The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 72 Part 1

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Chapter 72 Part 1 — 


Just as the Guards words fell, an unknown objects flew towards his forehead. He screamed with pain, and reached for the wound, only to feel his forehead wet with blood.

The guard saw Xiao Xi turn around to yell at him.

“You’re a dancer, your entire family are dancer! You waste oxygen by being alive, you waste land by being dead, you waste RMB by being half dead!”

1 cause you need oxygen to breath he is wasting it by being alive, 2 coffins are buried on land so he waste land by being dead, 3 RMB is china’s currency so he is wasting money for being half dead due to life support. lmao u savage XX.

After cursing, Xiao Xi released a string of profanities under her breath. Not waiting for the guard to charge murderously at her, she swiftly left the scene.

Yun Shaofu watched as the shrew like girl fled. Under the moonlight, that girl’s features were exquisitely beautiful, maybe on the same level as her own looks. But… the girl’s temperature was too crude and did not suit her appearance.

Yun Shaofu mocked the girl in her heart. If Feng Lingran ever saw her, she will definitely receive his hatred.

Turning around, Yun Shaoye elegantly entered Feng Lingran’s courtyard. Tonight, she will show Feng Lingran her most beautiful side of a woman. Not only was she Prime Minister Yun’s daughter, she was also Nanling’s genius lady! With her qualifications, which male wouldn’t fall for her? Unlike that vulgar girl just then, who’s not one bit attractive.

Leaving Feng Lingran’s courtyard, Xiao Xi suddenly felt lost. Where would she go now?

She was human now, but… that fox tail behind her was a big problem, don’t know what Feng Lingran will think of her when he sees her tail?

W-would he accept her?


Xiao Xi walked for a while when she arrived at Shui Xie Pavillion, (The lotus one, that she wrecked.) she lowered her head and stared at her reflection in the pond. She had delicate facial features, but what about it?

Xiao Xi sighed, she did not know if Feng Lingran had left the Pill Pogoda yet? When returns to his courtyard and sees that Miss Yun there, how would he react?

“Why did Miss sigh?” A clear voice rang out from beside her.

Xiao Xi turned, only to see Nan Gongyin. Her eyes brightened and with a swift motion, she jumped into his arms. After pouncing, her whole body froze. Seeing Nan Gongyin at that moment had made her too emotional, she had actually forgot that she was human now…

Her small heart was beating uncontrollably. Xiao Xi’s two arms were still wrapped around Nan Gongyin’s waist awkwardly. Her thoughts drifted to the words the guard said, would Nan Gongyin also think that she was a dancer? Trying to become a phoenix after landing on the top branch?

When Nan Gongyin saw Xiao Xi rush towards him, he was a bit surprised. But very quickly, his moon-like eyes carried a gentle smile, and he returned Xiao Xi’s hug.

“Little fox-er, congratulations. You’ve became human.”

Hearing Nan Gongyin’s voice by her ear, Xiao Xi responded by holding him tighter. She was almost moved to tears… My beloved~

Nan Gongyin felt Xiao Xi drew him closer. Their bodies were touching with no gaps in between, this sort of contact mad the face behind the jade mask redden. But… he really liked this feeling.

After Xiao Xi had finished her moment, and she somewhat embarrassingly removed herself from Nan Gongyin and asked, “Nan Gong, how did you know that I was the little fox?”

She was curious, how did he recognise her?

Nan Gongyin knitted his eyebrows, and stared at the girl’s beautiful face, “Nan Gong is my surname, between you and me… we shouldn’t be regarded as acquaintances anymore. Just call me Yin!”

Noooooo, sorry readers, we thought his given name was Gongyin, so we separated them. But it was the opposite. Nan Gongyin would be changed to Nangong Yin now.
*Ping* Status have been updated for Nangong Yin~

Xiao Xi also thought that they aren’t acquaintances anymore. Right now, apart from Zi Yi, he was the only other person who knew she was the little fox, so he is her beloved now~

“Yin.” Xiao Xi smiled, her eyebrows were curved, and the voice that called him was extremely pleasant.

Nangong Yin petted her head, “How obedient.”

Xiao Xi had crows flew about her head, she coughed twice and said, “Yin, I’m not a little fox now, so don’t pet my head anymore okay?” She continued after pausing for a bit, “The ‘how obedient’ also seems to be unsuitable for me now, don’t you think?”

“Okay.” He removed his hand from her head, and his twilight eyes looked at her, “Little fox-er, do you have a name?”

“Of course, my name is Xiao Xi.”

“Xi-er, what a nice name.” Nangong Yin studied Xiao Xi attire, “Xi-er, if someone looked carefully, it is really apparent that you have a tail. Come with me to change.”


Xiao Xi glanced behind her, and sure enough the tail looked like a some wooden pole stuck to her back. No wonder Nangong Yin knew that she was the little fox, it was that obvious, not noticing it was weird.

Xiao Xi followed Nangong Yin back into his room, and said, “Yin, is there any way for me to get rid of this tail? If people discovered it, wouldn’t they think I’m a demoness?”

Nangong Yin gently smiled, this little fox originally was a demon, so why was she scared that others would think she was one?

Nangong Yin grabbed a brand new set of women’s garments, and gave it to Xiao Xi, “Mind letting me see your tail?”

“Why would I? It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.” Xiao Xi replied with a smile. Her fingers pulled opened the white silk, but then remembered she wasn’t a little fox anymore. she looked at her back when she discovered that there was no hole for the tail to come out, “Yin, do you have scissors here?”

Nangong Yin watched as Xiao Xi’s hand reached for the butterfly knot by her waist. His eyes darkened, and only when he heard her voice did he break out of his stupor. He gently said, “Change your clothes first, I’ll check your tail later.”

When he finished, Nangong Yin put down the set of garments, before closing the door behind him like a gentlemen.

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