The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 72 Part 2

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Chapter 72 Part 2 — What I’d Promised You


When he finished, Nangong Yin put down the set of garments, before closing the door behind him like a gentlemen.

Xiao Xi picked up the set of clothes in curiosity. There were no consorts in the Eastern Palace, nor did Nangong Yin have women beside him, so how could there be women’s clothes in the room? Unless it was prepared for the future Crown Princess?

Wasn’t she stealing the future Crown Princess’s limelight then?

It was after changing that Xiao Xi discovered the size and measurements of the clothing fitted her very nicely, as if the garment was personally tailored for her. Opening the door with a smile, she said, “Yin, I’ve finished changing.”

Nangong Yin turned around and was greeted by the sight of a beautiful maiden in pale pink dress. His moonlike eyes twinkled, she looked especially alluring in this dress.

Xiao Xi exposed her fluffy white tail, and it swayed in the air like a fox spirit.

Distressed, she whined to Nangong Yin, “Yin, quickly help me find a solution to this, what should I do with this tail? There are so many pills in Nanling, there must be one that can tuck my tail in!?”

Nangong Yin stared at the fluffy tail. His fingers gently grazed over the soft fur, as if it stroking her late snow white fur. Nangong Yin was in awe, and slowly said, “You know, the tail isn’t that bad.”

Xiao Xi tugged her tail away from Nangong Yin. No animal like having its tail touched, not even Xiao Xi.

“Isn’t that bad? Don’t you think I look like some monster?”

“In this world, where can you find such a beautiful monster?”

Having been praised by Nangong Yin, Xiao Xi’s beautiful little face turned slightly red, it was really heart-warming to see.

“Yin, is there a way to remove my tail?”

Xiao Xi thought if Nangong Yin couldn’t help her, then she could only rely on Zi Yi. Zi Yi was so powerful, he must knew a way.

“As of now, I’m not sure if there is a way to remove your tail. But allow me some time, I might find a solution.”

Xiao Xi’s eyes brightened, and happily cuddled Nangong Yin, “Thank you, you’re a really good person ah~”

Nan Gongyin stared at the stunning beauty in his arms. Feeling her enthusiasm, he faintly smiled before speaking, “Am I just a good guy in your eyes?”

Xiao Xi thought for a second, “Beloved ah~”

Nangong Yin laughed at Xiao Xi’s teasing, and his fingers gently tapped on her pointy little nose.

“Sorry for hugging you again! The habits from my fox form… are a little hard to change.”

Xiao Xi released him, and scratched her head embarrassingly. She about the matters of men and women, but when she saw Nangong Yin, she had gotten excited and couldn’t control her urge to hug him.

“It’s fine as long you like it. Some habits don’t need to be changed.”

Xiao Xi stared at Nangong Yin, and blinked. What did he mean? She could hug him whenever she wanted to?

Beloved~ why you are so gentle? So good to me?


Pill pagoda.

After Feng Lingran solved the formation, the pill bottles on this level were all broken. Rare and precious medicinal herbs were scattered across the ground, how would the Old Emperor react if he saw this scene?

But Feng Lingran couldn’t find the little fox on the sixth floor and his eyes darkened, flashing with coldness. Then as if he remembered something, he lifted his hand, and recalled the delicate softness and exquisite fragrance. When he was breaking the formation, a woman’s voice shouted “Master”. He narrowed his eyes, who was that girl? Was it….

Feng Lingran handsome face suddenly held surprise, and his figure quickly disappeared from the pill pagoda.

Zi Yi watched as Feng Lingran left, and his thin lips curved into a smirk.

“Feng Lingran, you probably have realised that she was the little fox right?” Zi Yi glanced at the herbs and broken bottles, and sighed: “It’s a pity, these herbs were hard to obtain even with gold.”

If the Emperor of Nanling witnessed this… he might cry and faint!

Zi Yi’s finger gently lifted, and a few Jin Pill pieces were placed in a bottle that wasn’t broken. “Ben Zun was afraid that the little fox couldn’t bear the pain, so the pill was purposely divided into a few pieces. Now, Ben Zun must deliver them to Ben Zun’s precious disciple.”

If Xiao Xi knew her tail was because Zi Yi divided the Jin Pill into several pieces, she would vomit blood.

The pain from the Jin Dan was not something people could bear! Master! Did you want me dead?

However, she did not know that Feng Lingran was looking for her.


It was getting late, Xiao Xi was tired and went straight to bed, but… she had forgotten that this was Nangong Yin’s room. If she slept on this bed, where was he going to sleep?

Just as she laid down, she glanced uncomfortably at Nangong Yin. Blinking, she sat up again, said embarrassingly: “Yin, are there other rooms? I’m tired.”

Nangong Yin placed his jade fingers on Xiao Xi’s shoulder and said softly: “I’ll let you sleep on bed, as for me, I will go somewhere else. Xi-Er, do you remember what I promised you?”

Sitrus: swoon

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  1. Wait… I was reading (again…) n’ something got me thinking… Nangong yin compared her fox tail with her… Snow white hair? Is her hair white too? Maybe he was comparing with her late snow white fox fur?

    1. ek sorry for the confusion! it wasn’t her hair, but fur instead. it was a mistranslation on our half, so XX’s hair isn’t white. thank you for your support for fox consort!

  2. Okay, is there a guy chart for this novel? So far, I keep mixing up the identifying characteristics of each male lead. Zi Yi: Sometimes (?) invisible Pill Pagoda master, Nangong Yin – Crown Prince? This is killing me! Thanks for the chapter – I really like how Xiao Xi is still a mix of human and fox.

    1. wooh thats a good idea actually

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