The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 — Finally No Longer A Fox


No wonder… no wonder it had that smell…

“He slept with you, huh. What did it feel like?” Zi Yi asked with a smile.

The little fox was almost enraged.

What did that mean?

What did he mean by he slept with her? It was clearly she slept with him!

“Squeak squeak squeak…” I slept him, he felt great.

A floating winepot poured two cups of wine before standing steadily aside.

Zi Yi were controlling the winepot, his fingers would shifted slightly and the flask would move in accordance. But when he heard the little fox’s words, his fingers faltered and the winepot almost tipped over.

She… slept Feng Lingran? He felt great?

Zi Yi’s complexion paled….

The little fox lowered her head to lick the wine in front of her, it was spicy enough to made her tongue straightened. She bit off a piece of meat and viciously chewed on it. From time to time, her eyes would fly towards the direction of Feng Lingran. Watching as the beauty deliberately getting closer to him, she clenched her claws, desperately wanting to fly to Feng Lingran’s arms, and make the beauty go away.

Feng Lingran… was her’s….

Zi Yi then noticed, that this little fox’s desire towards Feng Lingran, was very strong.

He smiled, and his eyes flashed with playfulness.

Suddenly, the smile on Zi Yi’s face disappeared. He frowned and turned around to see Nan Gongyin walking towards them.

“Little fox, why are you here?”

Nan Gongyin initially thought he was imagining, shouldn’t the little fox be in Feng Lingran’s courtyard? Why did it come here… to eat food and drink wine?

He observed the food and wine that rested on leaves cladded ground, and searched at the location where Zi Yi was sitting, but Nan Gongyin failed to find anyone. Who was the little fox waiting for?

Hearing Nan Gongyin’s voice, the little fox raised her fluffy head. Her eyes were still filled with anger at the beauty next to Feng Lingran.

Nan Gongyin noticed the little fox’s angry expression, and couldn’t help but look at the direction the little fox was glaring at. He just happened to see a daughter of a minister next to Feng Lingran. She was the most talented lady in Nanling, and her appearance was also top notched.

The little fox had saw her with Feng Lingran, so its feeling uncomfortable now?

“Fu Huang is planning to bestow Minister Yun’s daughter to Feng Lingran tonight.” Nan Gongyin faintly said.

The little fox couldn’t stay calm. What? Bestow to Feng Lingran? Why bestow her?

Zi Yi’s phoenix like eyes saw through Nan Gongyin at a single glance. Was this man interfering with the little fox and Feng Lingran’s relationship?

Have to say, this man’s skills were very high.

“Little fox, tonight is the night you become human, return to the Eastern Palace with me!” Nan Gongyin paused, and with expectations in his eyes, he continued, “It’s not safe here, Feng Lingran can find you at any minute, or could it be that you want to transform in front of him?”

The little fox stared at Nan Gongyin, then glanced at Zi Yi, but when she saw the face that looked like Feng Lingran, she was pissed again.

“Little fox, I still don’t have a beauty by my side, so don’t give me that look.” (Zi Yi)

Her gaze, still had killing intent.

The little fox retracted her gaze, and shook her head at Nan Gongyin. She had already promised Zi Yi to go to the Pill Pogoda to transform, so she couldn’t return to the Eastern Palace with the Nan Gongyin.

Although, she knew that Nan Gongyin was doing this for her sake.

Nan Gongyin saw that the little fox was reluctant to leave with him, then looked over to where Zi Yi was sitting. He seemed to have felt that a pair of eyes was staring at him from that spot, was it his imagination?

At that moment, Feng Lingran turned around, and looked directly at Nan Gongyin.

Feeling Feng Lingran’s gaze, the little fox’s heart jumped. Oh no! If Feng Lingran discovered her, wouldn’t she be carried away? She didn’t want to transform in public.

She would be treated like a demoness…

The little fox instinctively ran behind Zi Yi, but then remembered that even if others couldn’t see him, they could still see her. So she changed tactics, and hid behind Nan Gongyin instead.

Zi Yi observe the little fox’s clumsy movements when it saw Feng Lingran, and a smile appeared on his mouth.

“Little fox, just come out! He had already saw you, if you keep hiding, you’re going to cause unwanted misunderstandings.”

While Zi Yi was talking, he glanced at Nan Gongyin. This man clearly knew that the little fox couldn’t hide under Feng Lingran’s eyes, he’d even deliberately stepped front of little fox, wasn’t this wanting Feng Lingran to misunderstand?

The little fox processed Zi Yi’s words, then walked out from behind Nan Gongyin. She peered at Feng Lingran from afar, feeling slightly guilty.

When Feng Lingran saw the little fox walked out, his dark eyes narrowed. He steered his eyes away, and seemed to be talking to the old Emperor on the dragon throne.

Xiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief, she thought she had escaped, but Feng Lingran aburtly got up, and started walking towards her.

Feng Lingran was….

The little fox suddenly felt dizzy, her whole body went numb. Her Dantian gradually become hotter…

If you guys read Wuxia books, then you know what it is. If not, then it’s basically described as a place in your body where you qi contains. Sth like that. Just think of a core of a robot.

“Little fox, you are about to transform, hurry and return to the Pill Pogoda with Master.”

The moment Zi Yi’s finished, the little fox’s body floated above ground, and in a blink, she’d disappeared.

This all happened in a blink of an eye, even Nan Gongyin failed to see it clearly, just how did the little fox vanish?

When the fox disappeared, Feng Lingran’s eyes become anxiousness. His body flashed and he also disappeared, like teleporting.


Zi Yi and the little fox appeared at the Pill Pogoda’s sixth floor.

The little fox light-headedly glanced at Zi Yi. Her Dantian was boiling, like lava was flowing in her body, heating everything up.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Master… I don’t feel good… quickly save disciple…

The little fox dizzily called for Zi Yi’s help. She stretched her paws outs, wanting to jump into Zi Yi’s arms. When she did, she passed through his body instead, fell flat on the floor.

“Little fox, the Jin Pill needs to cleanse your bones first, then help you become human. You need to endure it.”

Zi Yi stared at the little fox on the ground, its whole body twitching in pain. He felt helpless but… it wanted to be human. The things he could do for her were not much.

Little fox clenched her teeth, and clawed at the floor in an attempt to relieve the pain. Not long after, her fur became matt with sweat. The lava seem to have flowed to every single blood vessels in her body now. This feeling… damn, no human could bear it….

It felt as if her body was heated up to the point of smoking, even a slight movement felt like death. This Jin Pill wasn’t helping her become human, it was grilling her alive ah!

Zi Yi watched as the little fox’s writhed in pain, his heart trembled, wishing he could help in any way. Soon, little fox, just tolerate it a bit more, it would be over very quickly.

All of a sudden, Zi Yi’s ears quivered. He had heard something. Frowning, Zi Yi’s eyes narrowed. He had acknowledge that Feng Lingran would act immediately, but he never expected him to catch up so quickly. Maybe he had underestimated Feng Lingran too much.

“Little fox, someone came. Don’t make a single sound, understand?”

Zi Yi pointed at the pill bottles in the middle of pagoda. Instantly, all of the bottles moved to form a formation, the little fox laid in the middle. If the intruder couldn’t break this array, then the little fox wouldn’t been seen.

Feng Lingran’s ghostly figure appeared in Six Floor Pill Pagoda. Observing the countless medicine bottles that were floating in mid air, his eyebrows furrowed. Who was it, that brought little fox here?

Feng Lingran swept through the area but failed to even see the shadow of the little fox. He said,”Ben Wang does not care who you are. Reveal yourself right now.”

This was clearly directed at ZiYi.

Zi Yi was standing right next to Feng Lingran, side by side. If it weren’t for their different robes, and different temperaments, it would be difficult telling which one was the real Feng Lingran, which one was the fake.

The corner of Zi Yi’s raised into demonic smirk. He had already revealed himself, unfortunately Feng Lingran could not see him.

If Feng Lingran wanted to find the little fox, then it will be up to his capabilities.

The little fox peered at the red glow that surrounded her paws, burning like fire. Bitterly, she smiled before shutting her mouth to a frown. It wasn’t as if she didn’t hear Feng Lingran speak, she had no choice. With her looking like this… how could she escape?

All of a sudden, the sound of bones dislocating could be heard. Little fox watched as its fluffy paw continuously grew longer, as if the flame had burnt the fur off, it became a beautiful arm. The little fox’s heart burst with excitement, she was going to become human, she was finally becoming human!

Then, another paw continuously grew longer and once again, transformed into an beautiful arm. Like a peeled egg, the skin on the arm was soft, delicate and pale. The elegant slim fingers were like a jade carving, so alluring that even Xiao Xi couldn’t believe it herself. These pair of delicate white hands… were hers?

Her hind leg made a ‘kacha’ sound and caught Xiao Xi’s attention. Enduring the pain, she looked back and saw her fluffy limbs were becoming long legs. Xiao Xi almost cried, changing from fox to human, really wasn’t easy.

Xiao Xi also felt as her face shifted. Her heart shook with excitement but only reached out to touch it when the pain from her face subsided. This smooth surface, was a face!

Too emotional ah!

Tears of happiness rolled down Xiao Xi’s face. Just as she was about to stand, she realised her upper body was bare. Looking down, her face reddened when she saw her chest. Xiao Xi bite her lip in embarrassment, how did she forget to prepare a set of clothes?

Xiao Xi suddenly remembered the existence of Zi Yi and Feng Lingran. Feng Lingran couldn’t see her, so she didn’t need to worry about him. As for Zi Yi…

She glanced at Zi Yi and saw his back was turned to her like a gentleman. Xiao Xi sighed a breath in relief and then turned to look at the Feng Lingran that haven’t broke through the array. Her delicate face was still slightly red, fortunately, he couldn’t see her.
Xiao Xi had wanted to call Zi Yi to help her find some clothes, but she remembered to keep quiet and didn’t dare open her mouth. Suddenly, Xiao Xi felt an unknown ‘object’ swaying at her hips, she turned around to inspect and nearly screamed.

There, was a fluffy white fox tail.

Title: Finally not a Fox Anymore

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