiao Xi suddenly want to leave.
It was very late when Xiao Xi walked out of the East Palace. After Feng Lingran left the pogoda, did he return to his courtyard?

Xiao Xi suddenly saw Zi Yi drifting away in the near distance, and she hurriedly chased, “Master… wait… wait for me.”

Zi Yi looked back, and replied with a smile, “Disciple, why are you chasing Master? You shouldn’t sleep with Master just because of this appearance!”

Xiao Xi’s mouth twitched, “Master, don’t tease me. It wasn’t what you think, there’s nothing between me and Nangong Yin.

“Tsk tsk… if there isn’t then why were you about to kiss? If there is…. Why aren’t you rolling on the bed yet?”

Xiao Xi frowned as she bit her lips, irritated she asked, “Master… Are you still my master?”

“Of course! Master only have you as a disciple ah!”

“Then you can’t say that there is something between Nangong Yin and I, ever again! It’s just, I don’t understand why, but when his face drew near mine… it felt as if his eyes were mysteriously drawing me in, as if my soul was being swallowed by him. I felt trapped and couldn’t move.”

“Hahaha… this is easy! You… are just lusting after his looks.”


“Okay, Master won’t tease you anymore. But Nangong Yin was born to be different. Disciple, if you don’t want to get drawn in, it’s best to not look at his face anymore -especially his eyes after he takes off the mask.” Zi Yi explained seriously after he finished joking around, “You don’t know the history of Nanling, but because of one incident, Nangong Yin started wearing the jade mask from day to night, never showing his face to people.”

“Ah?” Xiao Xi got very curious. Nanling’s history… what actually happened? To force Nangong Yin to do so?

Zi Yi didn’t continued to talk about the event, he added “Disciple, go back to Eastern Jin with Feng Lingran okay? Nanling’s Palace is not suitable for you. Forget about Nangong Yin, he may be close to you, but he isn’t as simple as he looks.”

Xiao Xi’s eyebrows furrowed, suddenly feeling discomfort in her heart, what did Zi Yi’s words mean?

“It was me who came with Nangong Yin in order to obtain the Ye Nan Pearl and Huo Yi Grass. It was also because of him that I acquired the Jin Pill, and turned human.”

Xiao Xi was a grateful person, she didn’t want Zi Yi to misunderstand Nangong Yin. Not to mention, there wasn’t a single treasure on her body for him to take advantage of. When she  first came to this world, she was only a lowly fox with no status. If she hadn’t been picked up by Feng Lingran, she would’ve already starved to death.

“Disciple, Master will only ask you one question. Are you willing to spend your days in Nanling with Nangong Yin?”

“…” Xiao Xi did not reply.

“If you’re not willing, then why are you still thinking about his good deeds? Unless… you were willing to use your body as repayment for all the things he

“…” She was speechless.

Zi Yi’s line of sight suddenly moved towards a certain direction. His thin lips morphed into a devious smirk, “Feng Lingran is here. In the meanwhile prepare yourself. Master will take his leave first.”


Xiao Xi heard the three words ‘Feng Lingran’, her heart almost skipped a beat in trepidation. Will he recognise that she was the little fox?

Xiao Xi did not expect that just as Feng Lingran came, a guard had hurriedly ran over to reported something, then he followed the guard away. Xiao Xi’s heart rate returned to normal.

Was that not… the direction of Feng Lingran’s courtyard?

Xiao Xi suddenly remembered the Yun Shaofu in his courtyard. Her heart felt unease. The guard was sent by Yun Shaofu, asking Feng Lingran to return to his courtyard.

Xiao Xi also walked towards the courtyard. She wanted to see, how would Feng Lingran treat Yun Shaofu, if he didn’t refuse, then she… wouldn’t follow him anymore. When the Regent’s Palace have a Mistress, even if she had no face and skin, she would never go back.

Xiao Xi was smarter this time. She stood in a place where the guard could not see her and watched from afar as Feng Lingran entered the courtyard. She held the tree that hid her figure, as she stared unwaveringly at the window of the courtyard. She could vauging see Yun Shaofu sitting down, and only when she saw Feng Lingran going inside, did she rose from her crouched position and walked towards Feng Lingran’s direction.

At that moment, Xiao Xi couldn’t see Yun Shaofu’s silhouette, she also couldn’t hear their dialogues. She felt as if a cat was scratching her heart, why haven’t Feng Lingran drive her out yet? Did he really accept Nanling Emperor’s intentions?

Remember how she was supposed to be betrothed to FLR or smth.

Xiao Xi wanted to storm in, but thinking of her current appearance, even if she did, what could she do? If Feng Lingran couldn’t recognise her, wouldn’t she be humiliated then?

Not after a while, Yun Shaofu rushed out crying with her hands covering her face as she had suffered a great grievance.

The guard who stood at the door was dumbfounded. He didn’t what to say to say to comfort Miss Yun.

“Feng Lingran, you’re too much!” Yun Shaofu suddenly shouted at the open palace door, she turned and ran away crying.

Yun Shaofu just happened to run past Xiao Xi as she was leaving. Staring with reddened eyes, she watched the girl smile, as if laughing at her.

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