The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 66 Part 2

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Chapter 66 Part 2 — 


“If it wasn’t because of the Huo Yi Grass, you wouldn’t have came to Nanling with me right?”

The little fox looked up at Nan Gongyin, her eyes were full of guilt. Yes, if it wasn’t because of the Huo Yi Grass, she wouldn’t have followed Nan Gongyin to Nanling. Their encounter on the road was only something meticulously planned by Wan Siyu.

That was the truth, and she didn’t want to continue to lie to Nan Gongyin.

This man treated her so well, how could she continue to lie to him? If she did… she wasn’t a person anymore.

Nan Gongyin saw the little fox nod, and his eyes flashed. Should he praise the little fox for being honest? Or say that it was stupid?

If the little fox shook its head, he would have believed it.

But the truth was cruel.

The little fox lowered her head and laid in Nan Gongyin’s arms. She was like a child that did something wrong, waiting for her punishment.

When Nan Gongyin saw her acting like that, how could he bear to blame her?

Nan Gongyin sucked in a breath, and slowly said, “There are only three days left until you become human. Feng Lingran is also staying for three days. Little fox, you don’t have to rush to leave with Feng Lingran, it is not too late to wait for you to become human first.”

He paused, before continuing, “There is a reason why Feng Lingran don’t like women, if you become one…” He stopped again, failing to finish his sentence.

Xiao Xi’s ears moved, Feng Lingran didn’t like women, she knew that, but the reason? She didn’t know… Looking at the worry in Nan Gongyin’s eyes, she felt unease.

Could Nan Gongyin mean… that when she becomes human, Feng Lingran wouldn’t like her?

Thinking of this possibility, Xiao Xi’s heart fell to the bottom of the valley. But… she couldn’t be a fox forever just because of Feng Lingran’s preferences, she was human ah! She didn’t want her life to be controlled by others, she wants to be in charge of her own future.

Forget it, just wait till she turns human! If Feng Lingran was what Nan Gongyin had said, disliking women, she can also not want him. It didn’t have to be him, Xiao Xi wasn’t a ‘would die for a man’ type of person anyways.

Coming to a resolution, the little fox’s eyes returned to their original luster. Her paws quickly wrote a few sentences on Nan Gongyin’s palm, relaying that she was free to do what she wants.

Nan Gongyin discovered the little fox’s eyes held less dependence on Feng Lingran now, and he smiled. His twilight eyes recovered to his former tenderness. Fortunately, he was not too late when he found her, she didn’t have feelings for Feng Lingran yet.

Nan Gongyin personally brought out Huo Yi Grass and the Ye Nan Pearl wrapped in leaves. A certain little fox then, took the opportunity to tell him how she had ‘retrieved’ the pearl back after swallowing it. His hands jostled, and almost dropped the leaf wrapped pearl. No wonder there was a strange smell.

The little fox snickered behind her paws, didn’t Wan Siyu want the Ye Nan Pearl? This was her gift to him.

Nan Gongyin wrapped the bundle in a piece of cloth, before noticing the abnormal sneer of a certain little fox. Helplessly, he shook his head. Wonder how Wan Siyu’s would feel when he received the Ye Nan Pearl?

“Little fox-er, although we’re not far from Feng Lingran’s courtyard, to avoid accidents, I’ll come with you.”

The little fox thought about it, and felt what Nan Gongyin said was reasonable. Right now, that adulterer Guo Shi wanted the Huo Yi Grass back, and she must not let it fall into his hands.

The little fox nodded. While in Nan Gongyin’s arms, she wondered if she should tell him about the relationship with the Imperial Consort Ji and that adulterer Guo Shi. After all, Nan Gongyin’s Fu Huang was wearing a green hat, but if she was too direct, it would be good, right?

The little fox pondered for a while, and left a paragraph on Nan Gongyin’s palm. Something along the lines of be wary of the Guo Shi and the Imperial Consort Ji.

Nan Gongyin knitted his eyebrows, and stared at the little fox, “Did you discover something?”

Of course ah! Fox found the Guo Shi and the Imperial Consort together.

Ai~ Might as well tell him! This type of thing, although would make him uncomfortable, it was better than be in the dark. Besides, didn’t his Fu Huang have 3 Palaces, 6 Courtyards, 72 Consorts? One odd derailment was common.

The little fox wrote a sentence on Nan Gongyin’s palm: On the night when I stole the Huo Yi Grass, I saw the Guo Shi and the Imperial Consort Ji Nng, Nng, Ah, Ah1!

1 Moaning sounds… ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡°)

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