The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 73 Part 1

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Chapter 73 part 1 — Too Hasty


Xiao Xi blinked, her eyelashes were like butterfly wings, clear eyes full of confusion as she stared at Nangong Yin. Only when he pointed to his mask, did she finally understand.

He had promised her, that when she obtained the Jin Pill, he would take off his mask.

Xiao Xi was instantly curious. She gawked at Nangong Yin with widened eyes, afraid that she would miss the opportunity to see his face if she blinked.

“Mhmm, you had promised me, that when I got the Jin Pill, you would let me see your real face.”

Actually, Xiao Xi was just curious as to why he did he wear a jade mask in the first place? If she’d saw what he really looked like, maybe she would understand.

“That’s right.”

After he replied, he took off his jade mask.

First, the corner of his face was revealed, and then very quickly, his whole face was in display in front of Xiao Xi’s eyes.

What kind of peerless beauty was this?

Xiao Xi hesitantly looked. She only felt that everything on his face was carved out of cold jade. The pair of cold crescent like eyes, twinkled with gentleness, as if there was a pair of hands grabbed her soul, making her fall, and never want to wake up.

His jade white fingers stretched out before gently resting on her face. That perfect face gradually became more detailed as he closed in on Xiao Xi’s face, close enough to feel his light and fragrant breath.

Xiao Xi felt as she was binded by something, she could not move even if she wanted to. Nangong Yin’s hand travelled across her cheeks to encase her hair at the back.

Nangong yin had gotten closer and closer until the tip of his nose grazed hers. His thin lips moved, and his suffocatingly gentle voice called out, “Xi-er.”

Xiao Xi’s eyes shifted to thick feathered eyelashes. His twilight eyes were sucking her in and as if her soul was drawn in by those pair of mystical eyes. His lips… were also closing in on her.

Her heart seemed to have stop beating, even her mind went blank.

A sharp sting of pain from Xiao Xi’s ears broke her trance, and just when Nangong Yin was about to kiss her, she blocked her mouth, and looked behind Nangong Yin.

When his thin lips landed on Xiao Xi’s hand. Nangong Yin moved away and with a red face he apologized, “Sorry, Xi-er, I was too hasty.”

He wore his jade mask back again, covering his unparalleled face. When he saw Xiao Xi’s gaze, he looked behind but didn’t see anyone.

Zi Yi floated to Nangong Yin’s side, his hands rested on his chest as his mouth hooked into a smirk, “You really are a lucky person. You’d just slept with Feng Lingran, now you want to sleep Nangong Yin? But this Nangong Yin do look nice, it could be different when you sleep with him.”

Xiao Xi shook her head at Zi Yi. Master, it isn’t what you think, I didn’t want to sleep with Nan Gongyin.

Just as Xiao Xi was about to say something, Zi Yi placed his finger on his lips, and made a shushing gesture. “Nangong Yin can’t see Ben Zun. Do you want him to think that you’re possessed?”

Xiao Xi shook her head again. Zi Yi smiled as he spoke, “Master doesn’t care about who you want to bed. But as of now, Master will tell you that… Feng Lingran has left the pill pagoda and seems to be aware of your identity. If he saw you in this compromising position with Nangong Yin, Master is afraid that your future days would be hard to pass.”


Feng Lingran has figured out her identity?

Xiao Xi really wanted to ask if Zi Yi saw the expression on Feng Lingran’s face when he found out. Would Feng Lingran mind that she became like this?

“Also, here are the remain pieces of the Jin Pill. Master was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to handle the pain, so Master had spilt the pill. Only when you have consumed all of it, would your fox features disappear. In addition, you will also obtain a special ability, one that can allow you to change forms with ease.”


Her eyes widened in shock, heavens! Who can tell her that this wasn’t real? Having experienced the reborning process once was already her limit, now she had to repeat it?

Xiao Xi’s tear filled eyes peered at Zi Yi. Are you sure… you are still my master?

Was there such a master?

Upon knowing the truth, tears started to drop…

Releasing a deep breath, Zi Yi gently rubbed the top of her head. Although the touch was empty, but the visual was enough. Zi Yi continued to say, “Master did this for your own good ah!”

Zi Yi flicked his finger, and the Pill Bottle swiftly flew into Xiao Xi’s sleeves.

“Master will leave to cultivate. When your human form is stable, Master will come find you. Although Master’s presence is beautiful, don’t miss Master too much.”

Xiao Xi watch as Zi Yi’s silhouette floated away with a conflicted expression on her face, she didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh.

“Xi-er, what’s wrong?” Nangong Yin observed Xiao Xi’s crying and laughing face with confusion. Was she talking to someone? But there wasn’t anyone in the room?

Xiao Xi’s hand lifted to wipe the tears from her face as she smiled and said, “Its nothing, nothing! I just thought that your appearance was too beautiful… beautiful enough to cry.”

“…” Nangong Yin was speechless

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  1. Zi Yi – what’s his deal? If he was a tinier bit more sympathetic to Xiao Xi, I’d vote for him as the lead. I like ghostly leads . . . 😉

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