The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 68 Part 1

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Chapter 68 — Where Should She Go to Transform?


Why did she always have the same nightmare when she is next to Feng Lingran? Could the Hot Pot from Konglong Gupao (Dinosaur Valley) be related to Feng Lingran somehow?

Even though both Feng Lingran and Hot Pot are once in a millennium beauties, their personalities were polar opposites.

The little fox removed her paws from her face and happened to meet the eyes of Feng Lingran, when did he wake up?

The little fox studied Feng Lingran’s beautiful face again and shook her head, luckily, they don’t look similar at all. Otherwise, she couldn’t stop herself from beating him up, and really hurt him! You could drag her for transmigration -but at least make her human ah! Why a little fox? Who could be so cruel?

While the little fox was looking at Feng Lingran, he also observed her, what nightmare did the little fox have? To wake up like this? Feng Lingran waited for the little fox to tell him, but not a moment later, it laid down again, and closed its eyes.

It didn’t want to tell him?

Feng Lingran’s eyes flickered, but he did not disturb the little fox’s sleep. Recalling what had happened moments before, its action of covering its face was just like a human. His eyes shone with a certain gleam, not only could this little fox understand, but could also write. What did that mean?

The day she turned she’ll be human was drawing near. A certain little fox could not sit still and wait. Was she going to transform in Feng Lingran’s courtyard? What if it scares him? He wouldn’t he treat her like some demoness right?

That stupid Wan Siyi had reminded her a hundred times that in order to become human, she must eat the Jin Pill. But he had also used every method to separate Feng Lingran from her, could this be another one of his conspiracies?

The little fox thought about it carefully, but still felt that it was better to leave Feng Lingran’s courtyard first and find secluded place to transform.

However, the Nanling Emperor’s birthday was also approaching. The entire palace was decorated laviously and festively, this was the imperial style.

The day of her transformation was probably the same day as the birthday banquet, wouldn’t the palace be really hectic then? Then it seems like transforming in the palace wouldn’t work out, she needed to go out…

Feng Lingran did not know the little fox’s thoughts, but he noticed it’s rising anxiousness these past two days. His slender fingers stroked the smooth soft white fur.

“Little thing, after tomorrow night, Ben Wang will take you back to Eastern Jin.”

The Emperor’s birthday was tomorrow night, and even though Feng Lingran came for this little fox, he still needed to attend the banquet before returning to Eastern Jin.

The little fox stared at Feng Lingran, returning after tomorrow night? If you saw that Fox was no longer a fox and a human instead, would you still take Fox back to the Eastern Jin?


A day passed in a blink of an eye.

Feng Lingran went to attend the birthday banquet, but he saw that the little fox didn’t want to go, so he didn’t force her, allowing it to quietly wait for him in the courtyard.

But how could the little fox obediently wait for him to come back? Just after he left, she ran out. She was very nervous, can she really become human? If she did, would she get her original appearance back? Although she didn’t have the most beautiful image, but it was also considered above average.

No matter what, please don’t make her some “deformed melon”. If that was the case… she probably wouldn’t even have the thought to see Feng Lingran.

It didn’t take long for the little fox to run out, but to chance upon the adulterer?

He really was a ghost!

The little fox turned and ran, but the adulterer knew qing gong. Leaping into the air, before his feet even landed, he had captured her.

“Little fox, you still fell in my hands after all, don’t think that because you are Feng Lingran’s precious pet, I wouldn’t dare do anything to you!”

Written on Xiao Xi’s heart was ‘doom’ ah!

“Squeak squeak squeak…”  Adulterer, don’t you need to attend the old emperor’s birthday banquet?

Leng Yuhan coldly glared at the little fox in his hands, and his fingers squeezed her neck, “Hand over the Huo Yi Grass and the Jin Pill.”

The little fox couldn’t breath, painfully she clawed at back of Leng YuHan’s hand. Glaring Chillingly, he also trapped the waving limbs of the little fox.

“Little fox, don’t test my patience, this time I will not let you have a chance to escape.”

The little fox’s neck was freed, she coughed a few times, found herself upside down. Her body moved and his fingers tightened, she could not escape from his grip.

Was she really going to transform into human in the hands of this adulterer?

Wouldn’t that scare Adulterer to death?

It would be good if he was scared to death! Only when he’s dead will she be at peace lah!

Leng Yuhan saw the little fox had a face of ‘a dead pig not being afraid of boiling water’, and he frowned. The Huo Yi grass and the Jin Pill were very important to him, he must not let this little fox bring them back to Eastern Jin.

Leng Yuhan held the little fox in one hand, and pulled a dagger out with his other hand. Who knew the little fox would bite him again! His eyes flashed with menace, enduring the pain, he did not let go. Instead, he placed the dagger on the little fox’s neck.

The little fox was smart. The moment the cold dagger neared her neck, she released his hand. Shrinking her head back down, she looked up at Leng Yuhan with innocent black eyes.

That’s right, a face of innocence.

When Leng Yuhan saw the expression of the little fox, his hands had almost faltered and loosened. He could hardly restrain his urge to kill it.

It pretended to be innocent even after biting him?


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