The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 66 Part 1

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Chapter 66 Part 1 — Your Gaze is Indecent


The little fox swallowed its drool. Beady black eyes followed the man’s mermaid line, peering further below…

Her chin was immediately hooked up, forcing her to stared at Feng Lingran’s beautiful eyes instead.

“Little fox, are you planning to bury your underwater? Hm?” His pitch raised at the of the question, adding more to the enchanting and dangerous appeal.


The little fox stared at his lips. Her pointed ears moved and she buried her head in the water again… only to see his… … Accidentally brushing it in the process, a certain little fox’s face became red. Thanks to her thick fur, it was not apparent, otherwise she would find a hole to crawl into.

The little fox thought for a moment, beautiful man, it was you who brought Fox with you to bathe. If Fox saw your… you can’t blame Fox ah!

After washing, Feng Lingran held a wet little fox and got up, how wonderful was this ah? The little fox’s cheeks leaned against his well-defined chest, while sniffing his unique scent, her paws also did waste the given opportunity. The skin on his body, so smooth ah!

Feng Lingran’s slender long legs carried them out of the wooden bath. Listening to the sound of water slide off his body, the little fox couldn’t stop her shiny black eyes from looking downwards… yet was hooked again by a finger. The little fox could only meet the dark eyes of Feng Lingran now.


“Your gaze is indecent.”

The little fox sniffed and felt blood was about to flow out. What indecents looks?

The little fox’s wet face rubbed his chest. Beautiful man, you can rest assure that Fox has already seen you in your full glory, but when Fox becomes human, Fox would take responsibility…
Very quickly, the little fox was wrapped from head to toe in a dry towel. She rolled and unwound the cloth, and the remaining water from her body was absorbed. The little fox saw that Feng Lingran was already dressed. His inky hair let down behind his back, sitting there while elegantly drinking tea.

His fingers were slender and beautiful, the elegant teacup in his hands could not even compare to one third of his hand allure.

The little fox shook her body, making the white fur puffed up immediately. Scattered like this, would it air dry faster and more comfortable.

After a while, Feng Lingran walked to his bed and was ready to sleep. When he saw a small fox lying on his pillow with a look full of unwillingness, his dark eyes flashed.

The little fox lay on the bed and did not move. She thought for a moment, when she saw Feng Lingran going to bed, he didn’t kick her out. The little fox smiled and waited for Feng’s tall body to come to the bed, even considerately moved to give him space to sleep.

Feng Lingran noticed the small actions of the little fox, and with a deep look, he rested beside the little fox. This was enough to make the little fox sneak a laugh out of happiness. All of a sudden, Feng Lingran’s body turned, rearranging his arm to rest behind his hand, Feng Lingran looked to his side at the swaying tail of the sneakily laughing little fox. His index finger tapped on its nose, seemingly thinking, and wanting to ask.

“What else did Wan Siyu say to you?”

The little fox stared at Feng Lingran, and her heart trembled, her soul was about to fly out, who would still remember what Wan Siyu said to her?

The little fox shook her head, this was such a beautiful moment, just don’t mention Wan Siyu that evil person and sleep with Fox ah!

After getting a good night’s sleep with the handsome man, she would get the Ye Nan Pearl and the Huo Yi Grass, and go back to Eastern Jin.

Remembering the pitiful little snow wolf with rabies, the little fox’s heart felt uncomfortable. The mother wolf was already dead, so she had to make sure nothing happens to the snow cub.



The morning after. Feng Lingran had already gotten up, but the little fox was still peacefully resting in bed. She was already used to not waking up with Feng Lingran by her side. Stretching her four limbs out, she happily recalled her sleeping with Feng Lingran experience. With a pleasant mood, the little fox jumped off the bed and ran to the door.

The Ye Nan Pearl and the Huo Yi Grass was hidden in the East Palace, she must hand them over to Feng Lingran then would she have a peace of mind.

Especially the Huo Yi Grass, that was the life-saving medicine for the little snow wolf.

When the little fox passed the Shui Xie (Water Raft) Pavilion, she saw the Nan Gongyin near the lotus pond. His white robe standing there, looked as chilling as the moon, and his ebony hair was lightly swaying, like a celestial being of a beautiful painting.

“Squeak squeak squeak.”

The little fox happily greeted Nan Gongyin.

Nan Gongyin turned around and saw the high-spirited little fox. His pupil shrank, his figure flashed over, and embraced the little fox that almost bumped its head on a pillar.

Nan Gongyin’s fingers lightly knocked on the top of her head. “If you collided into something, or ran into a pillar, how will your small head cope?”

EzoicThe little fox smiled at the Nan Gongyin, not taking his advice to heart. Did this even count as a collision?

Nan Gongyin had no way of dealing with the little fox. His fingers stroked the white fur, and his mood instantly became better. Was this little fox regretting it? That’s why it came to the East Palace so early in the morning just to find him?

The little fox obediently stayed in Nan Gongyin’s arms and they left for breakfast. Wanting to speak, her fluffy paws tugged on Nan Gongyin’s sleeves before writing on his extended palm.

Nangong read the words on his palm, and his heart sank lower and lower. His clear moon eyes became deeper and deeper.

It didn’t come to the East Palace for him, but for the Huo Yi Grass?

The little fox noticed Nan Gongyin’s eyes weren’t as gentle as before, and her heart was slightly shocked. He had even gave her the Jin Pill, so he shouldn’t be so hesitant on the Huo Yi Grass right? Although it was extremely important for Nanling, but she needed the Huo Yi Grass to save the little snow wolf’s life ah!

The little fox hurriedly wrote on his palm again, saying that she had wanted the Pearl and Grass in order to save a life.

After Nan Gongyin read it, he mumbled faintly, “If it wasn’t because of the Huo Yi Grass, you wouldn’t have came to Nanling with me right?”

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