The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 65 Part 2

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Chapter 65 Part 2 — Be Good, Don’t Move so Much


Feng Lingran had noticed the little fox’s movements, and coldly smirked in his heart. Did this little fox thought that with Nan Gongyin here, it could leave?

“Let it go, Feng Lingran. If you have any grievances, then attack Ben Gong. Taking your anger on a little fox and suffocating it, are you even a man?”

Feng Lingran removed his fingers from the little fox’s mouth, and also loosened his grip on it’s paws. Bringing it into his embrace, he stroked the fur on it’s back.

“Ben Wang was inspecting my pet’s teeth. How did it turn into suffocating it coming from His Royal Highness’s mouth?” Feng Lingran’s eyes moved to the little fox, his index finger gently lifted its small chin and smiled, “Tell Nan Gongyin, did Ben Wang suffocate you?”

The the little fox gazed at Feng Lingran ‘s handsome face, and instinctively shook her head. He really didn’t suffocate her.

Feng Ling was very satisfied with its answer, he then glanced at Nan Gongyin and sneered, “You can scram now.”

“…” Nan Gongyin was speechless.

Nan Gongyin searched for a whole day, even going to Imperial Consort Ji’s place, but he couldn’t find the little fox. It wasn’t until he asked the guard of Xin Chen Building did he knew that the little fox was taken by Feng Lingran. He anxiously rushed over, and after seeing that the little fox is fine, he was relieved. But to let him return the little fox back to Feng Lingran, and his heart was definitely not willing.

Moreover, she wasn’t only just a little fox, but also… the woman he was looking for.

“What? You want Ben Wang kick you out?”

Feng Ling said with an imposing manner.

Nan Gongyin frowned and stared at the little fox in his arms, “Little fox-er. Return to the East Palace with me, what Feng Lingran can provide for you, Ben Gong can provide as well.”

As long as the little fox nodded, even if he offends Feng Lingran in the process, he will take the fox away.

Feng Lingran’s eyes were like ice. This Highness of Nanling would even fight him for a little fox?

Feng Lingran remained silent, he had also wanted to know what decision the unfamiliar fox in his arms will make. If it dared to leave with Nan Gongyin, he would kill it.

The little fox glanced at Nan Gongyin, and then at Feng Lingran. Meeting the gaze of Feng Lingran’s eyes, her heart stunned. It was full of murderous aura ah! If she nodded to Nan Gongyin’s proposal, would Feng Lingran kill her?

The little fox stared at Nan Gongyin with guilt. The Palace of Nanling… was not suitable for her. Although Feng Lingran sometimes have a bad temper, he never once had hurt her. Moreover, she had subtle feelings for this man… she didn’t want to leave Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran noticed the little fox’s reaction, and the chill in his eyes gradually disappeared. His fingers stroked its head and smiled: “Nan Gongyin, you can scram now.”

Nan Gongyin stared deeply into the eyes of the little fox. Not saying a word, he turned and walked away.

The little fox watched as Nan Gongyin leave, and her heart felt a little uncomfortable. She knew that Nan Gongyin was very good to her, but it was just… just… that she already had Feng Lingran in her heart.

“If you liked him that much, why didn’t you leave with him?”

Feng Ling said unpleasantly.

The little fox’s front paw pressed onto Feng Lingran’s right hand. Her chubby paws wrote a sentence on his palm.

Feng Lingran studied the strokes, and after reading the words it wrote, his heart had inexplicably shook.

He clenched his hand, seemingly grasping onto the residual heat from the little fox’s paws. He looked at her with a deep look.

“Ng? Do you like Ben Wang?”

The little fox “bashfully” nodded. Yes, she likes him. She had liked him more when she kissed him. Beautiful man, look at how much Fox like you, quickly let Fox kiss you again.

“If you liked Ben Wang, then why did you follow Nan Gongyin to Nanling? Don’t treat Ben Wang like some three year old? Hm?”

The little fox hurriedly shook her head, she opened his hand again, and wrote everything that happened with that bastard Wan Siyu on his palm.

After Feng Lingran finished reading, his onyx eyes flashed with anger. What a sly Wan Siyu, to actually do such things behind his back?

“Because you listened to what he said, that’s why you came to steal the Ye Nan Pearl and the Huo Yi Grass?“

The little fox didn’t tell him about the Jin Pill, she wanted to wait when she turned human and give him a surprise. When Feng Lingran saw her human form, would he like her? Xiao Xi was very looking forward to it.

The little fox nodded, she had already obtained the Ye Nan Pearl and the Huo Yu Grass. Now the little snow wolf was saved!

Feng Lingran didn’t know what to say to this little fox. However, knowing that it came to Nanling for the Pearl and Grass, the unpleasantness in his heart disappeared, and his mood become better.

Feng Ling was in a good mood, even the actions of the little fox were bubbly and warm. A certain little fox comfortably shut her eyes, tossing for a short while before settling down.

At that moment.

The little fox felt as if she was floating, her claws twitched, and the sound of splashing and water scared her eyes open.

Its flooding… Its flooding ah…

When the little fox wanted to climb ashore, Feng Lingran’s voice came from above her head.

“Be good, don’t move so much.”

What was happening?

The little fox looked up and almost had a nosebleed …


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